Tips for a 30 year old man: 6 powerful tips

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Hey, man. If you turned 30, you have already noticed, that it was unique and maybe the best period in your life.

You are no longer that bunch of hormones, which were recent. You’re not a pimply student who is hungry and messes with your head unclear information called knowledge. Have you tasted money to discover the true beauty of women, you’re still young, but already have good experiences.

What next, you ask?

The next frontier is 40 years, for which you should prepare very seriously. In order not to reinvent the wheel, I present to your attention the advice of thirty-year-olds from those over forty. They have already gone this way and know what to focus on during the period of life from 30 to 40 years.

Tips from those man who are over 40

1. Finance

The time to live without thinking about the future is behind. Now you should take full control of yourself and your life and start investing in what awaits you in 10 years unless of course, you have not yet begun.

The first and main task is to create a financial airbag, i.e. provide yourself with a supply of cash.

The easiest and most effective way to save money is to save some of your monthly income. It is necessary to collect money on an ongoing basis. If you think that you have nothing to save, because there is barely enough money for a living, you are deceiving yourself.

What other advice to the 30 year old in the field of finance is given by the “older brothers”? Set a goal and solve the housing problem.

If you have your own apartment (house), you are undoubtedly nice. If by the age of 30 you have not received the status of the owner of your own home, this problem must be solved, and the faster the better.

Not owning your own home by 40 years is a very big mistake.

In addition, think about a possible side job, explore alternative sources of income, Search on Google for help.

2. Health

Men after forty are advised that thirty year olds should take up their health closely.

If you have bad habits, the time has come when they should be deleted from your life once and for all. You need to quit smoking and not to abuse alcohol.

Start playing sports. The simplest and most useful exercise that you should get involved in your life is running.

Strength training even at home will be useful for you. Start right now thinking about how to strengthen your body, remove a beer belly, and also like women.

Start to undergo an annual medical check-up.

Think about the condition of your teeth and be sure to eliminate all the problems with them.

Start loving yourself and your body.

3. Environment

Each person in our lives has had an impact on us, learned something in return besides our time.

After 30 years, you will begin to value your time more than you did before.

And you should think about this:

  1. Who are the people around you?
  2. Are there among them those with whom communication is harmful to you?
  3. Is it possible to exclude from your life unnecessary people who are wasting your time?

Be sure to avoid people who bring negative emotions. For your part, try to carry the people around you more positively. Be generous with positive emotions and value your time.

4. Focus

The time of childhood, trials and blunders behind us, it was a period of meaningful action.

Focus on what you do best. Concentrate on things that bring satisfaction, benefit, and they “work.” Stop sorting out and looking for various alternatives. Set a goal and achieve results.

Focus on what you have a talent for, what you are doing well in order to be fully realized in the next 10 years.

5. Risk

Don’t be afraid to take a chance if you have nothing behind. From 30 to 40 years is a time when you can still catch it.

Moreover, you are not some kind of insecure boy. You have experience and a formed worldview, perhaps you already felt the sweetness of victories and the bitterness of defeat.

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, started this business when he was 52 years old and you’re only 30. You’re just a youngster, and excuses are irrelevant.

You have time to change your destiny and do what you are really interested in and what you can succeed in. Don’t miss your chance while trying not to do stupid things.

6. Investing in yourself and your family

How many new and interesting things have you seen in your life? How many countries have you visited? Are there any events in your memory that can be called an exciting adventure? Not?

It’s time to change something:

  1. Go on vacation in an exotic country.
  2. Visit peris.
  3. Jump with a parachute.
  4. Learn to ride a horse.
  5. Sign up for courses in foreign languages or oratory.

Invest in yourself and develop as a person. All your life experiences, acquired knowledge and skills, emotions and memories – this is the real you. Expand your interests, move only forward.

Start investing in your loved ones and your family.

Don’t forget about your parents and give them all possible help. Send them a rest at the resort in the warm regions. The emotions that they will receive are surely passed on to you.

If you haven’t started your family, you definitely think about it. The investments which you do now in the people close to you will certainly produce fruit after a certain time.

Bringing a new life to this world is one way to leave a mark on yourself. You need to be realized as a husband and father because close people fill every new day with meaning and motivate you to continue moving in this bustling ocean of life.

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