5 mistakes of women which are not wanted by men

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We often hear how some young ladies complain that their men are insensitive chumps who do not indulge them with attention and care. Flowers are given to someone, and gifts for no reason, but these “unfortunate” ones seem to be no worse, but as a result, they are completely uninteresting to their partners. Do you know the reason? It’s all about accessibility. Women, whom men see no reason to strive for, tend to make the same mistakes.

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1. They are always lightning fast to answer calls

Women who are at any time of the day and night ready to respond to a call men who automatically devalue yourself in his eyes. Thus, they show that put him in the forefront, to the detriment of their desires, passions, and needs. To drop everything to immediately answer a call or message from him. It is equivalent to bring his self-esteem to his altar and to surrender in your relationship.

They Are Always Lightning Fast To Answer Calls

2. They are attuned to the desires of men

Everything in the world these women revolves around men. Ask them about plans for the evening and did not get a clear answer if they don’t have time to coordinate these plans with the wishes of his men. No matter what their mood – they are always ready to fulfill every whim of a partner, whether it’s a date at night or a fishing trip for the weekend. Available women never even voiced his desires aloud. Over time, men get used to such resignation and not even interested in the woman’s opinion on a particular issue.

3. They listen to the man

The man completely controls the life of a woman. She can refuse a prestigious job, if he is against, or stop to chat with close friends and mom if a loved one is stressed. Occupying the weak position of the victim, these women cease to be of interest to men as breadwinners. A “victim” and gain is not necessary, and so it belongs to him unconditionally.

They Listen To The Man

4. They all agree

Available women never contradict your man. They are afraid to arouse his disapproval or irritation, but because all agree with him and always support his point of view. Even psychologists claim that the sides are boring and do not cause desire often to communicate, what to speak about the relationship “man-woman”.

5. They are Intrusive

In their desire to be with beloved more time, these women often cross the line and seem Intrusive. They are ready to spend all weekend and every spare moment with her, filling all the space. Needless to say that such behavior is just the opposite reaction in men and certainly no desire to get affordable Remora.

They Are Intrusive

It is not necessary to pose as an unapproachable Princess to attract the attention of men, but to make mistakes is available to women is also not necessary. It is important to maintain balance and adequacy. Love yourself and you love your man. It all depends on you.

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