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How to propose a girl: 51 beautiful ideas


A marriage proposal to a girl is not such a frequent event in the life of any man and woman, so you will probably want it to become unforgettable for many years.

It is possible that to achieve this goal you will need special romantic ideas, which will be discussed in this article.

In addition, you will learn what preparatory steps should be taken before implementing this crucial event.

How to propose a girl: the plan of action


1. Find out about your girlfriend’s intentions

Before making a proposal to a girl, you should understand her attitude towards marriage.

Make sure that the desire to marry is mutual, and your girlfriend not only has matured to family ties but also wants children.

You should by chance in a conversation with a girl start the topic of family relations, thus learning what thoughts on this subject filled her mind.

2. Spontaneity

Despite discussing the relationship to marriage, the proposal to the girl should come as a surprise to her.

3. Prepare a speech

The phrase “Will you marry me?” It is a very simple question, but even such a trifle can play a trick on you if you did not rehearse it in advance.

So be sure to practice several times saying the words out loud, bringing them to automatism.

4. Choose a wedding ring

The wedding ring will show off on the finger of your chosen one for more than one weekend, so go very scrupulously to his choice.

To help you choose a wedding ring, you can bring your sister, girlfriend or mother to your girlfriend.

In order not to miscalculate the size of the ring, either take some analog of your sweetheart without demand or try it on your finger, remembering the size.

5. Decide the place

Think about your favorite romantic places, and choose the right place to propose to the girl.

It can be something simple, like your living room, or something more extravagant, for example, making a proposal while relaxing in Paris.

Various ideas will be discussed below.

6. Creativity

When planning a proposal for a girl, use your imagination, and also take into account the peculiarities of your second half and your relationship as a whole.

Make a proposal unique and memorable one. After all, you are, after all, a man.

7. Take a knee

Time does not stand still, and everything around is changing, but some things must remain the same.

In any case, this gesture will add romance and show the girl the level of importance of the event.

8. Don’t stop at one sentence

“Marry me” is a good classic way to express your desire, but it would be better if you tell your beloved why you decided to marry her.

Now, as never before, a great opportunity has come to tell the girl how much she means to you, how wonderful your family life will be, and also what goals await you in the future.

You could say, for example: “Only after meeting you did my life shine with new colors. You made me more inspired, sincere and happy. I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you, and I’m sure that we will succeed. Marry me!”

9. Ask for hands from the girl’s parents

Prehistoric times are behind, and the current society is on the verge of a digital revolution, but it is possible that your values or the traditions of your girl’s family suggest the need to put a checkmark next to this item.

Whether or not to ask the girl’s hands for parents is your personal decision.

A marriage proposal: what you should not do

Offer hands and hearts

1. Not always propose the girl to do publicly

Not all girls love a wedding proposal surrounded by hundreds of people.

Perhaps in your case, it should be done in a quiet and secluded environment.

2. A ring hidden in food is not the best option

Undoubtedly, this idea is working, and there is nothing criminal in it, but in itself, it has already managed to become trivial and does not have the freshness of a creative approach.

3. Don’t make the propose during a sports match

Much, of course, depends on your girlfriend and the nature of your relationship, but sporting events are not the best place to kneel before your lover.

Sports fields are crowded, noisy and will not be able to become the source of the romantic context, which is so necessary at this crucial moment.

4. The proposal in front of family members… is it necessary?

A proposal to a girl in front of relatives can increase the already existing level of stress. And indeed, their presence is not obligatory.

Don’t worry, a little later you will be able to inform everyone.

5. Don’t overdo it

Of course, it will be commendable if you try to be creative and unique, but do not forget about the most important thing – the direct proposal of marriage.

If you can’t concentrate on the main thing because you are worried if the ordered limousine will arrive on time after the flight in a balloon, then you have overdone it.

6. Don’t rush to make a proposal to the girl

If your relationship started just recently, you, absorbed in an incredible rush of love, can rush towards premature decisions.

Before exchanging oath promises, make sure that you know each other well enough, and also find out what exactly each of you wants to get from family life.

Expecting and showing stability in a relationship will only strengthen your marriage, so please be patient.

51 ideas on how to propose a girl

How to propose a girl

1. Favorite place

Choose your favorite place, for example, a fountain, a roof of a high-rise building, a bridge or a pier, which are important for both of you.

You can also opt for the place you met or your first date.

Once there, ask someone nearby to take a picture of you together, but instead to pose, go down on one knee.

To improve the quality of photos taken in the role of a passerby strolling past can be your friends.

2. Street orchestra

You can bring to the Commission proposal to the girl street orchestra, which is unexpected for your lady will sing her favorite romantic song in a Park or other public place.

To enhance the effect, ask the performers to include the name of the future bride in the text of the musical composition.

3. Street caricature

Organize an unexpected proposal for a girl with a street caricaturist.

Ask him to sketch your joint picture with your lover, in which your character asks the girl “Will you marry me?”, And the girl has two answers, next to one of which the cartoonist proposal your already alive and real companion to check.

4. Proposal at night

Ask the DJ or head music group to pass you the MIC so you can dedicate to a girl a song in their own performance and to make the proposal in front of the astonished crowd.

5. Propose the girl on the plane

Embark on a romantic journey together with your beloved.

When your plane will be on top, coordinate planned actions with the flight attendant and, using loudspeakers, make a proposal to the girl, being above the clouds.

6. Bike ride

Organize a trip with a girl on a motorcycle and give her a helmet, in which you previously enclose a box with a wedding ring.

After you make a proposal, go with the girl to a pre-selected location to celebrate this bright event.

7. Marriage proposal in a hotel room

After thinking about how to spend the weekend, decide to make a suburban trip.

After a long day of sightseeing, stay overnight at the hotel, making a reservation in advance.

When the right moment comes, light the candles, open the champagne and give the girl a rose.

Well, all the preparatory stages, before making a proposal to the girl, are already behind.

The background for making a proposal to a girl can be not only a country trip but also your joint trip, which you can go to, visiting hot places, a ski resort, a city of love – Paris, aristocratic London, bustling New York, eternal Rome or romantic Venice.

8. Propose in the company of friends

Invite a group of friends or relatives to visit you, and at the appropriate moment, asking everyone to wear T-shirts with the words “Marry Me” or providing them with balloons with similar words, make a proposal to the girl.

Instead of t-shirts and beads, you can use the open umbrellas from the rain with similar labels that look great in outdoor conditions, when friends are at a sufficient distance.

9. White chalk …

Go out for a jog together and, stopping next to the inscription on the pavement about the marriage proposal, do your plan.

10. Interesting decor

Fill one of the rooms at home with balloons, attaching your joint photos to her.

After your girlfriend is surprised, make her a proposal.

11. Pointers from candles

Turn off the light in the apartment and light candles on the floor, serving as pointers leading to a radiant circle, in the center of which there will be a wedding ring.

Instead of candles, you can use rose petals.

12. Morning surprise

Put a ring on the girl’s finger while she is sleeping, and then prepare a romantic breakfast with champagne and fruit.

Oh yes … Do not forget to make a marriage proposal.

13. The proposal in the photographs

Ask someone to take some of your photos, for example, 4 pictures in which you will be captured holding different posters, for example, with the inscriptions: “Lena”, “you”, “marry”, “marry me?”

After that, arrange with the girl to meet at the appointed place, but do not appear first.

When you notice a girlfriend waiting for you, send her the photos taken one after another with the help of a messenger, and then, seeing that the girl is reading messages, suddenly appear in front of her and kneel down.

14. Online proposal

Create a website on the Internet where you post information about your sincere love, as well as about the marriage proposal, then sending the girl a link to a web resource.

15. Ring in a gift basket

Give the girl a present by handing her a gift basket filled with various goodies, such as chocolate, coffee or fresh fruit, hiding a box with a wedding ring among them.

16. Photoshoot

Invite a photographer to capture the entire proposal process for your girlfriend, but let her know that you just decided to have a joint photoshoot.

At any moment do something for which everything was arranged.

17. A proposal in the botanical garden

Make a proposal to the girl in this beautiful place, where everything blooms and smells sweet.

18. Unexpected picnic

Ask your friend to prepare a picnic area with wine, chocolate and fruit.

Then go to this place with the girl, where you, “unexpectedly” stumbled upon an arranged romantic oasis, make a proposal of marriage.

19. Under the night sky

Choose a beautiful place in nature, where you can watch the night sky and invite your beloved to become your wife.

20. A proposal in the Park

Park is a great place to implement your idea.

You can plan to close were your relatives and friends who will appear later for a spontaneous celebration.

21. New Year proposal

Make a proposal to the girl on New Year’s Eve, and then celebrate this double event with a kiss and champagne.

22. Pet

Surprise your beloved by giving her a pet that she had so long wanted (kitten, puppy), after pinning on his collar engagement ring.

23. Valentine’s Day

New Year is not the only holiday that deserves attention.

The proposal of marriage made on February 14 will gain an additional romantic charm.

24. Massage

Give your beloved a sensual massage, and when you begin to massage your right hand, put the ring on your ring finger and surprise her with your proposal.

25. Surprise proposal

To propose a girl, you can use the alphabet magnets for fridge; write it on the mirror with lipstick in the bathroom, providing two options “Yes” and “No” (and maybe another Yes instead of No?); use glow in the dark stickers to hang them on the ceiling in the bedroom, or, early rising, to throw a newspaper with a fake page which will be posted on your proposal of marriage.

26. Ring and chocolate

Buy a box of chocolates and replace one piece of candy with a wedding ring.

When your girl finds a surprise, go down on one knee to finish the job.

Instead of candy, you can use a bouquet of flowers with a note to which to attach the ring.

27. Welcome home

When your girlfriend returns from another city, invite your friends to the railway station or to the airport, where each of them will hold a poster containing one word at the time your darling appears: “Love”, “come” “over” “me” “married!”.

Make sure the poster with the word “me” is in your hands.

28. Restaurant

The restaurant is a very popular place to propose a girl.

After discussing your idea with the restaurant administrator, you can get valuable recommendations.

Perhaps these will be words with a marriage proposal engraved on a plate, or the waiter will bring the engagement ring to the table along with the menu.

29. A proposal in the sand

Being on the beach, tell the girl that you are going to draw a picture, but make her close her eyes and not to peek.

Write a phrase with the proposal in the sand, and then show her you have created a sand work of art.

30. Text message

Send your sweetheart a text proposal to get married, while being in the same apartment, but in different rooms, having prepared champagne, chocolate and a suitable melody on your phone in advance.

31. Romantic trip

Do you like being outdoors? Then you can organize an overnight trip to a beautiful place.

If you manage to make a proposal to a girl near a waterfall or on a hill with a beautiful view, you can thereby enhance the emotional effect of this important moment.

32. A proposal in the open sea

There is nothing like the peace and tranquility of where you are in the midst of the sea surface.

A proposal made on the boat or yacht is one of the most romantic options.

33. A proposal on the ski lift

Write a line with a marriage proposal in the area of snow, which will be clearly visible when you climb the ski lift before the descent.

34. Amusement park

The amusement park is interesting because your visit causes a special emotional upsurge.

You can realize your plan when you find yourself with a girl in the participants of a not too dynamic attraction. At the same time, be very careful not to accidentally drop the engagement ring.

35. Dinner for two

Surprise your sweetheart with delicious candlelit food, wine and romantic music, completing a wonderful evening with words unexpected for the girl.

You both can spend the evening at home, and in a beautiful and specially designed place with a beautiful view and under the open sky, for example, on the roof of the building, by the sea or river, etc.

36. Skydiving

This is truly an adrenaline marriage proposal.

You can make a proposal after landing or by laying out the corresponding words on the ground in huge letters.

Consult your instructor first.

37. Balloon proposal

Invite your girlfriend to fly in a balloon, and once at height, make a prepared surprise.

38. Cycling

Embark on a Cycling trip in the forest, making some advance preparation.

Along the way, follow the signs, each of which will indicate one word of your proposal for marriage.

When she reacts in surprise, stop the cycle and stand on one knee.

39. Aerial banner

Contact your airline advertising representative.

A plane flying at a low altitude above the place, for example, of your picnic, with a huge banner containing a marriage proposal, will be a huge surprise for the girl.

40. International sporting event

It was previously said that a sports match is not the best option to make a proposal to a girl.

However, even the minor details of the proposal made during a visit to the event, which personally happens once in a lifetime, will remain in the memory forever.

41. Cruise ship

Surprise the girl by inviting her to take a trip on a cruise ship.

Even if the beloved will be the peak of emotion, you know which action you will be able to increase their level.

42. Serenade

If you are on a short foot with music and musical instruments, this method will be quite appropriate.

Write a musical composition especially for your girlfriend, invite her to a place that is significant for both of you, and then strike your creativity with pure love.

43. A musical proposal on the beach

Imagine that you have a great time together on the beach in the sunshine next to the water surface.

As suddenly there is a group of young people with musical instruments who singing romantic songs, walk right up to you.

Isn’t it a reason to propose to his girlfriend?

44. Slide show

Invite the girl to watch a movie, telling her that the movie is a surprise.

However, rather than show movies, run a slideshow of your joint photos with romantic music.

At the end of the slideshow not write “the End”, and “marry me!”.

45. Ring in a nesting doll

Put the wedding ring in the smallest of the nesting dolls and hand them a set to your girlfriend.

When she gets to the last nesting doll, surprise your sweetheart with your idea.

46. Fireworks

Having made a proposal in a significant place, add impressions by brightening up the solemn event with a bright firework, which your friend will do in the background.

47. Message in a bottle

Bury an empty bottle on the beach, putting a note with a proposal and a wedding ring inside.

After that, invite your beloved to spend time on the beach, and after a while, “accidentally” dig out a bottle of sand and pass it to the girl for inspection.

48. On your birthday

Invite guests and organize a celebration in honor of your birthday.

Then take the word and taking advantage of a sharp turn, borrowed from the best representatives of the detective genre, make a proposal to the girl.

49. Billboard proposal

You can agree not only to write the girl’s name and your proposal on a billboard but also to place a photo of your sweetheart.

50. Quadcopter

Agree with the girl about the meeting, and when she appears, send her straight to the quadcopter with an attached note and a ring.

51. Proposal on the ice rink

You can simulate your fall on the ice, but instead of standing on your feet, face the girl on one knee.

List of creative words for a proposal to a girl

List of creative words to offer the girl

  1. Let’s dance together at our wedding.
  2. You’re the only person I want to share my life with.
  3. Our love story is just beginning. Let’s give her a new round of development.
  4. There are many ways to find happiness in life, but all I really want is you.
  5. When I look into your eyes I see the reflection of both of us and our happy life together.
  6. I am sure that without you my life worth nothing.
  7. When I look in my heart, I see only you. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.
  8. When you are in my thoughts, I start to clearly understand that my heart belongs only to you.
  9. Life can cause a lot of problems. But I know that they are all surmountable if you are with me.
  10. I believe that if we were lucky enough to find each other, we have to stay together for life.
  11. When I met you, I knew you were my destiny. It remains only to wait for this moment and now it has come.
  12. My heart was a desert until you revived it. Let’s spend the rest of our lives enjoying the colors of our love.
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