Own paradise for 10 million dollars


Paradise: In the southern Pacific for sale tropical island. Lataro – one of the Islands in Vanuatu — the place is incredibly beautiful: sandy beaches, protected flora, and fauna, coral reefs in the clear blue water of the ocean. Well, let’s see how it looks like Paradise with an area of 324 hectares and then will be able to enjoy its future owner of $ 10 million.

About 90% of the island is a conservation area with rich flora and fauna. It is home to owls, eagles, parrots and several rare species of animals — for example, the coconut crab is under threat of extinction.

The residence of the owner of the island consists of four buildings in which the living area, kitchen, bar, dining area. There is also a swimming pool and an area for sunbathing and relaxation. All main buildings are interconnected by covered walkways.

The buildings are located in close proximity to the beach with white sand and clear blue water.

white sand and clear blue water

The rest of the island is surrounded by lush forest vegetation

lush forest vegetation

This is a swimming pool, and next to it is a comfortable playground with sun loungers and a large umbrella, under which you can hide from the sun.

swimming pool

Crystal clear blue ocean and coral reefs off the coast

Crystal clear blue ocean

On the island, there is also a large guest house with two bedrooms, a caretaker’s house, separate room for the staff of up to 18 people and a huge shed for tools and equipment. Almost all buildings built in Balinese style with lots of wood and dark tinted Windows.

In the announcement of the sale of the island it is described as “Old rainforest, teeming with amazing flora and fauna, is here in its original form for thousands of years. The ocean surrounding the island on all sides, perfect for all types of water activities — fishing, diving, yachting, etc. Just 20 meters from the buildings there are several safe berths for boats, and the Bay is opposite the mooring for the superyacht. The island is about 40 km from the town, Million Dollar Point, where after the Second world war, the United States flooded the whole warehouse of military equipment.”

Aerial view of buildings

Aerial view of buildings

All houses built within the last three years

All houses built in the last three years

Recreation area with sofas, sun loungers and views of the ocean and the beach

Recreation area with sofas, sun loungers and views of the ocean and the beach

Living room in the master’s residence with a large sofa, bookshelves and a huge TV

Living room

Living area: plush sofas, natural decor and a beautiful view from the window of the green part of the island

plush sofas, natural decor and a beautiful view

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