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Will Smith

“I live a beautiful life! And I want to share it. I love to live, I think it’s contagious. This is something you can’t fake.” Will Smith

Motivational quotes by will Smith

1. Greatness exists in all of us

Greatness is not a magnificent, secret, illusory, divine state that only the elect among us will ever be able to experience. Greatness truly exists in all of us. This is what I believe in, and I am ready to die for it! Point.

2. It’s just

I know who I am and what I believe in, and this is the main thing that I need to know. And I think that often happens when we ourselves complicate the situation, we look for complexity, something must be complicated. Can’t it be that simple? Yes maybe.

I didn’t grow up with the opinion that where I was – this is the place where I will stay. I grew up with the conviction that the starting point of my path almost does not play a role because we all in the process of developing ourselves as individuals always become something greater.

3. There’s no shortcut to success

The difference between talent and skills is often not perceived by people who are trying to succeed, have a dream and want to accomplish something.

Talent is given from birth. Skills are acquired only by hours, hours and hours of hard work.

I never considered myself talented. I have thrived on a crazy, disgusting effort. When others sleep, I work. When others eat, I work.

I realized very young that there is no easy way in life. No matter how talented you are, your talent will ruin you if you don’t have the necessary skills. If you don’t learn if you don’t work really hard and devote yourself to being better every day, you can never become successful.

The only thing, I believe, which I’m completely different – I’m not afraid to die for “treadmill”. You’re probably more talented than me. You’re probably smarter than me. You might be sexier than me. You’re probably better than me in all categories. But if we get on a treadmill together, there are two options: will you give up first or I will die. You will not surpass me. This is a very simple basic concept.

Most people don’t achieve what they want because they were defeated and not continue to make new attempts and thus lose important opportunities.

I constantly say: “If you are always on the alert, you don’t have to prepare.”

4. Put one brick at a time

One summer, when I was 12 years old, my father demolished a stone wall and told me and my nine-year-old brother to restore it. The task seemed impossible. It took us a year and a half, but we did it.

And the father said: “I do not want you to ever tell me that there is something that you can’t do!”

Don’t try to build a wall. Don’t declare: “I will build the largest wall ever built.” It all starts wrong. Say this: “I will lay this brick as perfectly as the brick can be laid.” And you do it every day, and soon the wall will be erected.

It is difficult to take the first step when you look at how great the task is. In fact, the task is not big, because it is only one brick at a time.

5. Decide on your priorities

If you define your priorities, everything will be very simple: you won’t have to decide what to do each time, because you already have a decision (priority). Passion and emotions will always give you the wrong answer, so if you determine the priority, the question of choice will not be a problem for you.

6. Focus on changing the world for the better

My grandmother always had the idea that if you are here, you must change the world for the better. She talked about spiritual responsibility, about making the people around you better.

I want to be successful. I want the world to get better because I was here.

I want my life, work and family to mean something. If you are not making someone else’s life better, you are wasting your time. Your life will be better if you do better in the lives of others.

7. You have to believe

The first step: before anyone in the world believes this, you must believe it.

I consider absurd the assertion that there is some quality that all successful people must have. You have to believe that something new and different can occur, in comparison with what has happened in the last 50 million years.

Confucius said: “He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t are both are often right.”

8. There is nothing unreal

Being realistic is the easiest way to go astray.

Why be realistic? What is the point of being realistic? At that moment I decided, it’s done, it remains only to wait that the others saw it.

It is unrealistic to enter a room, flip a switch, and the light will turn on. This is unreal! Fortunately, Edison did not think so.

It is unrealistic to bend a piece of metal, and a person to fly across the ocean, being inside this piece of metal. This is unreal! However, the Wright brothers thought differently.

I think it is such a stupid idea to believe that it will not happen that is unrealistic.

9. Our thoughts are material

Our thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas are material in the universe. If we dream of something, imagine something, then we engage ourselves in this. It is a physical craving for the realization that we can send to the universe.

The universe is not something that governs us. The world, people, situations – this is not what commands us. We make the universe what we want, our desires.

Decision making is retroactive. Instead of feeling that you are influenced by things that are happening. Make up your mind!

Just decide what will be, who you will be and how you will do it. Just decide! And from this moment the universe will get out of your way. Like water, it will go around you.

The universe exists and I learned to follow it.

10. We need to really focus

I realized that to succeed at a certain level, it is difficult to do different things. Need a desperate, obsessive, full concentration. You need to really focus with all your cells, with all your heart, use all your creativity.

11. Attack your fears

I am motivated by fear of fear. I hate being afraid to do anything. And I think in my past have developed this attitude. I stopped running from my fears and began to move towards those things that I’m afraid of.

12. Every problem has a solution

There were so many people who lived and died before you. You will never have a new problem!

Someone already wrote the answer in some books. All you need to know has already been covered by other people and described.

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