Making money on Instagram is much easier than on other social networks because you are not attached to your workplace and you can manage the process from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet, using only a mobile phone.

In this article, we will share with you the most effective ways to earn money on the social network Instagram and talk in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

1. Earnings on likes and subscriptions

By tradition, let’s start with the easiest and most understandable way for any newcomer to earn money on Instagram – to receive a monetary reward for active actions on the social network.

As a rule, customers on special exchanges pay performers for putting “Like” marks, subscribing to accounts and posting comments. Such work does not require special knowledge from the performer and it can be performed even by a primary school student.

Therefore, the number of such services has increased significantly. However, it’s not possible to earn money with small but stable money from any exchange. You need to choose only from proven services that honestly pay users what they have earned.

2. Your account administrator

This method of earning is not suitable for everyone. If you have never encountered moderating and administering accounts on social networks before, you will first have to work out on your communities so as not to accidentally harm the customer and not be left without payment.

The advantage of this way of earning is that you can administer several accounts at once and receive stable money on remote work.

To prove yourself to be a good administrator and receive recommendations from customers, be sure to manage accounts in those niches in which you are well versed and can bring something useful and interesting to yourself from the content.

What challenges does the administrator have to face

  • Creation of new posts or edit the ready-made publications
  • Processing photos and videos
  • Communication with subscribers of the profile
  • Create a content plan,
  • Generating interesting ideas for the engagement and involvement of the target audience
  • Search advertising platforms and working closely with advertisers,
  • Statistical analysis account,
  • Search for new marketing strategies.

The obvious conclusion follows from this – the account administrator should ensure that only high-quality content is published in the Instagram account that will help fruitfully interact with the target audience.

To search for Instagram admin jobs, use freelance sites such as or Upwork.

3. Blogging and advertising

This type of earnings is the most interesting, especially for those bloggers who have something to say to the world. Interesting and useful content is always rewarded, sooner or later.

At the very start, it is important to choose the topic that you are best versed in and where you can easily create popular content.

Kiran Rathod

It’s good to make money on your Instagram blog only when the number of subscribers exceeds 10,000. A small blog can be profitable in rare cases, usually when the niche is very narrow and there are interested advertisers.

The main condition for this type of earnings in instances is a live active audience. With a signed subscription base, you won’t be able to make money on advertising, since before placing any normal advertiser checks site statistics and audience involvement.

Earn in advertising is usually as follows:

  • Blogger creates an advertising post or receives a finished publication from the advertiser (it is better to write yourself so as not to frighten subscribers with overt advertising),
  • Inserts the hashtag or brand reference into it,
  • Publishes at the indicated time and receives payment.

Everything is quite simple, but there are a number of nuances. For example, if you want advertisers to contact you yourself and not have to look for them, often mention the service they provide or the product that they sell. The main thing is to do it carefully and not too often, otherwise you can lose most of your subscribers.

Some weblog installers receive tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars from advertisers for their posts, and a considerable queue is built for them. Of course, in order to earn so much, you need to devote all your time to blogging on Instagram and make it the main job.

Typically, the price of an advertising post is based on the number of subscribers to a particular account, but most often bloggers set their own price. If we take the average price in the market, then the advertiser pays 1 USD for every 100 subscribers.

That is, if your Instagram profile has 5,000 subscribers, an advertising post will cost 10 USD, 50,000 subscribers – 815 USD per post. Most often, bloggers and advertisers in Instagram work precisely according to this formula.

In the foreign segment of Instagram, bloggers are paid for likes and comments, that is, the price of advertising is formed directly from the activity of the audience. There, advertisers pay up to 50 cents per like and an average of $1 per comment.

Photo bloggers, designers or illustrators can earn in the foreign segment even knowing English at an average level, since the main content in this case is visual, not text.

All Instagram bloggers make a lot of money. If you focus on the average, then a quality frequently updated blog with an audience of 15,000 subscribers will bring the owner about 130 to 200 USD per month.

4. Account promotion

Getting money for providing services to promote customer accounts is one of the most popular and sought-after ways to make money on Instagram. In recent years, the need for copywriters, photographers, designers for Instagram has increased significantly.

On freelance sites, like Upwork, good professionals are dismantled like hotcakes. And the demand in this niche is crazy, especially when you consider the rapid growth of users accessing the network using mobile devices. In some areas, mobile traffic has long been ahead of the desktop audience.

To promote someone else’s account and work with new customers, you just need experience in maintaining profiles on Instagram, as entrepreneurs who are poorly versed in promotion issues on social networks often expect quick returns on their investments, and if they don’t get it, then your task is to correctly explain to them all the nuances and convince them of the effectiveness of the current campaign.

Here, by the way, the work you already completed from the portfolio and the cases you wrote will come to the rescue.

Is it possible to earn a newbie by promoting client accounts on Instagram

Yes, you just have to spend time learning the basics of social media marketing (SMM), attending special online courses (many of which are free), reading SMM literature, and constantly engaging in self-education on this issue.

Don’t engage in the cheating of subscribers in any case if you have chosen the promotion of accounts on Instagram as your main focus. The effectiveness of this method tends to zero, and it is extremely difficult to restore the damaged reputation.

Here are the main reasons why wrapping is ineffective

  • Almost all the business on Instagram depends on the actions of subscribers: referrals, purchases, signups and so on.
  • Any wrapping costs money, but there is no return from the “dogs”.
  • Created accounts today are recognized at a glance even by inexperienced users.

An Instagram account promotion specialist usually does the following

  1. Increased activity among subscribers. Getting likes, comments, answers, stimulation to engage in discussions.
  2. Account Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. Develop partnerships with other bloggers.
  4. Creating a detailed content plan and content that will attract the target audience, converting it into customers and buyers.
  5. Design a profile in the corporate style of the company.
  6. Setting up targeted advertising and conducting advertising campaigns.
  7. Buying ads in other ways on similar sites.

All this work can be distributed among several specialists if the client is a medium or large company. With the management of the account of a small company, one good specialist will be quite able to cope.

You can learn all the intricacies of promoting your account on Instagram in a couple of months, the rest of the knowledge will come with practice. You can speed up the learning process in special courses, which are usually paid – from 82 to 245 USD.

Such costs usually pay off quickly, because on the promotion of one client account, on average, you can earn from 163 USD.

To get more customers, start a blog (offline or on social networks), declare yourself on the network. Publish cases, useful observations on the blog, offer to familiarize yourself with the price list. The presence of such a platform allows you to receive more expensive orders.

5. Earnings in consultation

If you understand some area that is difficult to sell in the form of goods via the Internet, then you can give paid advice. Psychologists, dentists, lawyers and even plumbers can earn good extra money. Or even switch to paid consultations as the main source of income.

To make money in this way, you must have a good command of the topic and be able to interact with the target audience. To gain more trust, more often give free consultations in the form of useful posts with illustrative examples.

Study your target audience in detail, enlist the support of bloggers on similar topics, create a portfolio with good reviews (here, useful free consultations will help a lot).

6. Selling photos

If you travel often, then this type of earnings will definitely suit you. Take high-quality pictures on your smartphones (or cameras), break them down by subject, and then sell them on photo stocks such as Shutterstock. Such a product is very popular there, and you can easily not only beat off all the costs of travel but also earn something extra.

Selling photos

You can publish some of the work on your Instagram account, and sell part of it on photo stocks, and thus earn more.

How does this pattern of earnings work

  • You find a client directly or through a special service
  • Agree on a price and discuss technical job
  • Make high-quality images on request and get money for them.

To sell your photos, we recommend using services like Foap, because they buy there more than anywhere else. A big plus point is that you can sell the same photo many times without restrictions. For each sale, you will get 5-15 dollars.

To get started, create a profile and upload your best photos to the portfolio for which you want to receive money. In such services, for more money, it is very important to correctly set hashtags. Also, try to shoot what is least on the drains, but focus on demand.

You can sell some works directly to owners of other sites, the same news portals, and receive significantly more money for this than for those sold on photo stocks. Try to avoid staged photos, as most brands today are looking for live shots and are willing to pay good money for them. Plus, try to use portrait frames with an aspect ratio of 4 by 5 more often; they look more professional than a square format.

The income from this method depends on how many photos you put up for sale. Naturally, the more photos on popular topics, the higher the profit.

7. Selling a digital product

Pack your skills and experience in a digital product and sell it through Instagram. The disadvantage of this method is that first, you need to attract your target audience from scratch to your account, establish trusting relationships with it, demonstrate their level of skill to them and only then sell digital goods.

However, if you already have an untwisted account, you can safely start creating such a product in order to sell it almost automatically in the future. In this way, a specialist can earn in almost any niche.

The most popular information products are designers (for example, “How to Master Photoshop in 30 Days”), copywriters, marketers, programmers. The buyer downloads an e-book filled with your knowledge, experience and practical advice, paying its cost with electronic currency or a credit card.

If you are a specialist in several areas and cannot decide on the topic of an information product, study the sections of business literature in electronic libraries, bookstores, or on sites like Amazon. Look at the advertisements your colleagues/competitors order and create something unique.

If you want to learn more about how to sell on Instagram, watch the Skillbox webinar video and learn how to sell on Instagram if you’ve never done it before.

To understand what your audience needs and what it is ready to pay money for, find out its needs, listen to its pains. Then it will be easier for you to choose a niche for an information product.

On Instagram in this way you can earn from 20 to 2000 USD. It all depends on the quality of your product and how exactly it will fall into the needs of the audience. You can’t do without information product advertising on thematic blogs and social networks. Here you will need the skills of a marketer, however, an advertising campaign can always be outsourced to more experienced specialists.

8. Earnings on printing photos

Despite the fact that Internet users are used to storing all information in a digital format, including photos from Instagram, image print services are still very popular.

Anyone can print photos from Instagram in special machines and get high-quality “polaroid” pictures with greetings from the past.

printing photos

In addition to a single photo printout, you can print entire photo albums in the form of books. Such photo books are in great demand today. The buyer receives a selection of pre-selected photos in the form of a hardcover book with an interesting design.

Especially often, these photo books are ordered as a gift for the holidays. On March 8, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day, you can hit the jackpot in this niche. Just conduct a quality advertising campaign on the eve of these holidays.


To simplify the task for yourself and your clients as much as possible, create a separate website with a photo book designer, and users themselves will send you ready-made orders, and you just have to print them.

9. Earnings on affiliate programs

This is one of the easiest ways to make money on Instagram. The profit scheme is as follows:

  • Register on the partner’s website, in the affiliate program service and get an affiliate link.
  • Select the product or service that you want to offer your subscribers on Instagram.
  • Publish a post by posting an affiliate link in it as unobtrusively as possible.
  • Get money into your account after the user clicks on this link and orders a service or buys a product, and sometimes partners just pay for registration in the service.

If you want to save on purchases, you can buy goods using your own affiliate link, and part of the money you spend will return to you in the form of a kind of cashback to your affiliate account.

In this article, we have listed the most basic ways of making money on Instagram, however, you can earn by other methods – it all depends on your resourcefulness and desire to make a social network your main source of income.

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