Meat: How to choose quality meat in 2019

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Red meat – beef, mutton, venison – is one of the most useful foods in the diet of every person. It contains a lot of iron, which the body needs for blood formation. This product helps restore strength. But when choosing red meat, you must be a real expert so as not to harm your health. What should I look for? Experts of the talk show “Rules of Survival” on “Inter” recommend that you follow a few simple rules.

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Earlier, the experts of the show “Rules of Survival” told how to choose the right fish and why mold should not be cut from bread. Now the turn of red meat has come, which most often appears on the tables of the USA.

Take the following practical advice for yourself:

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How to choose quality red meat

How To Choose A Quality Red Meat

  1. Carefully examine the color of the meat
    It is for the color of the meat to determine if it is fresh. For example, fresh beef inherent red color, pork should be pinkish, beef — like pork, but pinker, lamb resembles beef, but its color is darker and more intense.
  2. Explore the surface of the meat
    If the meat you noticed pale pink or pale-red crust, which appeared from drying, it is not scary and it is normal. But the main thing is the lack of other colors and stains. Only then can we talk about the safety of meat.
  3. Check meat for the presence of mucus
    Make sure the meat is not covered with slime. Fresh meat if to touch him, leaving a wet trace on your hand.
  4. Smell meat
    The smell is also one of your allies when choosing meat. Sometimes the smell can determine the freshness of the meat. If the meat gives a distinct odor, it is better not to buy.
  5. Rate the condition of fat
    Fat fresh meat should be white or cream at the lamb. Fat should not be an unpleasant smell, but the consistency must be correct. For example, animal fat needs to crumble, and lamb to be tight.
  6. Check the firmness of the meat
    When you press your finger in the fresh meat should not remain any cavities. Otherwise, most likely, the meat is unfit for consumption.

Quality meat should be elastic and dense when pressed, a pit forms in it, which disappears after a second. I was taught to choose meat by a close friend who has been involved in this topic for many years. What do other people do? It’s good that there is a project “Rules of Survival”. You can learn a lot of new things, and also – apply to the program and punish those responsible if they sold you a bad product.

Even more useful information, tips and tricks that everyone needs to know in order to avoid problems, protect themselves and loved ones, and even save lives, can be found in the talk-show “Rules of Survival”.

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