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Meet A Girl

Meet a girl on the street: Getting to know a girl on the street is not an easy task. The girl, perhaps, is not set up to get to know each other, maybe she is in a hurry somewhere and even late when you suddenly appear.

Who are you? Why have you approached the girl? What do you want from her? Some such questions arise in her head.

But honestly, this consciousness will inquire to her in this way, the subconscious mind in a fraction of seconds hint at the answer to all these questions.

And if you stop the girl on the street, start talking to her, and then say “Thank you, it was nice to talk” and just leave without attempting to get a phone number and without even hinting that you have a desire to see the girl again, a young lady will think: “Uhh. Guy, where are you going? Started to do business and leave. What are you doing? ”

And in response, only your silhouette, quickly moving away. Believe me, the girls know what’s what.

Why meeting a girl on the street is not easy

1. Your goals with the girl may not coincide

It is clear that you, perhaps, are also going to an important meeting, and along the way, you came across an incredible beauty.

Initially, you didn’t set the goal of meeting a girl today, but your plans have changed dramatically. You are a man and the ability to quickly make important decisions in your blood.

In women, everything is somewhat different, so don’t be surprised that a girl may not want to get acquainted just because she doesn’t know why.

And if she is still in a hurry for an important meeting, it’s a trumpet. But if you don’t ask, you will never get an answer.

2. Lack of experience

If you, having sufficient experience, knew the exact statistics, how many girls would refuse to meet you, and how many of them would agree to meet, you would understand that to achieve a positive result, you only need to systematically apply sufficient effort. Everything else is a matter of time.

Lack of experience and results leads to doubts that give rise to various fears.

While there is no experience, it is not worth making conclusions and any conclusions. Get involved and improve your skills.

3. Fear of dating

People are always afraid of something. But guys, aren’t they people? Moreover, if before you didn’t know how to meet a girl on the street.

Lack of experience, low motivation, unwillingness to change for the better, all this leads to the fact that men easily enter into a state of stupor, when on the contrary it is necessary to show their best qualities.

Don’t judge yourself, because this is normal.

However, in addition to the necessary experience in acquaintance with girls, there are other reasons, as well as additional ways to get rid of the fear of dating.

4. Dependence on the opinions of others

The girl herself, as well as the people around, can think of you condemningly and sarcastically. What a pathetic loser.

If you think this way, then you mentally put yourself in the place of a girl, while in yourself you see a beggar.

Method of begging or how not to get acquainted

The Method Of Begging Or How Not To Get Acquainted

Imagine that you are a rich, respectable man who inexplicably found himself in a dysfunctional area of the city, so dysfunctional that only beggars surround you.

They are just everywhere, the whole street is teeming with beggars.

These dirty homeless people, like zombies, come up to you one by one, grabbing the sleeves of your expensive coat with the words “Give me money. Give me something. ”

Think about how you feel about such people?

Puff Daddy Method or How to Get Acquainted

Puff Daddy Method Or How To Get Acquainted

There is such an American rapper Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy, to have a party, could rent a club, stir up a party and throw many hundreds of thousands of American green dollars into this business.

So imagine you are Puff Daddy. You ride in your open-top car, and the interior of the car is full of beauties.

And here you are moving slowly on your car, all around is fun, music sounds for the whole, and then bam, another beauty is walking along the sidewalk.

You muffle the music and shout: “Hey hello beauty! Come with me!”

All onlookers around are watching what the girl will do.

But instead of getting into your car, the girl goes on about her business.

Will you worry about this? And God bless her, you think. She is worse. It doesn’t matter what others think.

By the way, if you asked why you need another girl, if they are already a full car, you didn’t feel like Puff Daddy.

Change your attitude to this situation radically, and then it will be easier for you to meet a girl on the street.

It’s not that you need to get something from the girl. The bottom line is that she has a great opportunity to meet such a wonderful person who you are.

Myths about acquaintances on the street with a girl

1) Girls don’t meet on the street

Girls get acquainted everywhere, including on the street.

2) The girl will send you three letters

For the girl to send you away, you will have to try very hard.

3) Getting to know the street is difficult

It’s harder to learn dating skills on the street than, for example, learning how to get to know a girl in a club.

But, having received the necessary experience and result, in the future you will not experience any obvious problems when meeting on the street. Especially if you start practicing at a more suitable time for this.

4) Girls don’t like you, and on the street, they don’t pay attention to you

Don’t confuse what girls pay attention to the way they show their inner attitude to the surrounding reality.

You can’t even imagine how many girls turn their attention to you every day, they just don’t look. Besides, women have better peripheral vision.

At the same time, remember that you will never like everyone, and this is normal.

Pros of meeting a girl on the street

1) You become more confident in yourself

Practicing your outdoor dating skills will add a lot of points to your self-esteem.

But keep in mind that points will be added after gaining the necessary experience. You’ll have to work at the very beginning.

2) Learning to get acquainted with a girl on the street, you can get acquainted anywhere

Now you don’t care. Parks, bars, libraries, and any other place where girls can be, become a platform for your battle to win a female heart.

The place of acquaintance ceases to be a factor for you that has a decisive influence on the result.

3) Not all girls attend night clubs

Acquaintances on the street expand your opportunities in finding a worthy girl.

Some girls prefer trips to nature, sports or hiking to noisy parties.

To draw such lovely ladies into your life, you will have to meet girls on the street.

4) You can adequately evaluate a girl in all her glory

The disadvantage of dating on the Internet is that initially, you don’t see how a girl looks.

The negative sides of dating in a nightclub are the negative effects of alcohol, dim lights, loud music, night time, as well as a tired state that doesn’t allow you to properly evaluate a girl, including her appearance.

When meeting in a public place, the girl is in full view, and you are completely adequate.

How to meet a girl on the street

1. Looks great

To meet a girl on the street, you must look good. A neat appearance is a very important element in effective dating.

Prefer the classic style: shirt, pants, shoes; T-shirt, jeans, sneakers.

If it so happened that you went out to walk your dog in training, and there is a beauty coming towards you, don’t miss the moment, the attempt is not torturing. But it is better if you will be in an appropriate presentable form.

You should be as natural and relaxed as possible. With experience you will become so, don’t hesitate, but in the beginning, at least seem confident and natural, even if everything inside shakes.

To gain naturalness and confidence, straighten your back, don’t look down at the ground, but look the girl directly in the eye, and if possible smile.

A smile will make you relax and increase your confidence.

Also, for a girl at the very beginning of communication, you don’t know who has not completely clear intentions, therefore, smiling, you characterize yourself as a person who doesn’t have any insidious intentions regarding a sweet person. You are a positive and open young man.

2. Approach the girl correctly

Best if the girl will go forward. At the same time, she noticed you, you met with looks, exchanged smiles.

This is the main motive for action. This situation is not to be missed.

But even if the stranger walks on the side and doesn’t look at you, you can still try to establish contact.

However, if you come up from behind and, having not yet appeared in the zone of her attention, start to say something, the girl may be scared and the acquaintance will not take place.

If it so happened that the beauty passed by, and it suddenly dawned on you that you should not miss such an opportunity, you can still get to know each other if you have such a desire.

Start a conversation when, being close, you get ahead of the girl on the case. First, she should see you next to her, and only then hear your first words.

However, remember that there are no unambiguous laws, and act on the circumstances.

If the situation requires innovative solutions, do just that.

Just don’t go beyond what is reasonable and permissible, because we still live in a civilized social society.

3. Start a conversation

One option is to get to know the context, i.e. as if the acquaintance begins by itself:

  1. “Wow, what a beautiful dress.”
  2. “You looked at me so tenderly …”
  3. “Wow, what an interesting look you have.”
  4. “So the line is moving slowly. Is it always like that here? ”
  5. “The weather doesn’t pamper. What is your name?”
  6. “Hi. You seem familiar to me. What’s your name?”

More phrases for dating a girl on the street:

  1. “Hi. I saw you, you seemed to be an interesting girl, and I decided to go talk. What’s your name?”
  2. “Hi. Where are you going? ”
  3. “Stop for a minute. What’s your name?”
  4. “Waiting for someone? I’m also waiting for a friend. ”
  5. “Hi, you’re pretty. I’m in a hurry now, but I would like to have some coffee with you. Let’s exchange numbers and phones in more suitable conditions. ” He took the number, found out the name and left.

If both you and the girl have free time for communication, immediately transfer the channel of acquaintance on the first date. Hit with the iron while it’s hot.


In general, even though the ultimate formal purpose of dating is to exchange phone numbers, the real purpose of dating is to get the girl to her and arouse a feeling of trust towards you.

You’re not a phone number collector.

If you immediately took a girl’s phone number and left back home, then chances are that she will not answer your call later.

You for her are just some stranger to whom she stupidly left her number.

Your task is to become “her boyfriend”, “new acquaintance”, “cool character” for the girl, and not to remain in her memory as “some kind of brow from the street”.

Therefore, phrase number 5 from the previous classification is not the best option.

After you have entered into communication, try to stretch the communication with the girl as much as possible.

Take her home, walk some distance with her, or just stand and talk for a while.

If she doesn’t understand what you are (an adequate, confident, cheerful guy), most likely, your acquaintance will not be developed.

If a girl is in a hurry somewhere and doesn’t want to stop talking or doesn’t slow down, don’t run alongside her like a little dog, especially if you are in the other direction.

If the words “Wait, please” don’t apply to her, wish her good luck in your mind and go about your business.

If the girl begins to hesitate, leave the phone number or not, take your phone out of your pocket and say: “Call the number, I’m writing it down.”

When you take a phone number, don’t forget to make a test call on the girl’s mobile phone while she’s nearby, because these beautiful creatures sometimes give left phone numbers.

4. Develop communication

To develop the conversation, you can focus on the positive line of the girl, and then continue the thought:

  1. “You have beautiful legs, probably you go to the gym.”
  2. “You have such a close look as if you were looking into the soul.”
  3. “You have a pleasant voice, do you happen to work as a DJ on the radio?”
  4. “I have the feeling that you may seem rather restrained to unfamiliar people, but in reality, you are a very sociable person.”
  5. “You’re cool. I would like to go with you to Miami for a few months. I would get a job as a seller of hot dogs, you would work as a lifeguard on the beach, and in the evenings we would surf. ”

Then ask anything you want:

  1. What are you doing here? Lives nearby or works?
  2. Do you like living in this area (working at this job)?
  3. If you live, and where works (studies)?
  4. If you work (studies), where do you live?
  5. What do you do in your free time?

5. Have a desire and the right attitude

This is a very important psychological setting. If you don’t want to get to know each other, you won’t be able to overcome your fear, if it is certainly present.

Only sincere awareness that you want to get acquainted with will allow you to approach the girl and start communication.

Learn to “accelerate” to obtain the necessary “combat” state. To help you with some cool music with headphones and some training stuffing (approaches) in front of working tackles.

6. Don’t look for a magic pill

Many guys believe that you can find out some kind of secret that will help to somehow get acquainted with a girl on the street in a special way and with special ease.

They think that there are magical words, uttering which the girl will melt and be ready for anything.

Of course, you can’t be aggressive, lethargic, insecure, bring complete nonsense or be silent like a boob, be too gloomy or laugh out of place like Przewalski’s horse, even without the slightest excuse (to be honest, all this is allowed until you gain valuable experience, after which ni).

It is forbidden to try to get acquainted with dirty or torn clothes, as well as with a groomed face and in the image of an unkempt hippie (this is always forbidden).

Be yourself, a great guy who knows what he needs, and it doesn’t matter if the girl agrees to meet, or the result of the approach will be a rejection (by the way, the rejection may follow not because you are bad, but because the girl is in a relationship or for other reasons).

You will get what you want if you don’t stop and continue to try to get acquainted with the girls.

As a result, you will become that handsome man who will be surprised to recall that he once had problems with girls.

It will seem to you that now you are making much less effort, and efficiency has increased significantly.

This is because you have the experience, confidence and healthy nonsense.

7. Don’t be dependent on the result

We control the positive result of meeting a girl on the street by a maximum of 30%, while 70% are outside the scope of our skills and other attributes of effective dating.

Therefore, you should not bathe at all, as the meeting ends. He came up, started a conversation, and then whatever happens.

And another thing: don’t think too much, sometimes thinking for the head is harmful. Turn off the flow of thoughts and start communication.

Thus, the scheme of how to meet a girl on the street
  1. Indicated your presence and benevolent intention.
  2. Start a conversation and developed it to the level of pleasant conversation.
  3. You took her phone number or arranged a first date. Well, or just went on empty-handed, to the next object of potential love.
  4. Don’t forget to say goodbye to the girl. Although you can just, smiling, silently go into the sunset.

P.s. The first approach will be the most difficult (in fact, they will be ordinary, but you may find it difficult).

It is very important to learn how to do stuffing: don’t think about what and how will happen, I saw a girl and go.

And yet you don’t have to approach everyone in a row, and it is unlikely that you will want to do this all the time. In this case, when you are in a stream of people, you can identify girls who initially like, i.e. which show signs of interest towards you, only after which to start communication.

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