Selecting a good name for your baby has a lifetime impact and it is your first big parental decisions, but it is also very special, meaningful setup for your family to experience!

here are a few good baby boys names:


Naming a boy Daniel, you will give him a calm, balanced character, purposefulness and love of others. No matter how spoiled Danil as a child, they rarely grow up to be complete egoists, even if they are incredibly attractive outwardly (and many of them are really very beautiful).

Moreover, men with this name usually passionate about their profession and happy, doing things you love, it is not surprising that they often reach the top of the career ladder. But they are not vain, so what and modest positions feel great. On the personal front, they also all develops rather successfully. They are devoted to their wives and do not require from them more than those can give them.


In the sacred meaning of this name, positive energy has already been laid – from the Greek it is translated as “happy”. So Makari from the earliest childhood with ease receives what others have long to seek and deserve. They are all given without much difficulty – first the love of others (both children and adults), then schooling, and at a more mature age – career successes and material benefits.

While Makary hardworking, they are perfectly coping with difficult problems, able to work in the team and individually. They have, as a rule, many friends, and throughout life do not feel lonely. On the love front, too, no problems arise, especially if Makary allow me to be happy.


Seraphim are all loved, in front of the many choices, they succeed in almost any field and manage to make a career, even where it is almost impossible. Men with the same name I love life in all its manifestations, and she reciprocates their feelings. They are able to organize your existence so that everything they do, gave them pleasure.

Seraphim charming, with them, is always a lot of people who admire them. On the love front, they also usually are all wonderful – they are often still in adolescence find their true soulmate and create a strong family.

boy Daniel


Andreev in early childhood is valued and respected. They are fair, considerate, know how to correctly defend their point of view and the interests of those who are weaker than them. People with this name always achieve their goals while doing it the least expensive and safest ways. They are rarely at risk, so basically they are able to avoid unpleasant


Andrea’s a good talker, so for them, it is not difficult to negotiate even the toughest of opponents. They are easy to wrap in its favor the difficult situation, they almost always lucky. To the opposite sex men with that name are demanding for a long time looking for a soul mate, but then find a reliable personal happiness.


Vladimir from the early childhood really “owns the world”, both as a present (in the form of adoration from others), and fictional – they have a well-developed imagination, so they live in two parallels, and this makes them happy. The fact is that while remaining realists, they periodically find rest in the alternative reality.

Men with this name are socially active, therefore they quickly reach their career goals – they do not wait for them to be noticed, but they themselves make their way, demonstrating to the influential people the versatility of their nature and their numerous talents. Personal life in Vladimir is usually stable – they usually have deep attachments first, and then strong families, which break up only if the wife gets tired of being in the shadow of her husband and strives for active self-realization, but this happens very rarely.

boy Andrew

here are a few good baby girls names:


Sofia’s childhood independent, thoughtful and has a sharp mind ladies, even if the impression of the flighty and capricious person. They are easy to learn, they have a lot of interesting, they have extensive knowledge, but they are determined early enough with the future, so the choice of the profession usually no problem. Besides Sofia, very communicative, know how to quickly and skillfully solve any issues, they have a lot of friends.

Girls with this name easily get useful links, they are natural born psychologists, so I know perfectly what is necessary “push” to get what you want. Sofia succeeds in everything they undertake, and this applies to not only the profession but also personal life. They usually can seduce any man they desire.


Taisia are independent and energetic, they know how to get along with people, but they do not allow themselves to sit on their necks. They clearly follow their interests, so they succeed in business, although in more “peaceful” professions they reach certain heights and never go to poverty. Tai are optimistic, they easily find a way out of difficult situations, they do not hear complaints, which is why their life is very successful – Fortune loves persistent.

Taisias often take risks, but they are always justified, they are not afraid of difficulties, because they are reckless and any obstacles perceive as a challenge, skillfully coping with the turmoil, which, I must say, is not very much in their fate. In their personal lives, they are also lucky – they are popular with men, enjoying intimate relationships, can marry several times and, most interestingly, always successfully.

girl Sofia


Elizabeth – light and at first glance are superficial creatures. But in fact, their charming smile hides a strong will and stubborn nature. They have a lot of knowledge, as in childhood and adolescence is very curious and trying to try everything. Lisa perfectly controls their emotions, so almost didn’t get in trouble because of impulsive actions. They cannot be manipulated, they cleverly leave out from under foreign influence and the responsibility for the actions of others. Elizabeth could not be forced to do what they want to do.

In the professional activity, they achieve very significant successes and clearly follow their interests. Personal life is also very good for them – Liz always has a lot of admirers, and even if the first early marriage turns out to be a mistake, they usually marry a second time and acquire what they dreamed of since childhood.


From IRIN, as a rule, the mass of congenital and acquired childhood talents and abilities that they do not “burrow into the earth”, and to competently and successfully implement throughout their life. Many believe IRIN careerists, but in reality, they just like to do good business and earn an adequate return.

Ladies with this name are constantly developing and improving themselves, they are able to set goals and achieve them in the shortest possible time. Irina is really happy when doing self-actualization, for them, professional activity always comes first. However, they have everything in their personal lives, if, of course, a loved one does not suffer from male chauvinism and agrees to share his Irishka’s attention with her work.


Roses perfectly adapt to any circumstances, so they achieve success where others drop their hands and back out. Ladies with this name always get what they aim for. In addition, despite the fact that in childhood and in youth they do not have high hopes, they succeed and rise higher both their parents and many of their peers.

Roses, as a rule, have a rare quality that helps them in any situation live in their own pleasure – they perceive life as a fun and exciting game. Therefore, they easily cope with all the difficulties, considering them not a tragedy, but simply the rules of this game itself and the conditions of harmonious existence. Falling in love, they do not see the shortcomings of their chosen one and do not press him, so they have very good relations with men.

girl Elizabeth

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