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Mistakes of men in a relationship with women


Men who are most respectful of women are rarely the most successful.

On the topic of mistakes made by men in a relationship with women, one can find a lot of information, after reading which one gets the feeling that it is presented by women.

It is as if a doe, having left the hunter’s chase, would publish an article about why the hunter could not overtake her.

If a man is not the last egoist on the planet, he is quite confident on his feet, does not suffer from “sissy” or “stingy” syndrome, is a purposeful person and, most importantly, his girlfriend really likes him, problems with a strong male shoulder, compliments and other necessary attributes will not occur.

Vis Vitalis, author of the book “Woman. Where is her button? ”, Shares his vision of the mistakes that men make in relationships with women.

How to prevent a man from making mistakes in a relationship with women

1. In a relationship with a woman you need to be a fatalist

In your relationship with a woman, let everything happen as it happens.

Do not try to chase someone, change someone and tear off the hair on your head if something went wrong.

If you correctly evaluate yourself, the woman and the world around you, then the girl will not be able to confuse you.

The same woman in communication with different people can be completely different.

And only on yourself and on how you put yourself will depend on how your relationship will develop.

2. A woman does not need to be taken seriously. She’s not worth it

You will have problems with a woman if:

  1. You gave her mythological qualities and believe that she is really helpless and not adapted to life in the treacherous, unpredictable, romantic and bashful.
  2. You think that a woman is worthy of serious feelings.
  3. You still have not realized that they are almost identical and each next is easier than the previous one because of the accumulation of experience.

If you make these stupid mistakes, your life will turn into a continuous chain of problems and experiences. Ladies will take care of this.

Women are capricious young children using a simple and standard set of naive tricks, therefore:

  1. Treat them leniently.
  2. Don’t take them seriously.
  3. Don’t get attached too much to any of them, it’s rarely a good experience. Clearly define for yourself what kind of attitude in your address you will not tolerate from women, and be able to clear your life from wrong to you people.
  4. Value yourself more than a woman: you’re the one and a lot of them. Over time your value increases and it falls. Every year the range of women who will be happy to be with you, all expanding, it’s the opposite.
  5. Be calm and do not overestimate any one woman or their entire family as a whole. Once again: appreciate, but do not overestimate.
  6. And of course, try not to get into a mess. To do this, you just need to understand what exactly the woman wants from you, and try not to make mistakes! And we often admit them.

The major mistakes of men in a relationship with women

1. The revaluation of women (fear of women)

I mean, you think about her better or worse than she deserves:

  • You consider her a super creature or a dirty creature.
  • You fear that she will see right through you, or think her a fool.
  • Looking at her angelic appearance, you attribute to her angelic nature.
  • Or vice versa – you think that she is incredibly cunning and insidious only because she is a woman.

Of course, both of these extremes are ridiculous. No need to be afraid of women or overestimate them: these are fairly simple mechanisms with standard features and a standard set of functions.

Once gained experience will help you to easily manage different models, therefore, looking at the body, do not think that under the hood there is something that can especially delight or disappoint you.

2. Confidence in a woman

Men’s innocence is a terrible thing.

Even though you have a more critical mind than your girlfriend, get ready to swallow any lies from her, because you trust her.

And believe me, women use it much more often than you think.

Of course, you should not live in an atmosphere of suspicion, but just do not hang your ears for any reason.

Take a woman’s proposal and statement critically, especially if it concerns you or in any way that affects your interests.

Whatever the woman was saying, remember, it will never play on your side.

Therefore, trust, but check: a woman always acts in her personal interests, and if even sometimes your interests coincide, do not attach importance to this accident.

3. Sexual craving for a woman (fear of losing her)

One of the most important tools in achieving a woman’s goals.

Sexual or psychological dependence on a woman (and this can happen to everyone) can make you a rag, no matter how strong you are.

Women know this very well, feel and use it. Manipulating a man with the help of sex is her favorite female occupation.

Schemes “I will give – I will not give; if you are a good boy, you will get candy; I’m offended, don’t come near me ”, etc. – this is a classic.

The way to avoid this is simple, like all ingenious: it is better not to go in cycles entirely on one woman, unless, of course, this is your disconnected love and you are still able to look at other ladies.

In this case, why, as they say, put all the eggs in one basket? Let you have some friends, and if one of them suddenly decides to manipulate you, you just shrug your shoulders and go to the other.

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