How to meet a girl in a club: Amazing tips

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If you decide to meet a girl in a club or at a disco, know this is one of the easiest ways to get to know each other. Girls come to clubs to get acquainted with guys, so the question “What does this person want from me” will not arise in your address when you approach a girl intending to establish contact.

Advantages to meet a girl in a nightclub

1. Your goals coincide

In the club, girls are much more willing to make contact, because the purpose of their stay here is the same as yours – to enter into communication with a representative of the opposite sex.

If you decided to meet a girl on the street when she is late for an important meeting at work, your chances would decrease at times.

If a girl doesn’t have a boyfriend and she says that she came to the club just to dance, do not trust her.

2. Clarity of your intentions

In connection with the coincidence of your goals of being in the club, you should not think out a reason to start a conversation with a girl and analyze what first words you need to use.

The girl will initially understand why you approached her, and it will be natural. Everything is very simple: you come up and start talking.

3. At the club, girls are more relaxed

This is influenced not only by the appropriate situation, day off, the presence of an environment in the person of close friends but also by the dose of alcohol consumed.

If your self-esteem is up to standard, you have taken preparatory steps or become a professional in the field of Internet seduction, it will be quite easy for you to get acquainted with the girls in the club.

Even without any “if” it is very simple. All that is required of you is to approach the girl and start to say something. In this case, follow some recommendations.

Key recommendations

#1. Remember your goal, but do not become its hostage.

The ultimate goal of dating is very clear, but you need to approach the girl with a different goal: make contact, arrange yourself and take a phone number or continue communication in a more intimate setting (invite home).

Everyone, probably, had cases when an effective acquaintance ended in nothing because a man simply forgot to take a phone number from a girl. You should always take a phone number and on the machine. First of all, airplanes …

At the same time, one should not worry about the result, as it happened, it happened. In any case, you will respect yourself if you dare to approach the girl.

And vice versa, restraining your desire to meet a girl you like, you will subsequently bite your elbows.

#2. Once in the club, look around and immediately start to get acquainted.

The girl will initially understand why you approached her, and it will be natural. Everything is very simple: you come up and start talking.

#3. At the club, the girls are more relaxed.

This is influenced not only by the appropriate situation, day off, the presence of an environment in the person of close friends but also by the dose of alcohol consumed.

#4. When you start talking to a girl, speak loudly enough and look her straight in the eye.

#5. Better if your first words are in the subject of the environment or situation.

However, if nothing comes to mind, just say: “Hello, what’s your name?”, “Hello, did not expect to see you here.”, “Hello, how is your mood?”, ”- Hello. Are you an economist? – No, I’m a doctor. “And you won’t say that …”

#6. Suggesting a girl a cocktail is a good start for a newcomer to whom dynamists love to have so much.

If you already have the experience, you know that you can only pamper your girlfriend and not the unfamiliar Mademoiselle.

#7. Don’t ask the girl for permission.

“Can I meet you?”, “Can I sit down?” Why these questions, is this girl the owner of the club? Also, such questions are a sign of uncertainty.

#8. Address the girl “at YOU” from the very beginning of your acquaintance.

#9. Drinking alc##ol, drink in moderation.

Nobody likes drunk people, and girls especially. Respect yourself and other people.

#10. The slow composition began, but you didn’t invite anyone to the dance? You are strange. Although, maybe well done. Do not worry.

#11. Ask the girl about something.

“Hi. Do you have chewing gum? Please, please. ”, Then develop communication.

#12. Don’t worry if you forget the name of the girl.

If you suddenly forgot what the girl’s name was when you started to write down her phone number, say with a smile on your face that you forgot her name, so how to write it?

#13. How to offer a girl to leave the club with you? Just tell her, “Let’s get out of here.”

Just keep in mind that a direct offer to go to visit you can scare the girl away, so sometimes you need to use ingenuity: ”- Do you know how to cook well? I don’t believe. Let’s stop by for 15 minutes, show the class. ”

Other options: show an exotic animal, a child’s photo, which shows a girl similar to your companion, offer to treat yourself to a delicious homemade cocktail, etc.

Another great maneuver will be to visit another quiet place (lounge cafe) before heading to your home. The girl will have the impression of a second date.

#14. If you still have no desire to get to know someone, then you should not get acquainted.

But in this case, there is no sense in going to a club, it’s better to do some useful work.

Additional recommendations

Over time, you will understand that to meet a girl in a club, you just need to go up to her and talk about something, and the topic is not important.

Here is a memory from personal experience: I’m walking through the club with a cocktail in my hand, and towards the girl, I also have a cocktail. I say, “Hi, let’s have a drink at the Brudershaft!” She answered: “Come on!” They crossed their arms, took a sip of the cocktail, and exchanged a kiss for their children.

As a result, it will reach you that getting to know a nightclub is easy. But just in case, adopt the following recommendations.

#1. Move the girl.

Try to choose nightclubs in which it is possible at the first contact to moving the girl to another place within the club, where loud music will not interfere with communication, for example, on free sofas, in a convenient smoking room, etc.

So you can establish communication in a more suitable environment for this while causing the girl to be in a state of comfort, and also know a new friend better. Maybe she’s not your option at all.

Come to the girl and put your hand on the waist (IMPORTANT), say:

  • “Hey, what’s your name?”
  • “Masha.”
  • “Masha, let’s go sit on the sofas, at the same time we’ll talk, otherwise the music is here, nothing is heard.”

#2. Not necessarily meet at random.

In nature, it was originally conceived so that most often it is a woman who initiates communication, which can lead to something more than “Hello … Bye”.

She, most likely, will not be suitable to get acquainted, but if within the area of her attention an interesting male character appears, she will begin to send signs of interest towards him, i.e. will try to attract attention.

Therefore, you can put yourself in the club’s viewed place for a sufficient amount of time and, having determined the circle of girls who are interested in you, who, as a rule, will ping two or more times with the appropriate look, choose the best one for your taste, and then approach to communicate. Most likely, the acquaintance will go smoothly.

#3. Use a smoking room as a place to meet.

If you don’t smoke, say: “Hello, what’s your name? ..”, “Hello, I saw you somewhere …”, “Do you often come here? ..”, “Do you celebrate something with your friends? ..”, “How do you like it here today? ..”

From such phrases blows triviality, so you can try to focus on some particular girl: “Hello. Show me, please. You have such an interesting watch … “,” It seems to me that you are a very serious girl, but you know how to have fun. Am I right? ”,“ There is one trait in you that many men don’t like, but I appreciate it in girls. You may seem cold, but inside you are just a sweetheart.”

Ask not only closed questions to the girl, which suggest the answer “Yes”, “No” or consisting of one phrase but also use open questions that are aimed at developing the dialogue: “Why do you think so? ..”, “What do you think …? “,” Tell me about your studies … “,” Tell me in detail what you think about that mysterious girl? I’m interested in your opinion…”

In general, ask what you want. More important is how you say what words sound from your lips. Just don’t turn the conversation into an interrogation, share your stories and engage in humor.

If you smoke, there’s no problem at all. You come up with a cigarette: “Hello, do you have a lighter?” And drove to communicate.

#4. A great way to get to know each other when you are sitting at a table, and the girl (s) is at a nearby table.

You go to the next table and say: “Hello. Let’s (those) drink together. ” If you agree, take your alcohol reserves and sit down with the girls. This is a very simple and working scheme.

You can even approach the girls at the table and, sitting down next to you, say: “Hello. Don’t think anything bad, I’m just very tired, my legs hurt. I’ll sit for a couple of minutes. What’s your name?”

#5. Standing at the bar, and next to a girl with a cocktail: “Hello. Let’s drink together, keep the company … ”

The sooner you realize that meeting people at nightclubs or discotheques is easy, the less time you will lose. Life is one, but it is necessary to have time so much.


Don’t forget that a night club is a place where you should definitely get acquainted in a more directive style than, for example, on the street. Everything is more than clear and understandable to everyone, therefore it is quite natural when a guy is suitable to get acquainted.

For the same reason, it will be absolutely normal to start touching a girl both during the first interaction, and subsequently in the process of communicating with her or when moving her.

When your first words are heard, you can immediately put your hand on the girl’s waist, grab her hand and pull her to you, put your hand on her shoulder or scroll the girl, holding her hand first.

The complex of shame about your sexuality is inherent in girls (in general, as in boys) since childhood, so you should level out its effects with your actions while setting the communication frame not as a new friend and girlfriend, but as a man and woman.

You must make it clear to the girl that you want her as a woman and you are ready to go all the way. Touch the girls, they love it, and you will be pleased, plus the effectiveness of your acquaintances will increase dramatically.

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