Hello dear reader. Surely you wondered where to find a girl. The answer is really simple: a girl can be found where the girls live, and they are present everywhere. He looked to the left – the girl, looked to the right – three more, only manage to pack and wrap the bow.

Naturally, to find a girl, you will have to hone your dating skills. But remember one very important point: if apart from having the skills to meet girls, you can’t do anything else in this life, even if you find a worthy girl, you will have many problems in your relationship. Be sure to develop as a person, become a man with a capital letter, set and achieve your goal, be able to say no, and women themselves will appear in your life like cockroaches, as soon as you turn off the lights.

When in your life there will be as many girls as you wish, stop doing nonsense and start making money, or do something else useful, and also find a normal girl for a serious relationship. Believe me, they are in many respects the same, and there is no point in spending special time with zeal in searching for another victim. But in the beginning, undermine your ass from a chair and let’s get down to business in the field of romance, break-ins and victories.

Consider the places where a guy to find a girl, in order of increasing complexity of dating.

Among friends and girlfriends

In general, the skill of establishing contact and meeting people is an invaluable thing that will be your assistant throughout your life and in many of its fields. Getting acquainted is worth not only for finding a beloved but also for expanding business ties, as well as friendships. Make friends, both among men and women, there are no extra friends.

Having a wide stock of acquaintances in the person of the fair sex, you will have the opportunity to expand the circle of friends, since each person, in turn, must have friends and acquaintances. And if your girlfriend is a beautiful girl, then there is a high probability that she has in mind some beauty who is no worse. On your part, things will remain small, since acquaintance through friends is the easiest way to find a new girl.

Acquaintance with a girl on the Internet

Another way to easily find a girl. It is very simple. The most important minus is the doubtfulness of the person who went online to search for the second half. There are good girls on dating sites who are a minority there, but it’s not possible to find a decent girl and establish a serious relationship. Although some people succeeded, and even this method should not be ruled out. As for meeting to brighten up your loneliness, getting to know via the Internet is the surest way.

An acquaintance in a night club

A fairly simple way to find a girl and one of the most common. Problems when meeting in a club or a disco should practically not arise. If it’s hard for you to meet in a club, the only reason is you.

meet a girl

Acquaintance in public

  1. Acquaintance with a girl on the street. In general, meeting a girl on the street is not super difficult, but it is the most difficult way to get to know each other. You will have to go through more than one failure before you can declare yourself a pro in the field of dating girls on the street.
  2. Acquaintance with the girl at the bus stop. This method is a variation of the previous one. The most important thing is to start a conversation. The girl is standing and bored, why shouldn’t she chat with you. If the dialogue does not stick, smile, say goodbye and go about your business. If the conversation has developed, but you do not have time to get the girl’s phone number because her bus arrived, take the initiative and ride with her in transport.
  3. Acquaintance with a girl in a minibus. The first thing you should do is sit next to the girl. The second step is to immediately begin the acquaintance because if there is an unnecessary pause, perhaps out of excitement you will change your mind to start communication. You are a confident guy – then proceed according to circumstances. If a girl plays a game on the phone, ask: “Oh, what kind of game is this?”
  4. Acquaintance with a girl on the subway. In principle, the same as meeting at the bus stop. You should not travel around all the metro stations in your city, but start to get acquainted at the station closest to your house.
  5. Acquaintance with a girl at a pedestrian crossing. The traffic light is your friend, and while the red light is on, the girl will not run away from you. Don’t forget to take the phone number from the girl.
  6. Acquaintance with a girl in a store or mall. Nice place to meet. You can ask your favorite girl for advice on a purchase.
  7. Acquaintance with a girl in a cafe. Beauty sits alone and misses. Perhaps she is waiting for someone, and not at all for you. Yes, and figs, came up and met. Most likely, her mother just had to drive up.

Where and with which girls you should not get acquainted

  • With the attendants of the places you often visit (hairdresser, night club, bar, taxi dispatcher, etc.). Keep in mind that in the event of an unsuccessful relationship, no one will be sure that the offended waitress will not throw some rubbish into your drink, women are vengeful.
  • You should not develop relationships with colleagues at work, especially if you constantly communicate. In case of a failure you will have to see its cause five days a week, do you need it? And if the girl herself turns her back on you, you will regret a thousand times that all this started.

And remember, in more serious places, there are more serious girls, and in fitness centers more athletic. If you can easily visit the gym after an unsuccessful acquaintance, why not try to get acquainted there too. Turn off the brain, charge yourself with a positive attitude and go into battle, because now you know where to find a girl.

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