How to make a thin waist: 3 effective ways

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What just do not make women, if only their waist was perfect. For a start, it is important to understand what it should be, because the notorious 60 cm is not fair for everyone (waist = your height minus 100 cm). Counted? Then let’s improve!

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How to eat to make a slim waist?

Start with breakfast! In no case should it be missed, and this should not be a sandwich or a cup of coffee, but a full meal. The ideal option would be oatmeal – it envelops the walls of the stomach, improving its work and stimulating fat burning. If you can not eat oatmeal in water, make milk, but without sugar. In general, it is important to eat dairy products, because they contain high levels of calcium, which reduces the body mass index.


After breakfast, you can take a fish oil capsule. This product familiar from childhood, which everyone remembers with disgust, reduces the amount of fat mainly in the sides and on the bottom. Add olive oil and avocado oil to your diet. The fatty acids that make up this product resist the accumulation of fat throughout the body and especially at the waist.

Perfectly remove the extra centimeters in the waist grapefruit and raspberry. It is a mistake to assume that they need to be eaten after a meal in order to prevent the fats that have been consumed just before being tied. On the contrary, to prevent the likelihood of such a process, it is better to eat grapefruit and raspberries 15 minutes before eating.

And drink at least one liter of water per day (1-2 glasses should be with cold water), the liquid activates the metabolism.

How to make perfect waist with exercise

No access to the gym? It does not matter – we will cut off all the excess at home. The main thing to remember: you need to engage constantly, before or a couple of hours after eating, increase the load clearly dosed.

1. Connect the legs together, stretch your arms upward, gathering them in a “lock” and lean to the sides, each time feeling the skin stretch

2. Now, put your legs shoulder-width apart and lower your right arm over your leg, while your left hand will be pulled up at the same time. Too easy? Then pick up the dumbbells.


3. In the supine position, raise your legs alternately – first stretched out evenly and slowly (arms along the body) in turn and together. And then bend your knee to the stomach (hands behind your head). When this case rises or turns upside down. This mini-complex you will burn the pump up the upper, lower and oblique press.

In general, the best shell for the correction of the waist will be Hula-Hoop. Later models are even equipped with balls, which simultaneously with the formation of the figure also make skin massage. To achieve visible results, the hoop must be rotated for at least 30 minutes a day.

How to make a thin waist with the help of cosmetic procedures

Water treatments well help with weight loss, evenly removing fat from the whole body. So, in the sauna or bath (the latter in terms of losing weight is more effective) along with then go out the fat and toxins. If you are determined to lose weight, then visit the bath is better to make a habit, visit it at least once a week. However, if you have heart problems, it is better to refuse such a method.

Thin Waist

Massage with a contrast shower will help to improve the waist. Hang up in circular belt movements daily. The so-called pinch massage is considered effective – the procedure is not the most pleasant, but Italian scientists have shown that a constant use for a few minutes will help reduce the waist to 5 cm. as well as wraps for every taste.

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