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How much water contained in a hurricane?


Hurricane is a tropical cyclone that appears above the ocean surface when warm moist air comes into contact with cold atmospheric masses of large volume. As a result of this, a real factory of water is born, pouring to the earth simply enchanting streams of moisture. But how much water do hurricanes bring on average? Climatologists also thought about this issue and decided to calculate it.


How much water contained in a hurricane?

So, according to meteorologists, a strong cyclone can carry 15-17 trillion liters of rain. To make it easier for you to imagine, let’s put it more clearly: this volume of water is 4 times greater than the contents of all the Great Lakes, and it would be enough to fill 26 million Olympic-sized swimming pools.

We all saw what stormy streams flow through the city streets after a good rainfall. As a rule, with such rain, the layer of fallen precipitation does not exceed 40 millimeters. Now imagine that this figure will be 1 or 2 meters. The situation will look something like this:

water contained in one hurricane

By the way, there are examples of much more “generous” cataclysms, when after hurricanes the layer of water in places reached 5 meters. This is the situation in Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Harvey stormed the US with about 57 trillion liters of rain.

The level of precipitation during the hurricane “Florence”, the devastating effects of which we can now observe in North and South Carolina, can be clearly seen in the video below:

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