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Top 25 most beautiful Assamese models

Assamese Models

Before we talk about Assamese models let us give a small introduction to this magical state of India. Assam ( Hindi: असम, Assamese: অসম ) or Axom is a state in North East India. Assam is surrounded by other North Eastern Indian states. Assam is a border state of India.

The Indo- Bhutan, and Indo- Bangladesh borders are connected to Assam in some parts. The Kapili River and the Brahmaputra River also flow here. Assam is the watchdog of India in the northeast direction and is also the gateway to the northeastern states. Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh to the north of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh to the east and Meghalaya, Mizoram to the south and States of Tripura.

Scholars believe that the word ‘Assam’ is derived from the word ‘Asoma’ in Sanskrit, which means unique or unique. But most scholars believe that the word is originally derived from ‘Ahom’. When this state was merged in British rule before this state was ruled by ‘Ahom’ kings for about six hundred years.

Various castes like Austric, Mongolian, Dravidian, and Arya have come and settled at different times in the hills and valleys of this region since ancient times, which had a profound influence on the mixed culture here. All these castes contributed to the development of this state. Thus the state of Assam has an ancient and rich tradition of culture and civilization.

Assam is not just a beautiful state of India but also full of beautiful and talented people who won millions of hearts around the world with their activities and cultures. The actresses of our review are role models for advanced subscribers who know who the main trendsetters are. Not being stars of the Federal scale, these fashionable girls are considered the main pride of the most refined Assamese society.

If we talk about Assamese models ( actresses / female celebrities ), the beauty and attractiveness of Assamese girls is an indisputable fact. Many foreigners will be able to confirm this.

The list of most beautiful Assamese models

1. Rimpi Das

Rimpi Das is an Indian actress and model, who appears in Assamese cinema and Hindi television serials. Rimpi Das made her acting debut in the 2004 Assamese film Monot Birinar Jui directed by Ashok Kumar Bishaya.

Rimpi Das

Rimpi Das

Rimpi Das

2. Barsha Rani Bishaya

Barsha Rani Bishaya is an Indian actress who works in Assamese cinema. She also acted in many Mobile theatre groups of Assam. Apart from acting, she is also a Bihu dancer in Assam. She has also acted in many popular VCD films, hosted tv shows, and also acted in television series and telefilms.

Barsha Rani Bishaya

Barsha Rani Bishaya 2

3. Deeplina Deka

Deeplina Deka ( দীপলিনা ডেকা ) also known as Pori is a multi-talented Indian Assamese singer and actor from Guwahati, Assam. Deeplina makes her debut with the Assamese box office hit movie, “Mission China” directed by Zubeen Garg. Electrical Engineer by education Deeplina is a famous singer in Assam by profession.

Deeplina Deka 3

Deeplina Deka 4

Deeplina Deka 2

Deeplina Deka 1

4. Sunita Kaushik

Sunita Kaushik Is an Assames Celebrity who majorly appears in Assamese Television Serials. She also works in a few Assamese Music Video. Now she is working on the New Assamese serial Sagarika, Which Published on Rengoni Channel.

She Was born in Tezpur, Assam to a Nepali family. Science childhood, Mayuri has a deep interest in Dancing and Acting.

Sunita Kaushik 1

Sunita Kaushik 2

Sunita Kaushik 3

Sunita Kaushik 4

Sunita Kaushik 5

5. Munmi Kalita

Munmi Kalita. Actor. Born: Nov 06, 1990, Assam, India. Munmi Kalita is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful actresses of Assam. She is much sought after by movie makers and a force to be reckoned with, especially for other leading actresses of the Assamese film industry.

Munmi Kalita 1

Munmi Kalita 2

6. Priyanka Baishya

Priyanka Baishya (Aka Pri Baishya) is an Assamese actress. She played the lead role on Disco BhontiTaxi Gari, Deha Tumaar Lahoti, and many other trending Assamese music videos including the controversial Pitiki Pitiki.

Priyanka Baishya 1

Priyanka Baishya 2

Priyanka Baishya 3

Priyanka Baishya 4

Priyanka Baishya 5

7. Tanvi Sharma

Tanvi Sharma was born and brought up in Assam. She is an Assamese actress as well as a classical dancer. She is a young and talented exponent of Indian classical dance forms. Tanvi Sharma is well known for her classy and unique styles.

Tanvi Sharma 1

Tanvi Sharma 2

Tanvi Sharma 3

Tanvi Sharma 4

8. Priyanka Bharali

Priyanka Bharali (প্ৰিয়ংকা ভৰালী) (Born 10 Oct 1988) is an Indian playback singer from Jorhat, Assam who is famous for her melodious voice in Jollywood. Priyanka Bharali, Bhupen Hazarika Awardee 2013, started her musical career in 2008 and made her debut song in the ‘NK Production Films house with Zubeen Garg was, “Kahili Puwate Jaanoi” from the album Jaanmoni (2009).

Priyanka Bharali 1

Priyanka Bharali 2

9. Diganggana Bora

Diganggana Bora ( 17 years ) is one of the cutest and most beautiful newcomer Assamese actress as well as a playback singer from the Darrang district ( Sipajhar ). She became very popular for her lead role in the Assamese film Jaanmoni 2020. NEELA NAYANA was her first video. She is currently studying in HS 2nd year in the science stream. She is also known as Mona. She wants to pursue Computer Science Engineering. She has about 38K Instagram followers.

Diganggana Bora 1

Diganggana Bora 4

Diganggana Bora 5

Diganggana Bora 2

Diganggana Bora 3

10. Tehshin Akhtar

Tehshin Akhtar is an Indian actress who mostly works in the Assamese film industry. She was born in Shillong in Meghalaya. She is currently living in Guwahati in Assam from where she overlooks her work. Along with being an actress, she is also a singer. She is immensely popular in Assam.

Tehshin Akhtar 1

Tehshin Akhtar 2

Tehshin Akhtar 3

11. Rajashree Das

Rajashree Das is a beautiful newcomer model of the Assamese serial industry. She played a role in the popular Assamese serial ‘Parineeta’. She became popular within a short period of time because of her outstanding acting skills.

Rajashree Das was born in Sixmile Guwahati, to Pradip Kumar Das and Kabita Das. She was born on 20 January 1998. She has an older brother Priyanku Pratim Das.

Rajashree Das 1

Rajashree Das 2

Rajashree Das 3

Rajashree Das 4

Rajashree Das 5

12. Panchi Bora

Panchi Bora is an Indian television actress and model from Assam. She plays lead roles in the series Kayamath and Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi, before working in the Telugu film industry.

Panchi Bora 1

Panchi Bora 3

Panchi Bora 2

13. Karabi Sharma

Karabi Sharma who worked in films like Khawoi the Danger Zone and Love in Bangkokdebut with the film Saya of Rohon Patar. She started her career in 2011 with a supporting role in a television serial. Apart from acting, she is an excellent dancer also.

Karabi Sharma 1

Karabi Sharma 2

Karabi Sharma 3

Karabi Sharma 4

Karabi Sharma 5

Karabi Sharma 6

14. Alishmita Goswami

Alishmita Goswami was born on 2nd January in Sorbhog, Assam. She was interested in pursuing a career in acting from a very little age. She is the daughter of a retired teacher Rohini Kumar Goswami and Rekha Goswami, Alishmita completed her matriculation from the Barnagar Vidya Mandir School and higher secondary education from the Krishna Kanta Handique in Arts stream.

She further went on to pursue a degree in Assamese Language (honors) and a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Cotton College (now Cotton University) in Guwahati.

She got her first breakthrough in 2015, in a music video “Ami Axom Dexor Suwali,” directed by Pankaj Ingti. Since then, she has been a part of over a hundred music videos which include Zubeen Garg’s “Buku Bhori Aase Morom,” Neel Akash’s “Gun Gun,” and Bhrigu Kashyap’s “Bappa Oi”. She has also acted in regional shows like Rengoni channel’s superhit sequential “Aaina” where she stands by the character of Gouri, the lead character.

Alishmita Goswami 1

Alishmita Goswami 2

Alishmita Goswami 3

Alishmita Goswami 4

Alishmita Goswami 5

Alishmita Goswami 6

15. Annanyya Kashyap

Annanyya Kashyap is a gorgeous actress who is rising in the Assamese film industry for her flexible acting. She is a professional Bihu dancer who performed across the nation. She was also a part of famous Assamese music videos like Masoloi Goisilung and Morilong.

Annanyya Kashyap 1

Annanyya Kashyap 2

Annanyya Kashyap 3

Annanyya Kashyap 4

Annanyya Kashyap 5

16. Dhritismita Deka

Dhritismita Deka was a Cotton University student. She is a professional dancer who has performed in more than 50 music videos and various stage shows across Assam.

Dhritismita Deka 1

Dhritismita Deka 2

Dhritismita Deka 3

Dhritismita Deka 4

Dhritismita Deka 5

17. Mayuri Gautam

Mayuri Gautam is the beautiful model of the Assamese Serial Industry. Mayuri became very famous for her role in Assamese Mega Serial ‘Tumar Morome Muk’ (2019). She loves pets very much.

Mayuri Gautam 1

Mayuri Gautam 2

Mayuri Gautam 3

Mayuri Gautam 4

Mayuri Gautam 5

17. Angusmita Gogoi

Angusmita Gogoi is one of the most beautiful models of the Assamese serial industry. She played the role of Neha in Beharbari Outpost.

She was born in Tingkhong a native place in Dibrugarh, to Monindra Kumar Gogoi and Manoni Gogoi. She also has a brother. She had completed her graduation in BA LLB from Dibrugarh University.

Angusmita Gogoi 1

Angusmita Gogoi 2

Angusmita Gogoi 3

Angusmita Gogoi 4

Angusmita Gogoi 5

18. Preety Kongana

Preety Kongana is a popular TV serial Assamese actress also a model. Her spouse’s name is Simanta Shekhar who is a popular Assamese singer. Her hometown is Guwahati, Assam. She lives presently in Kahilipara Guwahati.

Preety Kongana 1

Preety Kongana 2

Preety Kongana 3

Preety Kongana 4

Preety Kongana 5

19. Himakshi Kalita

Himakshi Kalita is one of the most beautiful models of Assam. She is new to the Assamese film industry. She has acted in many Assamese T.V Serials and Assamese songs. She loves road trips and music as well as a foodie and pets lover.

Himakshi Kalita 1

Himakshi Kalita 2

Himakshi Kalita 3

Himakshi Kalita 4

Himakshi Kalita 5

20. Surabhi Das

Surabhi Das is the prettiest model of the Assamese Serial Industry. She became popular with her role in an Assamese serial ‘Parineeta’. It was a huge success. She is very sociable and ambitious.

Surabhi Das 1

Surabhi Das 2

Surabhi Das 3

Surabhi Das 4

21. Junu Nath

Junu Nath is one of the most popular and beautiful newcomers Assamese model. Junu started her modeling career from an Assamese Film ‘Kokaideu Bindaas’. Junu Nath got her success from an Assamese serial ‘Nupur’ in 2019.

Junu Nath 1

Junu Nath 2

Junu Nath 3

Junu Nath 4

22. Amrita Gogoi

Amrita Gogoi is an Indian film and television actress who works in the Assamese film industry. She made her debut Ahetuk was released in 2015.

Amrita Gogoi 1

Amrita Gogoi 2

Amrita Gogoi 3

23. Upasana Priyam

Upasana Priyam is one of the well known Assamese actress, debuted in ‘Duti Monor Jonak’ as Kasturi in 2020. Upasana is very smart and gorgeous. Her hobby is acting and modeling. She has now become an overnight sensation in Assam.

Upasana Priyam 1

Upasana Priyam 2

Upasana Priyam 3

Upasana Priyam 4

24. Manjushree Saikia

Manjushree Saikia is from the upper valleys of Assam, She has grown up with Assam Textiles and folk cultures. Curiosity on cultures & craft made her close to Textiles and later got introduced to fashion.

She is Graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT) as a Textile Designer in 2016. After that, Manjushree started traveling to various craft Clusters across India.

Manjushree Saikia 3

Manjushree Saikia 4

Manjushree Saikia 1

Manjushree Saikia 2

Manjushree Saikia 5

25. Sravanti Sharma

Sravanti Sharma is one of the most skilled, smart, and adorable models of Assam. She became an overnight sensation when she emerges as an English teacher in an Assamese serial ‘Beharbari Outpost‘.

Sravanti Sharma 1

Sravanti Sharma 2

Sravanti Sharma 3

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