What not to ask on the first date?

First Date

First date: You met a young man, a spark of attraction slipped between you, and there will be the first date. It is after this landmark meeting that it will become clear how your relationship will develop in the future. If you can create a light and relaxed atmosphere, the new acquaintance will not want to part and will invite you again. To achieve this, you should avoid some of the topics on the first date. There are questions that in no case should not be heard during the first acquaintance.

What not to ask your partner on the first date?

“You look great! Why are you still not married?”

This is a very personal question. Without knowing a person, his life priorities, priorities, you should not immediately encroach on his personal space. Be glad that at the moment he chose you. Enjoy his company. After all, next to this man could be any other girl.

Why are you still not married

“What kind of dating apps do you use?”

Why do you need this information? Is it really so difficult to find another topic of conversation? Suppose he answered your question. What’s next? Start discussing people who use it too? You must keep his attention on yourself. Talk about the stars, about the movies, discuss, eventually, the latest news. Surprise him with your intellect.

“I hope you’re not crazy?”

Very strange and stupid question. If you want to demonstrate your sense of humor this way, then it’s a bad idea. Such a formulation may offend the person who is currently near you. He may interpret your words incorrectly. If the thought is formed in his head that you have previously encountered only inadequate and strange people, it is unlikely for a man to want to be one of them.

I hope you're not crazy

“How do you see our relationship?”

Premature question. What kind of relationship are we talking about? You barely know each other. Only just get to know each other closer, and it is not known whether you want to repeat your meetings, and are already planning a joint-life for the next 10 years. This is very annoying to men and scary.

“Are you dating anyone else?”

Everyone knows that women of the owner and can not tolerate the presence of rivals. Just remember that questions of this nature can be asked when your relationship moves to a new, more serious level, and there will be a certain degree of trust.

Are you dating anyone else

Now you do not know what to say and how to introduce yourself on the first date. Do not be nervous and weigh every word – it will create tension between you. Be yourself: smiling and cheerful. Even if you are not perfect, “your man” will not even notice this, because he, too, is certainly not perfect.

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