6 ways to expose a liar by correspondence

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Expose a liar: Virtual Dating assistants, there is always a risk that your date is not what you had imagined. Many men tend to blatantly lie or embellish information about yourself, trying to impress a companion to get her attention. In the end, you spend a lot of time on a fake boyfriend, but in reality, it is just an empty place. How to avoid these disappointments and find the liar at the stage of correspondence?

These are the 6 ways to expose a liar

Too implausible information

You should immediately be alerted if your partner is on the Network, he said, too perfect. Of course, there is the chance to meet the Internet millionaire’s figure skating champion, super racer, or a plastic surgeon writing poetry, but before you enjoy your luck, check the authenticity of the information. When all too well, it is alarming.

Too Implausible Information

Showing off former connections

If a man brags in front of you your success with women, telling in detail who he met, it is also alarming. Most likely, thus he proved himself or tries to make you jealous, stuffing themselves. Like, if the model met, we urgently need to take such a valuable specimen! Not the fact that he is able to leave the computer and go on a real date, not to mention the fact to impress a real woman.

Showing Off Former Connections

Sports frenzy

It was nice to see the photo of the beautiful athletic male body. Passion fitness is only a plus, but if it is not turned into obsession and madness. Some men in sports have nothing to talk about. And he always says about himself: how he trains, what is the volume of his muscles, how much weight he lifts or pushes. In any event, it shows or about the limits of your interlocutor, or he’s lying about his athletic achievements since nothing can no longer impress you.

Sports Frenzy

Unwillingness to talk about work

Many men in the Network, evading the answer to a simple question about work. Instead to clearly say where and what he is doing than earning a living, having to listen to vague excuses and General phrases. It only says that on the other side of the monitor sits the usual unemployed or people with income below average, so in his profile under “activity” means a business or freelancing.

Unwillingness To Talk About Work

Avoiding from a real meeting

The first sign that you are dealing with a liar online, his unwillingness to meet with you in real life. It can months you keep a strong correspondence, supporting a fictional way, but to pull away every time there is an opportunity to see live. So, everything that he told you about himself is a farce, and continue to spend time on this virtual hardly worth it.

Avoiding From A Real Meeting

Incomprehensible photo

When a man is confident and does not hide his appearance, on his page, there are always a few clear pictures from different angles. In all other cases, a high probability that you are dealing with a liar. If your partner is a photo – a picture or the picture he’s standing on the horizon in the sunglasses (mask) and cap no illusions, a handsome man in these photos is not exactly hiding.

Incomprehensible Photo

Do not be naive, communicating on the Internet with the opposite sex, use basic methods of deduction, analysis, and intuition. Always get a person on pure water and do not waste time and energy on someone who avoids transparency.

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