Combination of clothing for men

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Appearance is the key to success. Therefore, most men want to look beautiful and stylish, but sometimes it is not easy to find the perfect combination of clothes.

In this regard, it is useful for you to know what combination of men’s clothing should be used in your life.

Combination of clothes for men: composition of men’s wardrobe

1. Shirt


A shirt, even a classic one, can be worn with both trousers and jeans. A white shirt is a universal option.

2. T-shirt


Buy at least 3 t-shirts. T-shirts are great for jeans, chinos, shorts, blazer, jacket.

3. Cardigan


A great solution to keep warm in the fall or winter. The cardigan goes well with both jeans and trousers.

4. Turtleneck


If you want to warm even more, as well as warm your neck, a turtleneck will be a great choice. A turtleneck goes well with jeans, trousers and a blazer.

5. Blazer (jacket)

Blazer (Jacket)

A dark blue blazer is a “must have” for every man’s wardrobe.

6. Classic suit

Classic Suit

It is better to purchase a dark blue or gray men’s suit. We remind you that you can’t fasten the bottom button of the jacket.

7. Jacket


The combination of a jacket with other items of clothing is very extensive: jeans, chinos, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, turtleneck.

8. Jeans


Choose a classic color: light blue or dark blue. Do not buy jeans with stripes or holes on the half-knee.

9. Pants


Pants are a living classic and don’t need to be introduced.

10. Trousers chinos

Trousers Chinos

Chinos are perfect for attending work on a Friday day or for meeting in a semi-formal setting. Chinos are especially interesting to combine with a blazer and a T-shirt.

11. Shorts


When it’s really stuffy on the street, wearing trousers or jeans is not an option. When buying shorts, pay attention to be just above your knees.

12. Shoes


Don’t forget that shoes are one of the items of clothing that assess the status of a man.

13. Boots


If the weather is not good, the boots will be welcome. The best colors: black, brown, gray.

14. Classic sneakers

Classic Sneakers

Your wardrobe should have at least one pair of classic sneakers. Classic sneakers should include white, black, gray, and navy blue sneakers. The simpler the design and the fewer the elements, the better. Sneakers go well with jeans and chinos.

15. Leather belt

Leather Belt

Black belt for black shoes, brown belt for brown.

16. Tie


If you fill up your wardrobe tie Burgundy, black, gray and blue colors, then you will be prepared for all occasions.

17. Watch


For any man, a watch will be a useful addition to his appearance. As a rule, watches with a leather strap look better.

Combination clothing for men

Blazer (jacket) and jeans

Blazer And Jeans

This combination of garments can be described as a combination of two polar opposite things.

A blazer is usually worn with trousers, and jeans are weekend clothes. However, jeans have been used in elegant casual outfits for many years. And if you choose a pair of jeans made of high quality fine fabric that does not have problematic or faded parts, then this option will be a great combination for you.

You can stick with similar tones for your jeans and blazer. However, if you don’t like it when things are too close to each other, just try to make your jeans darker than a jacket. This will ensure that you don’t create a heavy top and a dull bottom.

Jumper (turtleneck) and pants

Jumpers (Sweaters) And Trousers

If you decide to wear a sweater with pants, it is better if the sweater is made of good quality material, and also does not have any patterns. For such a combination, there is no need for additional detail.

To give a perfect look, choose low-rise pants. Keep neutral colors and don’t resort to the use of bright colors.

T-shirt and blazer

T-Shirt And Blazer

Stylish men know that one of the main options for combining clothes for them is a shirt and a blazer. This is just a standard. At the same time, replacing a shirt with a T-shirt can give you a look that is slightly less formal, but still elegant.

First of all, choose a good t-shirt. This means that you choose 100% cotton to deal with breathable, durable, but comfortable material, and the T-shirt should fit perfectly on you.

Anything that is too loose, narrow or overly bright will look like you don’t know how to dress.

Sweater and shirt

Sweater And Shirt

It is not uncommon to wear a high-quality sweater in a neutral color on a shirt.

Knitwear will help to soften the strict appearance while remaining in accordance with the official atmosphere.

Turtleneck and Blazer

Turtleneck And Blazer

The combination of a turtleneck and a blazer is ideal to provide a man with warmth, comfort and sophisticated style during off-season transitions.

Black leather jacket and white t-shirt

Black Leather Jacket And White T-Shirt

Combination of classic men’s clothing, but with such a simple recipe the ingredients must be first class.

It is important to buy a jacket that’s perfect for you. The same requirement must be presented to the t-shirt, plus it should be clean.

Jumper (t-shirt), jeans (chinos) and jacket

Jumper (T-Shirt), Jeans (Chinos) And Jacket

With a combination of a jumper, jeans, a jacket, sneakers, boots or Derby shoes are perfect.

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