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The most beautiful legs in the world: 20 celebrity photos

We have good news and bad news regarding the legs. The good news is that you don’t need to be tall and very thin to have the most beautiful legs. The bad news is that...
flat tummy

Effective exercises for a flat tummy in 2019

A flat tummy is a dream of every girl. To achieve results, it is important to maintain a balance between diet and physical activity. We suggest you familiarize yourself with fairly simple, but very...

A complete guide to tattoos and body drawings

Tattoos have long been a part of our lives. Fewer people are surprised at tattoos on passers-by; Mehendi drawings are gaining popularity on the streets every summer. Moreover, girls even decorate wedding images with...
Yoga skin

Yoga skin: an interesting beauty trend in makeup

Yoga skin: Every season we analyze new trends in facial skincare and makeup. Uncover new trends together? Most recently, we told you about one of the fashion trends of this year - skincare. This is...

How often to cut hair? Amazing question of 2019

Hair cut: Many on the left believe that the more you cut hair the faster they will grow. Myth or truth? We decided to find out! A haircut and fashionable coloring complement your look. In...
black mask

How to make a black mask at home

Many brands produce an activated carbon cleansing mask that removes black spots and mattifies the skin. Cook it yourself? The black mask is a thin film that acts on the skin and cleanses it of...

White spots on nails: causes and how to remove it within 1 week

All girls love a nice manicure, but in pursuit of fashionable design, we forget about caring for the nail plate. One of the most common problems is the appearance of white spots. White spots (leukonychia)...

The 5 most popular myths about sugaring

Sugaring is a type of hair removal that allows you to remove hair with a special paste. This procedure can be done in the cabin or at home. Sugaring is a fairly popular procedure because...
Facial booster

Facial booster: 3 reasons to buy a remedy

Facial booster: Serum, cream, primer or booster? We know the differences and advantages of this tool and are ready to talk about all the subtleties of use. Facial Booster (boost - enhancement, acceleration) is a...

Amazing foundation and body powder from Kim Kardashian

More recently, we talked about the new tools for wedding makeup from Kim Kardashian. Details of the new collection of makeup - already in the article! Foundation and body powder from Kim Kardashian: The new body...
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