5 Important Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

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Makeup Tips: Tons of videos on the Internet and a lot of advice from friends did not help you learn to be beautiful? Do not worry, we ( Sprintally ) have collected simple and clear makeup tips that will help to increase the eyes, highlight the cheekbones and make the lips bigger.

Makeup Tips

1. How to enlarge the eyes?

Girls with big expressive eyes are enough to paint over the lashes with mascara. The owners of narrow, almond-shaped eyes will have to work a little more.

— In any case, do not let the eyes bottom dark eyeliner. It very narrows his eyes.

— If you want to draw an arrow – stick to the straight line only on the top. The lower eyelid is possible to draw a white pencil and slightly smudge for a natural effect.

— Avoid dark shadows, it is better to replace the mother of pearl of any shade. These shadows will visually enlarge the eyes.

2. How to emphasize cheekbones blush?

The easiest and effective way to emphasize cheekbones – use blush. You will need two colors. Bright apply on the apples of your cheeks (the most convex part of the cheeks) and blend towards the temples. Apply a dark blusher under the cheekbones and blend. Gently combine the two colors with a fluffy brush. This method will look very natural in contrast to the complete sculpting of the face.


3. How to enhance lips with makeup?

Dark lipstick visually reduces the lips, it is better to abandon them, if you want to gently enhance the lips. Use light shades of lipsticks and pencils that are appropriate in tone. Outline lips slightly outside the edge at the corners of the upper and lower lips. Apply lipstick, wait until it dries, and apply a bit of Shine. This simple method will help to enhance the lips.

4. How to use eyebrow pencil?

Remember the most important rule – the color of your eyebrows may be only 2 shades darker than your hair. Black pencil is suitable only for brunettes. The blond and light brown hair will suit brown pencil. When painting eyebrows, don’t need to press hard with the pencil, try if “stroke” eyebrow, so it will look bigger. Don’t forget to apply the gel to eyebrows weren’t messed up.

Eyebrow Pencil

5. How to cover the bruise on the face?

You will need cosmetics with a dense texture, such as a foundation. Try to put two layers on the bruise, and to distract attention from the problem – paint your lips or eyes a little brighter than usual. Instead of the tonalnik, you can use liquid lipstick. It is also easily shaded, but has a denser texture and lasts longer.

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