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How to overcome fear


How to overcome fear: Everyone was afraid. This feeling can deprive of will, make thoughts confused, and the whole body shudders.

People are afraid for various reasons. We are frightened by other people, various events that have not occurred, as well as memories from the past.

Where does fear come from, what is its nature, and how can fear be overcome?

Fear is an emotion experienced by a person in connection with the occurrence of real or imagined danger.

The consequences of fear: emotional states of uncertainty, strong nervous tension, prompting the person to flee, seek protection, salvation.

The main functions of fear and the accompanying emotional states: signal, protective, adaptive, search.

At its core, fear is designed to help an individual survive in case of danger. But this seemingly saving feeling can cause a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant experiences.

The main form of fear is fear of the future or fear of the unknown. We are afraid of the likelihood of events that can harm us, sometimes only because we do not know what these or other things or people are.

Arguing over the nature of fear, it comes to the understanding that in reality most often we are afraid not of supposed events, but of fear itself.

To a greater extent, we are afraid of our imagination, which tends to draw unpleasant scenes from a possible future.

Similarly, when a problem arises in our life that needs to be solved, first of all, people begin to experience panic. But taking up the matter, and then understanding the essence of the problem, a solution is sure to be found.

Maria Skłodowska-Curie said: “In life, there is nothing to be afraid of, there is only what needs to be understood.”

Thus, fear itself is unreal, it is a subjective attitude of a person to the phenomena of the world, which has negative features and is based on the absence of all necessary information.

Panic moods of people around are an amplifier of fear. Fear is transmitted from person to person, so you should learn not to listen to pessimists and negative people, as well as use perception filters for information that flows from various media sources.

Frightened people are easier to manage, so society in a state of fear is more beneficial for those who lead it.

Cas D’Amato, Mike Tyson’s former trainer, said, “The hero and the coward feel the same thing. They differ only in reaction to the event, in the choice of behavior, in how they behave despite the presence of fear. ”

How to overcome fear?

It is very important to understand the nature of fear and to realize that fear is a natural internal state in an unfamiliar situation.

Having a certain level of training, you will not feel fear, and people who did not experience your experiences in the past will watch you with surprise and pride.

How to stop being afraid to ride the elevator? – ride in the elevator. Therefore, systematic training in any kind of activity eradicates fear once and for all.

Another very important factor contributing to the elimination of fear is the presence of a large goal. When you want something very strongly and sincerely, you don’t notice any barriers, and all manifestations of negative emotions are left out of the way of your achievement of the goal.

Everyone experiences fear, even the most successful and great people, each with their own phobias. But a sufficient level of preparation for various life situations, as well as the presence of a big goal, will allow you to wake up every morning with a smile on your face. Life is beautiful, down with fear.

And yet, if fear does not go away for a long time, the best way out in this situation is to turn to a specialist.

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