Stars that took dogs from the shelter: 7 stories that will melt your heart

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Celebrities from our list admit that they do not see the point of looking for a thoroughbred and expensive dog when so many animals (dogs) in shelters are waiting for the owners.

Jessica Chastain and Chaplin

Jessica Chastain And Chaplin

The actress often selects animals on the street and tries to put them in good hands, but once she was unable to part with the founding. Jessica picked up a three-legged dog breed Cavachonwhich got nicknamed the Chaplin. The actress often walks with him through the streets of New York.

Selena Gomez and her 6 dogs


The artist’s love and care are enough for six pets, whom she took from the orphanage or picked up on the street. Most animals needed treatment, many were waiting for sleep, but now all the dogs are healthy and happy in the new house. When Selena is not at home, her mother looks after the dogs – the love of the animals was transferred to the singer from her. It tells Selene, a dog brought home mom herself – she thought, that he was lonely wandering around the parking lot.

Sergey Lazarev and Daisy

Sergey Lazarev And Daisy

Pooch Daisy came to the singer after filming a charity project Looking for home”. To please your dog and others ‘ Pets, Lazarev even opened a bakery for Pets Poodle-strudel”. Cakes on the counter like muffins and cakes, but they are made of buckwheat and beef.

Orlando Bloom and Saydi

Orlando Bloom And Sa'Di

Little black pooch is a living souvenir, which brought the actor from filming in Morocco. Seeing the hungry puppy in a cardboard box on the market, bloom realized, that it must be saved, otherwise, the puppy will die. Not afraid of the red tape with the documents and vaccinations, the actor brought a dog into the United States. Bloom often takes said on walks, in cafes, and even concerts.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Atticus

Jake Gyllenhaal And Atticus

My first dog, a German shepherd named Atticus, Gyllenhaal found the rescue service in 2002. More precisely, take the dog decided the actress Kirsten Dunst, with whom I was Dating Gyllenhaal. The girl from the first sight fell in love with the animal, and Jack could not refuse her friend. After the separation of the pair, Atticus was left with Gyllenhaal. Later the actor got a second dog Boo.

Gyllenhaal not only cares about their Pets but also helps the dogs, who are looking for a house. One day, the actor took part in the auction of the animal rescue League of Mississippi. He signed a wooden dog chews for a charity auction and put up for sale the footprints of their animals.

Channing Tatum and Lulu

Channing Tatum And Lulu

Blue-eyed fight dog named Lulu the actor also took from the shelter. Often Tatum and Lulu hang out at the bar. Friends of the actor say, that he removes the sweater and makes for a Lulu Mat when the dog gets tired. A couple walks not only fun, Lulu accompanies Channing and Jogging.

George Clooney and Einstein

George Clooney And Einstein

If I could choose, whom to be born, I would like to be born my dog,” jokes George Clooney. His Cocker Spaniel was really lucky. He came to the shelter with obesity and a severe form of conjunctivitis. Dog ready for euthanasia, but the announcement about the dog ended up in the hands of the actor.

The actor has long wanted to have a dog but did not dare to take the puppy for amusement, so the age and manners of Einstein bribed Clooney. Since that day the dog started life in a Paradise with a personal chef, a veterinarian, and weekly visits to the stylist. Einstein accompanied his master, a hardened bachelor, on Dating. Clooney watched his reaction to the new girlfriends, and strict control could pass only Amal Alamuddin.

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