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How to overcome laziness and apathy: 6 tips


How to overcome laziness? What to do to get out of a state of apathy? How to stop being indifferent and start going through life, living each event with the deepest interest? Such questions are very relevant and require answers.

The word “laziness”, as well as the carrier of the condition in question – “lazy person”, usually cause negative associations. And if the concept of “laziness” is treated like a disease, then as a recipe for the recovery they often offer some kind of “motivating drink”, set a goal and achieve it, which in general is certainly wonderful.

However, despite the prevalence of prevailing views, in this article laziness and apathy will be considered from a slightly different angle.

How to overcome laziness and apathy?

  1. The vast majority of people have high activity but have low efficiency. Many people use their time inefficiently, as a result of which they waste their own energy doing extra things. In this case, the lack of strength in the commission of important matters is called laziness, which is actually not true. Therefore, it is worth starting to do what is needed and stop doing what is not necessary. Just stop doing more than half of the usual things, and you will release your strength in the events of your life that really deserve your attention.
  2. Laziness and apathy can signal that in the action that you want to force yourself to do, your talent will not work, you will not get the desired result and you will not achieve success. Each person has a mission, which is based on his abilities. By realizing his talent and abilities, a person will succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to improve your strengths, and not engage in activities in which you cannot prove yourself, especially if the soul does not lie to them. In this context, laziness is the result of an assessment of your body, which tells you: can you succeed in this matter, or should you direct your time and efforts in a different direction. The body is a kind of pragmatic experienced mentor who does not care about big words and high achievements. It is important for the body that your actions are appropriate, and the waste of your efforts is not in vain. In this case, instead of fighting laziness, begin to perform other actions that will silence such a signal. Start doing what you can succeed in.
  3. Laziness can be a manifestation of low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem can be so much doubt in their abilities that they have not done anything, already condemn themselves to a negative result. Why do something if it doesn’t work? If in this case you are driven by fear and doubt, you must work to improve self-esteem.
  4. To overcome laziness and apathy, swap the associations of pain and pleasure. The essence of man always strives for pleasure, trying to avoid what hurts him. At the same time, for some people, certain things can be a pleasure, and for others – the cause of unpleasant associations. For example, if you are afraid to perform on stage, sign up for public speaking courses. Working in a group where the same people will be located without experience, as well as experienced mentors, you will feel support, be able to get a lot of positive emotions, as well as a sense of self-satisfaction from perfection in the stage performance. Your pain will be the place where your like-minded people will gather. Laziness and pain will be replaced by pleasure.
  5. Expand your comfort zone. Some people have too low a pain threshold and low endurance. They have grown so much into the usual way of life, have become so greenhouse that minor changes in everyday life patterns can bring strong negative emotional experiences. The result is an inability to do the right thing, and of course, laziness comes to the rescue. Simple ways to expand your comfort zone, increase your pain threshold and endurance: running, swimming, martial arts, fitness, dancing, public speaking courses, etc.
  6. Put yourself in conditions where you cannot help but overcome laziness. This method is suitable for extreme sports. Set a goal, tell your friends about it and promise that if after a certain period of time the goal is not achieved, you will pay them money. Having thus created pressure in relation to yourself, you will have to overcome laziness and apathy.
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