How to become smarter: 21 powerful tips

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Although many believe that intelligence is limited by the innate abilities of a person, there are a number of ways to increase their mental capabilities and effectiveness in various fields of professional and other activities.

With sufficient motivation and determination, everyone can expand their mental abilities and become smarter.

Integrating new habits into your daily routine and doing the right thing can quickly improve your intelligence and provide you with inspiration to meet new challenges every day because the clarity, flexibility and effectiveness of your mind is an important key to all physical health.

How to become smarter

1. Soak up new information

To create a new neural pathway and to develop mental abilities, it is important to constantly involve in your life a new experience and new information. At first, this technique may seem not so effective, but in the end, you will definitely feel a surge of intellectual capacity.

Change activities, acquire new skills.

2. Visit new places

Regardless of whether this means reading a book in the new cafe, a new way to work or a trip to another country, change the usual places to stay healthy for the mind.

Initially, the benefits difficult to identify, because normally such changes seem pretty uncomfortable. In the cafe, you can order the usual dish because you have to learn a new menu, and maybe choose something that you’ve never tasted before.

And although these changes are fairly simple, people often prefer to use a familiar comfort. We like to know what life’s obstacles we can expect at any time.

When you are traveling to a new country, you notice that the language is incomprehensible, unfamiliar local traditions and culture is a strange rhythm of life.

Synchronization with the new location causes the mind to solve new and unexpected tasks. Learning ways to communicate despite the language barrier has an impact on the development of creative ways of expressing needs and emotions.

Listening to new music, trying new foods, and walking through foreign streets, you challenge the powers of your mind to adapt to new situations.

3. Continue training

Learning in adulthood is one of the best investments of time, money and energy that you can do to become smarter.

While education is considered more valuable in childhood and adolescence, adults often underestimate their ability to acquire new skills.

You can get another higher education, attending various training and seminars, pass the courses you are interested in.

The training provides an excellent opportunity for your brain to create new neural pathways and develop intelligence.

Learn a new foreign language. Thus you not only become smarter but also acquire useful skills.

4. Read and watch the news

Digesting new information is a good daily habit. Devoting half an hour every morning or evening reading the newspaper or watching the news, your mind will remain active.

5. Read books

Reading books is one of the most effective ways to develop intelligence.

Reading expands the vocabulary, teaches you how to build sentences correctly, and develops the skill of eloquence. However, this is only half the magic that reading possesses.

If you choose not only fiction but also non-fiction, then reading will be not only a pleasant pastime for you but also a source of useful knowledge that you can later put into practice.

Thus, reading is an alternative way to make your mind, using imagination, travel to different places, communicate with new people, and also acquire new knowledge.

6. A new approach to work

Whoever thinks that the workplace undoubtedly represents a platform for new experiences.

Regardless of who you work with, everyone has the opportunity to think outside the box, solve problems creatively and bring fresh ideas to the workflow.

Instead of emphasizing each new problem, it is important to relax and begin to develop alternatives to solve the tasks.

7. Believe in yourself

Just like a weightlifter who develops muscles, you need to train your mind daily, pushing it directly beyond your current capabilities.

As Albert Einstein once said: “You should not pursue goals that are easy to achieve. It’s worth aiming at what can be done with difficulty, with considerable effort. ”

With sufficient commitment and dedication, your mind’s abilities can truly surprise other people.

Underestimating yourself keeps you from success. When people begin to believe in their abilities, they often go beyond what they think is possible.

8. Brainstorming

Use collective intelligence to become smarter? Why not.

The brainstorming method is an operational method of solving a problem based on stimulating creative activity, in which discussion participants are invited to express as many possible solutions as possible, including the most fantastic ones.

Then, from the total number of ideas expressed, the most successful ones that can be used in practice are selected.

9. Ask a question and you will get a response

One of the most standard ways to solve problems is to ask why the problem has arisen and what is its solution. When asking a question, the mind tries to find the answer and, oddly enough, such an answer is usually found.

Instead of worrying about a problem, always start by asking why it appeared and how to solve it.

10. Discard technologies

Technology can work wonders in the modern world. Giving people huge opportunities, technical progress at the same time forcing humanity to experience technological dependence.

Try to go on a trip without a GPS, armed with a map. Learn to count without a calculator. Make your brain work for you.

11. Start drawing

You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate the benefits of drawing, which have been uniquely cultured brain activity.

Drawing supports the coordination of hands and eyes, as well as through the use of new and unfamiliar textures and colors that allows stimulating mental activity.

Artists often have a keen sense of awareness in relation to the surrounding reality. Drawing encourages people to notice the smallest details of the world. Focusing the mind thus gives a heightened state of alertness and awareness.

12. Learn to play a musical instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument perfectly contributes to the training of the mind. This improves the coordination of hands, eyes, concentration, and math skills.

In addition to the development of mental abilities, musical instruments make different areas of the brain work together as a single unit.

13. Writing

Use your writing skills to become smarter.

As well as reading, writing contributes to the growth of vocabulary, improves skills in the field of grammar and the correct use of syntax. Writing helps the brain store information more efficiently and helps improve memory.

Studies show that students who constantly write notes while studying, they pass better exams.

Writing texts makes a person turn to his memories, experiences and internal dialogues – a combination that necessarily contributes to the development of your mind.

14. Roleplay

Dress in unusual clothes (if you’re used to sportswear, wear a classic suit) and your mind will begin to adjust to help you think like a different person.

For those who are engaged in the development of creative ideas, role-playing can help turn the mind into a driving force that helps create unique solutions for complex tasks.

15. Teamwork

Interaction with other people helps to expand beyond your limited thinking, acquire new ideas and see things from a different perspective.

Sometimes people enjoy isolation because it protects them from negative attitudes from others because others criticize or challenge so often.

However, interaction with other people pushes a person beyond their own beliefs, which are not always the only ones true. If you believe that you have all the right answers, start collaborating with others to expand your perspectives.

Teamwork is necessary to enhance brain activity. Working as a team, you will be able to maximize the use of not only your own mental abilities but also touch the inner world of the people around you, while developing independently and also developing others.

16. Share information with others

Get in touch with relatives, friends, colleagues, and other people to share knowledge and experience.

Try to have many friends and create new friendships. Fresh faces and new ideas stimulate inspiration and creativity, providing an enhanced environment for the development of mental abilities.

By participating in the exchange of ideas, your brain begins to develop new approaches for creating and implementing innovative concepts.

17. Communicate with interesting people

Not a single person has the same life experience. Each of us interprets information uniquely, stores memories in different ways, and daily digests his own results of mental activity. This makes collaboration necessary to become smarter.

Although we are all inclined to think that our opinion is the most correct, receiving feedback from another person helps us to consider new solutions and new methods for both personal and professional issues.

Regardless of whether the conversation is focused on religion, finance, politics or nutrition trends, people should be good listeners.

The silence of your own thoughts, while the other person is speaking, often challenges, but the mind needs the discipline to remain effective.

18. Physical health

The body feeds the brain, so maintaining yourself in great physical shape is critical to working your mind at maximum speed. Lack of motivation and inspiration, as well as the presence of mental fatigue are often associated with the poor physical condition.

Studies show that people who exercise regularly have higher IQ scores.

In addition to keeping fit, people who exercise regularly stimulate brain cell growth. A process called neurogenesis occurs during exercise, which increases the production of neurotransmitters.

In addition, as a result of increased dopamine production, people reduce the negative effects of stress, improve concentration and gain energy.

Numerous studies have shown that active children are usually better at school and are more likely to continue their education after graduation.

Although sports may seem debilitating, the benefits of intense physical activity are very important for your future.

Regardless of whether you engage in one sport, for example, running, football or swimming, or periodically alternate them, all this will help maintain the optimal health of your brain.

19. Meditation

Control of one’s consciousness and the ability to calm mental activity are just as important as enhancing activity and developing intelligence.

Doctors have been studying the effects of meditation on the brain for many years, and the results are impressive.

People who struggle with fear, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses are advised to practice meditation to calm their minds and develop a sense of concentration.

20. Healthy eating

Children and adults interested in becoming smarter should start with proper nutrition.

Research conducted at Bristol University in England indicates a strong link between unhealthy diets and low levels of IQ in children.

To protect yourself from unhealthy trends, try to exclude fast food from your diet, as well as foods containing excess fat and carbohydrates, and start adding more vegetables, fruits and lean meat.

21. Your leisure

Get enough sleep because you need enough sleep to consolidate your new knowledge.

Have fun. Enjoying life is crucial in order to become smarter, as the emotions you receive will help keep the desire to learn and develop as a person.

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