How to win, achieve and conquer a girl: 18 Tips

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Conquer A Girl

If you are going to learn how to win, achieve and conquer a girl, to make her choice stop just for you, among the countless fans chasing her, read 18 proven steps that you can start using right now.

#1. Stop trying to find a girl purposefully

Oddly enough, the first step to winning a girl is to stop trying to keep such a goal in mind. Instead, just start chatting with the girls without demanding anything in return.

You will be surprised how much easier it will be for you if you stop being dependent on the result.

Most men will do their best to please the girl with the goal of being liked. However, guys who don’t care about how to impress a girl by any means look like a rose among the weeds.

Women also love when they are challenged, so if you are not afraid to demonstrate your intellect, do not seek out girls and can even disagree with them, you will automatically become attractive.

#2. Make her notice you

To conquer a girl, wear items of clothing and accessories that appeal to women. Who knows, maybe you should get the tattoo you always wanted.

Pumping your appearance will work wonders, attracting a new wave of female attention.

#3. Get ready

If you decide to find a girl, then before you go to a stranger, you should get rid of any excuses that could become an obstacle in your path. For example, you should not think that you will not be able to interest a girl, and indeed it is better not to think at the time of approach.

Such restrictions will not help you.

Here’s how you can change your negative attitudes with positive beliefs:
  1. “It is useless to talk to her, she will not interest me” = “I have to talk to her and amuse her because she looks sad.”
  2. “She is too good for me” = “I wonder if she is good enough to make me interested in talking to her.”

This will help you approach the girl with a positive attitude, and you, of course, will become an extremely attractive guy in her eyes.

#4. Approach the girl confidently

If you want to learn how to conquer a girl, be sure when you come up and communicate with her.

In addition, smile, be relaxed and wipe your stern eyes. Imagine that you are in a supermarket asking a store employee where the milk is.

When you start a conversation, make sure that your voice does not accept a high timbre. In this case, you will feel like you are a beggar who wants to beg for something. No one endures uncertain calls from strangers.

Instead, use a neutral or low-pitched voice. If you have a voice like Vin Diesel, then you are doing everything right.

When you talk to a girl, keep smiling, don’t get too close and don’t lean on her.

Keep eye contact and tell the girl why you decided to contact her.

The best way to do this is to use a sincere compliment. Though…

#5. Sincere compliment

To give a compliment to a girl, use the first trait that came to mind that attracted your attention.

Perhaps this is her pretty smile, dimples on her cheeks or chic locks of hair.

#6. Irony

Start sneering or teasing girls on a regular basis. This behavior will certainly help to achieve a girl.

If a girl says that she loves cats, you can say: “Wait … So you’re a cat woman? How many cats do you have? I hope not more than 9. ”

Her normal reaction will be laughter, which may be accompanied by a blow to your arm. Girls love cheerful relaxed guys.

This shows that you are not afraid of some confrontation. You are a relaxed guy, not a bored boy.

The ability to joke and tease will develop naturally when you hold your mind and stop all the time agreeing with girls to please them.

Always pay attention to the girl’s pleasant traits (“What an attractive look you have”), what she says (“Wow, how smart you are”) or what she does (“Wow, what an easy walk you have”) to indicate them and emphasize the personality of a girlfriend.

#7. During the conversation, focus on the girl

To conquer the girl, listen to her carefully and make the interlocutor the main topic of your conversation.

When the focus is on her, you leave much less room for mistakes on your part, plus this approach provides you with a lot of topics to continue the conversation, as well as the ability to engage in humor.

  1. “Why did you choose this place today? And, I know, you just saw me here! ”
  2. “What brings you to the park? Are you really jogging in your evening dress! ”
  3. “Speak in the mirror do you like to admire? Look next time don’t be blinded by your beauty. ”

If a girl becomes a communication center, she will think: “This guy is so fascinating.” Although in fact, most of the time she will talk about herself on her own.

#8. Get the girl’s phone number

When you feel that the conversation has reached its climax, apologize that you need to leave, and take the phone number from the girl. Without her number, you are unlikely to be able to conquer a girl.

Even if you are in a bar and do not plan to leave yet, but have a desire to join your friends, take the girl’s phone number at this very right moment.

If a girl starts to hesitate, leave a phone number or not, remove your phone from your pocket and say: “Call the number, I’m writing down.”

When you take a phone number, do not forget to make a control call to the girl in her presence, because nice ladies sometimes have a habit of giving completely different phone numbers.

#9. Invite the girl on a date

How to invite a girl on a date, read here.

Invite A Girl

#10. Where to invite a girl on a date

  1. You can find out where to go on a date with a girl by clicking on this link.
  2. Where you can have a romantic date, read here.

#11. Praise the girl

Women can spend hours choosing a dress, applying makeup and styling their hair on their first date. She does all this for you, so be sure to express your appreciation with a sincere compliment.

“Wow … you look amazing.”

#12. Topics of conversation to avoid

How to win a girl? To do this, avoid the following topics of conversation on a date at all costs, because they worsen the mood and inflame arguments instead of feelings.

  1. Talk about ex-girlfriends. If you are negative about your past relationships with girls, you will appear weak. You may sound as if you still miss your previous girlfriend. It is possible that if you start to remember past girls, your companion will think that in absentia he has already been transferred to the category of past.
  2. Talk about your money. Only mercantile women want to know how many cars, houses and money you have in your bank accounts. Worthy girls will see boasting in such conversations, which is a cheap way to fawn in front of them. Instead of money and property, tell about your plans and goals in life.
  3. Complaints about your work. Any talk about work is usually boring, and if you are still unhappy with your work … In fact, no one is interested. Anyway, complaining to a girl is strictly prohibited.
  4. Religion. Don’t touch on this topic, unless your goal is to become a monk and take a vow of celibacy.
  5. Politics. Touch the topic of politics only if you want to start a dispute with a girl and turn her away from you.

#13. Flirt with the girl physically

As soon as you stop being dependent on the result in communication with girls, you will become relaxed and begin to really have fun, as a result of which physical flirtation will manifest itself in a natural way.

If you are worried about the girl’s reaction to your touch, start with these preparatory steps:

  1. Remove the speck from her hair, but deliberately take her by the neck with the back of your hand.
  2. If you are sitting next to her, put your hand next to her nearest leg and touch the outside of her thigh with your little finger.
  3. Playfully hit her on the arm or push her away slightly when she teases you.

If her reaction is positive, you can increase the duration of the touch; if negative, pull away and try again later.

You will know that she enjoys physical contact when she begins to respond to you in return, for example, by leaning on your hand or grabbing it, playfully pushing you, etc. These are clear signs that you are attractive to her.

As soon as you gain confidence that the girl is flirting, it’s time to move on to the kiss.

#14. Kiss the girl

Signs that characterize that you will not be rejected when you try to kiss a girl:
  1. She plays with her hair when she talks to you.
  2. She keeps looking at your lips.
  3. She laughs at all your jokes (even if they are not funny).
  4. She leans toward you when you tell her something.

It is better if the kiss occurs when there is a short pause in the conversation, and at that moment you both look into each other’s eyes. You both are smiling, you are in close proximity to each other (perhaps even touching each other), and her eyes quickly jump from your eyes to your lips.

Even if the girl refuses to kiss you the first time, she will respect you for your courage, and your advance will most likely have an effect on the next attempt.

The classic mistake of many guys is to slow down after the first failure.

Surely the girl also wanted to kiss you, but she was not ready at that moment, i.e. you took her by surprise, or she is uncomfortable to kiss in public.

However, don’t think that there is any clarity after the first failed attempt.

Vacuum Kiss

#15. Don’t immediately appoint a second date

At the end of the first date, kiss the girl on the cheek and say: “It was fun tonight, we have to do it again somehow.”

Let the girl be in a state of excitement, not completely understanding what you meant by the word “somehow”.

Women, like men, need intrigue and the presence of interest, so you should not reveal all the cards at once, especially in the early stages of dating, otherwise, you will kill the thrill of having to win, and the girl will quickly lose interest.

#16. Maintain the intrigue between dates

To conquer a girl, don’t give yourself up with giblets and be a little inaccessible, forcing your girlfriend to think about you more often.

If you, like Chip and Dale, are always ready to help, your friend will conclude that nothing interesting is happening in your pathetic life except for Her. And why would she need such a man?

Although the girl may seem upset or angry with you, in reality, she wants to see a man who has his own business and interests.

Don’t answer questions directly, use humor: – “Hi. What are you doing?” – “Hi. I save the planet from destruction, and in between, I respond to your messages.”

The more you make a girl think about you, the more excited she will be when the second date takes place.

Expressing your emotional attachment to a girl in the early stages of a relationship is a sure way to end it.

Women disappear from a man’s life in the blink of an eye if they begin to feel that you are more emotionally attached to her than she is to you. Or in this case, they can start using you without running away.

The best way to show a girl how much you value her, without revealing your emotions or scaring her away, is to show your sexual interest in her.

  1. I miss you. I can’t stop thinking about how you looked in that black dress.
  2. I can’t stop thinking about you. Today in a traffic jam in front of me loomed the trunk of a Renault Megane, and it made me remember how gorgeous you looked from the back of last night.
  3. I want to see you again. I want to see some other gorgeous dress on you.

#17. Keep a healthy distance

When you start chatting with a girl you really like, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to establish control in a relationship.

You have deeper feelings for the girl and attachment begins to develop, so you want to spend more time with her.

You begin to worry about relationships and worry about their further development, becoming somewhat intrusive.

You are trying to find ways to control relationships and make plans for the future, hinting about your feelings for her. You might even ask how the girl treats you.

This behavior is not attractive to any woman, although it may seem that this is a completely natural way of behaving.

So what is the solution? It is very simple. To conquer a girl, keep a healthy distance.

When you spend time with a girl, you should focus on those pleasant moments that arise between you and have maximum pleasure, but don’t try to confirm or control anything.

Put yourself in the place of your chosen one: if you experience only joy and pleasure, don’t you want to repeat this?

However, if your other half is constantly nervous and trying to push you to spend more time together, this will lead to a feeling of guilt and a feeling that you are some kind of thing that you want to appropriate. But, as you know, guilt has no friends.

So just enjoy every moment of your relationship and focus on pleasant emotions, smiling at the girl when you are together.

Don’t try to establish total control and maintain a healthy distance. A girl is not your arm or leg, she is a different person.

After a few dates are already over, your status as a guy and a girl will arise naturally, so you should not talk about it or beg for it.

#18. One last

Once you understand that you are the main person in your life and stop putting other people on a pedestal of your own happiness, you will realize that you don’t need women to make your life full of joy and harmony.

It will become easier for you to start dating girls, and you will stop worrying about the consequences of possible failures.

You will begin to realize that winning a girl is not the most important thing in the world, but rather an added bonus to your already awesome life.

Women are attracted to men who believe in themselves, who know what they want, and don’t allow others to dictate their terms.

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