At Sprintally, we are sharing a few useful cooking tricks that will make your life easier and help you to love the kitchen.

1. A sharp knife is safer than a blunt one

A sharp knife is a safe knife. It is impossible not to be circumcised, working in the kitchen. But rather a dull knife slips off the crust or veins, twitches in the hand and cause more ragged and painful wound. The edge of the knife must be sharp and without nicks.

2. When cooking pasta it is not necessary to add oil to water

When the pasta into the boiling water, the outer layer becomes sticky due to gelatinization of starch. Oil on the water surface that will not stop. Reliable output — stir several times the first 2-3 minutes of cooking.


3. What to do so that the paste does not stick together?

Pasta won’t stick if it is previously soaked in cold water. Minimum until the water begins to boil. During this time the starch is washed away from the surface. Maximum of two hours. Instead of water, you can use broth or even gravy. Pasta will be cooked in 3 minutes and be perfect.

4. How to soften the meat?

To soften the meat, breaking it with a hammer. And smarter — with the help of pineapple, papaya, kiwi or Figleaves. These plants contain enzymes that cleave proteins, including veins. It is possible to sustain meat in the fruit puree or buy purified enzymes. The main thing — do not overdo it.

soften the meat

5. Do not wash meat and chicken

The chicken meat and wash is useless and harmful. The fabric of the meat swells from moisture, and this prevents the formation of a delicious crust on the grill. Dirty meat is better just not to buy. And washing the chicken half a meter around fly sprays that can contain dangerous bacteria.

6. Meat and fish for tartare and sushi is best used frozen

First, it allows to get rid of possible parasites, that is, to freeze the product before eating it raw, must. Secondly, frozen meat is easier to cut perfect slices.

Meat and fish

7. How to cook perfect soft-boiled eggs?

Take an egg at room temperature, to pierce with an awl in the blunt end of the hole and cook in a steamer under the lid for 7 minutes. Put in ice water to break the shell with a spoon and clean under running water. To cook hard-boiled, cook the same, but 12-13 minutes.

8. Mushrooms are better not to wash

The body of the fungus strongly absorbs water, and if they are to be fried, it could spoil the whole dish. It is better to clean the knife and stiff brush from foreign particles and let them drain well for half an hour in the air, then fry in small portions in a hot pan.


9. But you need to wash bananas

They came from far away.

10. How to make a melted cheese sandwich?

Tasty Burger with melted cheese requires skill. On toast, spread the filling and cover with cheese. Cheese to spare. To turn on the hot Teflon pan cheese and press down. The cheese immediately melted, it will have a delicious crust. Ready. Remove with a spatula onto a plate.

melted cheese sandwich

11. Always soak the cereal

Soak cereal and can properly. Starch grains swell, and grits cook faster. If you soak the Arborio rice for 3 hours, drain the water, you can make risotto out of it in literally 7-8 minutes. Basmati is more lengthened on a few, and the barley will be tender and flavorful.

12. How to whip egg whites?

The whites will beat faster and higher if you add a pinch of tartaric or citric acid. The meringue will turn out more uniform and whiter. The foam will stay longer if the acid is not added. And salt, if you have the prescription, it is necessary to add at the very end of whipping.

shake squirrels

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