How to interest a girl: 15 Amazing tips

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How to interest a girl: All men want to be attractive to women. But most guys fail and may lose all hope of ever becoming successful in gender relations. Want to be the man women love? Then take on board a guide on how to interest a girl.

The secret to understanding male attractiveness is quite simple and definitely achievable.

Most men already know what it takes to become attractive to women, but somewhere in the middle, they either go astray or simply don’t bother with the effort to make a difference.

In the end, it’s easier to relax at home in training while drinking beer than to spend time in the gym or work on your communication skills.

But this is really important if you want to understand how to interest a girl because as a result, you will learn to be attractive to the rest of the world.

It can be quite difficult for a woman to impress at first sight when you did not say a word to her. But if you can still get her attention without even talking to her, you are definitely capable of influencing other people around you.

With this ability, you will have more close friends, a better job, and life itself will become more beautiful.

How to interest a girl

1. Take care of your appearance

Women are attracted to tidy and well-groomed men, so self-care should be the number one on your list.

Today on the market there are excellent products to improve men’s appearance, including skincare products, hair products, perfume brands and much more.

Try these tools if you want to pump your appearance. Improve your skin, get rid of excess body hair, make a good haircut.

Basic elements of good care, such as showering, clean clothes and shoes, should be every day.

2. Watch your physique

Physical activity is very important for a man.

If you are the owner of a beer belly, then why did you get the idea that you would be interested in a girl of model appearance?

Go to the gym and take as an example the physique of Brad Pitt in the movie “Fight Club” or Gerard Butler in “300 Spartans”.

Keep in mind that looking like a miniature Hulk is not something to strive for. Muscle mountain and male attractiveness are not synonyms.

If you are so pumped up that you cannot reach the toilet paper in the restroom, it’s time to calm down and become human again.

Beautiful women want the same man next to them. Appearance is certainly not the main thing, but why stumble out of the blue. And besides, you yourself will really like to look good.

3. Dress stylishly

How to interest a girl? Dress like a wealthy and stylish man.

Don’t become like a person who makes ends meet in his life and desperately needs success.

You don’t need to be rich to dress stylishly. Stores are filled with clothing at affordable prices to help you look great.

Try to keep abreast of fashion, but buy a thing only if you feel comfortable and confident in it. If the garment looks good on the mannequin, but not on you, you should not make a purchase.

In the end, suitable new clothes make us happy.

4. Correct posture

Good appearance will undoubtedly help to interest the girl, but the presence of uncertain poses in your behavior will ruin the plan to attract a beautiful woman.

Right and wrong posture make the difference between a confident, attractive guy and a boring loser.

This is one of the most underestimated elements in understanding how to interest a girl.

For best results, spend some time in front of the mirror and work on your posture.

Learn to stand upright while still staying relaxed.

Look at superstars, models, confident people and learn from their experience. Are they slouching like losers, or do they radiate confidence and masculinity thanks to the proper positioning of their body?

5. Improve your communication skills

Learn to speak in the process of meeting a girl so that in your presence she feels comfortable.

Never try to put a girl in her place or make her feel out of place.

Learning to speak beautifully and be able to select the right words at the right time is brilliant quality, but this is not the most important thing.

Your intonation and the way you talk to a girl is more important than the words you pronounce.

In fact, the most important thing is not even the manner of communication, but how you see yourself, what you think about yourself, how confident you are. Your attitude to yourself should be sincere and genuine, otherwise, it will turn out more like a parody than effective communication.

And yet, if the speech is given to you smoothly and easily, and the words are born in your mouth at ease as if on a machine, it will be easier for you to interest the girl.

Read aloud newspapers or magazines for 20 minutes every day and work on your intonation. A month or so, and you can surprise yourself.

6. Exercise mind and wit

Women are very interested in men who have an extraordinary mind and are also able to show off wit.

Such men will always have an advantage because they allow women to spend time fun and interesting.

Remember that there is no better moment to show your sense of humor than at the beginning of communication. Smiling at an early stage of communication, the girl will be able to relax and feel comfortable in a conversation with you.

If you manage to make the girl laugh, make her interested in your company, she will have associations between you and pleasant emotions.

Don’t talk to the girl as if you are interviewing her. Boring communication kills attractiveness.

Instead of asking uninteresting questions, such as “Where are you from?”, Ask the girl “In the city where you come from, you are probably the most beautiful. By the way, what is it called? ”

Show your sense of humor, add light-heartedness to your conversation and flirt with a girl.

7. Confidence

If you want to understand how to interest a girl without even making much effort, you definitely need to become confident.

If you sincerely believe that you can make a woman enjoy your company and have a good time, in this case, there is a high probability that she will want to become your companion, even if you just exchanged a glance with her.

At each party, almost all women will evaluate you and decide whether they want to enter into communication with you, even before you approach them to get to know each other.

A confident man expresses himself to the people around him in a simple, calm manner. He is not too worried about what they might think of him.

Confidence is hard to fake. Therefore, before you become confident, you will have to work on yourself.

Pay attention to your body language. Confident people correctly position themselves and have the correct posture.

Don’t move too fast, go smoothly, keeping your head straight. When you sit down, your hands should not be clasped.

When a confident man sits, he leans back, looks relaxed and takes up all the space he needs, while the uncertain man is afraid to settle down as he will be comfortable, and his focus is occupied by other members of the stronger sex: “And how many of them are here, besides me? “,” And what do they think of me? “,” And how do I behave correctly? “.

A confident man is not afraid of physical contact and always looks people directly in the eye. He doesn’t mutter to himself under his breath, speaks leisurely and clearly sets out his thoughts.

Therefore, if you really want to know how to interest a girl, become confident and begin to radiate an aura of happiness and positivity.

8. Know your worth

Self-esteem involves confidence in oneself, in one’s beliefs and one’s opinion.

You should not care what others think of you, because such thoughts distract you from how to interest the girl.

Strong, dominant people do not shy away from disputes, don’t act as compromisers and are able to put everything in its place if the situation that has arisen can have a negative impact on them. This approach should also be used when dealing with women.

If you feel that the girl is manipulating you, you should not waste your time figuring out the reasons, but you just need to move on to talking with another stranger.

You are strongly advised to live by your own rules, and it is strictly forbidden to obey even the most beautiful woman.

It is the girl who has become part of your circle of communication that must obey your laws. She should not be allowed to try to change your behavior.

Live in accordance with your goals and values and do not agree to compromise them for the sake of other people.

Know your worth, become the main person in your life, and the people around you will surely imbue with respect for you.

Women love men who respect themselves!

Conscious adoption of male decisions should not have points of contact with attractiveness and love. Separate your feelings and your activities, whether it is work, business or physical activity.

If you want to interest a girl, even if you want to see her every day, do not stick these thoughts out for show. First of all, airplanes …

Some ignoring a woman will make her want you even more, and you yourself probably already know what impulse this will give to your self-esteem.

Learn to love yourself, and people themselves will be drawn to you. You will find that women come into your life in a completely natural way, as a by-product of your positive attitude towards yourself.

9. Decision

A confident man knows that it is he who must take the first step when meeting a girl.

When it comes to achieving goals, a man is not afraid to do what he should, is not afraid of slanting looks or refusals.

Instead of letting the world influence him, he influences the reality surrounding him.

Don’t be afraid to be persistent in making and implementing your decisions.

Girls love guys who are determined and not afraid to take the lead.

Decision making is an essential component of life and a way to demonstrate your self-confidence.

The next time you decide to invite a girl on a date, do not ask her where she would like to go. Take the initiative and determine your own place for a date.

At the same time, don’t forget to be gallant when caring for a girl.

10. Sexuality

Make sexuality your second essence.

Don’t wait for permission to behave sexually with a girl, because it is absolutely natural, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s about flirting or “accidentally” touching your girlfriend’s back.

Start small, for example, put your hand on the girl’s waist. Such a gesture is not offensive and should not cause discomfort.

Just relax, flirt and touch the girl, observing the framework of the rational.

11. Self-development

Perhaps you are critical of your appearance, being overweight, or you are tired of unsuccessful attempts to seduce women. But to interest a girl, the gloom and thinking of a loser will certainly not help you.

Women’s success has little to do with external circumstances. Work on self-improvement and personal development – these are the foundations on which the future of a successful man is built.

The time and attention that you must spend on other people is limited and therefore has value. This means that you can’t do the waste of your time.

When you have goals that go beyond relationships with women, you become more interesting and desirable.

Computer games, watching TV and performing actions that are exclusively within your comfort zone will not change you for the better.

You can become better only by challenging yourself, trying new things and getting a result that at first may not have a positive color.

When was the last time you did something exciting?

The life of a man is an eternal battle, another victory and discovery. So go to unexplored places, try new hobbies and acquire new skills.

Don’t forget to read books, because reading not only promotes personal growth and raising the level of education but also enriches your vocabulary and improves you in the field of communication.

Women love men with unique experiences because they are able to give thrills and countless emotions. And this has nothing to do with attractive looks or money.

12. Unpredictability

Women love unpredictable men, so don’t forget to add fuel to your relationship of adventure and spontaneity.

Excite the girl’s feelings with unexpected dates, gifts and phone calls.

If she’s used to using phone calls as date invitations, send flowers instead with a note or, when she suddenly appears, invite her in person.

Come up with new dating ideas. Getting out of town from time to time is what you need.

If your relationship is actively developing, organize an unexpected party.

In addition, your spontaneity should be manifested not only in the attention of the girl but also in all of your behavior: a sense of humor, charisma, which can sometimes be replaced by serious reasoning or a sad mood.

You should always be one step ahead, which means you should be independent and unpredictable.

Don’t say or promise too much, but sometimes do more than is expected of you if this does not go against your interests.

13. Don’t be dependent on the result

How to interest a girl? Do not be addicted to the end result.

That is, don’t get hung up on whether the communication with the girl will be pleasant and effective, whether you take her phone number, whether she agrees to go on a date, etc.

Just enjoy the communication process and focus on having fun.

If you don’t set as your goal to receive something in return from your interaction with women, it will not be difficult for you to be confident, cheerful, open and attractive.

The best way to achieve this approach is to get rich experience in communication and flirting with girls.

Talk to at least three women a day and practice the methods mentioned in this and other articles.

The more experience you get, the less you will care how much your communication with girls will go smoothly and successfully.

14. Intrigue

What is the main cause of interest? Of course, intrigue, understatement, the trailer of the unknown, a fragment of an unsolved puzzle, all of these mysterious elements must relate to the personality of the girl.

For any person, without exception, the most interesting information is the one that is directly related to him.

In addition, each of you has repeatedly noticed that if you start to say something, and then break the story, abruptly moving to a new topic, inserting “Yes, it doesn’t matter …”, your interlocutor will be very interested to know the ending of the plot of your story.

Therefore, if at a party you go up to a girl, have a few phrases with her, and then say “I think I know your little secret …”, then you’ll leave to have fun with other people, who do you think will stare at you all the time, maybe without even trying to hide your interest?

If you meet a girl and exchange phone numbers, instead of calling her, you can stir up female interest by writing the message “I think I know something about you …” To the question “So what?” you can answer “This is not a telephone conversation. Come on about this when you meet Friday night. ”

Even if at the time of meeting the girl it was comfortable, fun and interesting, after a couple of days her emotions may well subside, especially if she has other fans.

Therefore, if you interest a girl with the help of an innocent intrigue, you will make her constantly think about you, scrolling through head various options for the information that might be in your treacherous hands “After meeting you, I met one of our mutual acquaintances, and he told me something about you…”

15. The position of an unusual man

How to interest a girl? Become an unusual man. Know what you want, pursue your goals and enjoy the process.

Recall that the officially unrecognized current form of European society is a matriarchy.

In the vast majority of cases, it is not the man who chooses the woman, but the woman who allows him to choose his own.

From early childhood, boys are prepared to cater to women: “Girls should not be offended”, “A man should”, “Women are weak and they need help”, “Women have a hard time living”.

It’s really not worth it to beat women, but if inadequate mademoiselle deliberately moistened your face with wine from your glass, then why not do a good deed and pour water on her head with the same wine, just straight from the bottle?

A man is the same person as everyone, and he doesn’t owe anything to anyone if his duties are not spelled out in his job description. And even more so, he doesn’t owe anything to foreign women.

The fact that nominally women are physically weaker than men is a fact. But is there really a gladiatorial fight of men against women somewhere? Then why spread the myth that makes no sense to the masses? The goal is obvious – the manipulation of male behavior.

Women are not confident in themselves, it is difficult for them, they give birth to children, they have menstruation. Well, more than 95% of men experience fear when meeting women; often they are involved in the professional field, where the woman most likely will not go: armed conflicts, hot spots, construction sites, mining works, etc .; every day they have to shave; in young years, more than once, they often unwittingly take part in fights; think more often with your head, lead crowds of people, study and change the world – to a greater extent, the lot of men.

But it is useless to say who is better and who is worse, this is stupid because the importance of men and women is the same.

It’s just that in modern American society a man is often reminded that he is a slave to the system and a supporter of female Wishlist. This in veiled form often sounds in the media, according to women and, sometimes, on the assurances of other men.

What does this lead to? Around almost every woman, a certain number of deer are spinning – men who pretend to have sex with this young lady.

Men behave as they were raised. They try to earn favor, to be good boys, give flowers, buy cocktails, run after women and try to please them in every possible way.

As a result, those who prove to be the most active, the most intelligent, wealthy, healthy, beautiful, tall, young and obedient, having defended the time in line, will receive a flyer for a love party for their perseverance.

From the outside, this approach resembles a woman’s choice of a car before buying it at a car dealership. This SUV is higher, and the one is longer. This one has a richer interior, this one is faster, and the one has better cross-country ability.

But the most interesting thing begins when a woman, having gone shopping for a huge monster, meets Lamborghini on her way. At this moment, real miracles happen.

Lamborghini is no higher and no longer than other applicants. You can’t ride such a car on many roads, and driving around the city can become tiring.

Undoubtedly, during overclocking, Lamborghini will give odds to any SUV, but that’s not even the point. Lamborghini is something completely different. Yes, this car also has four wheels, but it’s not an SUV, it’s a completely different class, which cannot but attract attention.

Therefore, when a man appears on the way of a woman who behaves differently than most others, he doesn’t have to stand in line and please the woman, because he is unusual, and the woman feels it.

Man’s happiness is called “I want to.” The woman’s happiness is called “He wants”.

Friedrich Nietzsche

These words of Nietzsche are the basis in understanding the essence of “correct” male behavior. A man is for his own purposes, and a woman is for him.

And it’s not that a man is cooler than a woman. It’s just that a woman receives the greatest pleasure not from the fact that a man can give her anything, but when she wants to give herself to him as a whole and without a trace. But only to the corresponding man.

The position of unusual man:

  • They knows what they wants, and, first of all, pursues their goals.
  • They don’t get hung up on unrequited love.
  • They never asks a girl after sex if she liked it.
  • They don’t invest in relationships more than women.
  • If a woman does not invest in relationships, all her other qualities, such as beauty or mind, have zero significance for him.
  • They can have many girls, including thanks to the existing seduction skills. But even if they have only one woman, this is because they themself decided so, and not because they don’t know how to do it differently.
  • They feels women and knows what they really need, no matter what they say.

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