How to take care of a girl: 11 Amazing tips

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take care of a girl
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How to take care of a girl? Girls are very reverent and sensitive to courtship by men. They are very fond of showing attention to their own person.

Of course, you can do without courtship for a girl, especially if you know her for three seconds or don’t make serious plans for a new girlfriend.

But if you want to develop a long-term relationship with a worthy girl, it makes sense to roll up the romantic sleeves of your masculine essence and press the trigger of the courtship.

At this stage of the relationship, you and the girl collect information about each other, a kind of test, are you compatible with each other.

Courting is fun, so we exclude a serious look, a frown, and go.

How to take care of a girl

date with a girl

1. Know your worth

A person who knows his value, knows who he is and what he wants from life, is incredibly attractive. In general, before you try to build a relationship with a girl, you need to know what you want from life and the relationship itself.

Moreover, if you are unhappy with who you are, such a thought can cause uncertainty in the process of your acquaintance with the girls, the presence of the feeling that you are not worthy of a better girl.

2. Look good

Girls love guys who look and smell good.

Therefore, in the process of courtship, there is nothing to lose points of female interest from scratch.

You must be attractive and able to make a good impression on the girl with your appearance. In this connection, get out of your head an idea, for example, to meet a girl after visiting the gym.

3. Gifts, flowers and sweets will not become an unnecessary attribute

Girls love surprises and gifts. This is one of the reasons why they want to be the subject of attention. Therefore, you can send flowers, sweets or anything else to the girl that will make her smile.

If you are just starting a conversation with a specific girl, it is better to save the recommendations from this paragraph for later.

4. Tell her that she is irresistible

Girls love to dress beautifully and look spectacular using a variety of tools, in addition to their natural beauty, such as cosmetics and various accessories.

And although they look great with all these jewelry, make it clear to the girl that she is beautiful even without them.

5. Introduce her to your friends

The girl, most likely, will never ask you to do this, but she will genuinely desire to become a part of your environment by meeting people with whom you maintain friendly relations.

In addition, by arranging a meeting with your friends, you will let her feel special. So spend the weekend with her and your friends and do not forget to be with the girl until she feels at ease.

6. Take the initiative and make decisions

Girls like guys who show initiative are able to make decisions, demonstrate their authority and leadership.

Plan dates on your own and doesn’t let the responsibility shift onto women’s shoulders.

When the girl wants, she will definitely make some suggestions, but if this moment has not come, take the initiative.

7. Cheer the girl

Make her feel that you can always make her smile. Do stupid and crazy things with the girl.

8. Listen to everything she tells you

Show interest in what the girl tells you, even when it comes to the upcoming fashion show. Show her that you are the one with whom your girlfriend can talk about everything in the world.

9. Kiss her forehead

Most girls treat this kiss more sentimentally than a kiss on the lips or cheek. This kiss really captivates and falls in love with a girl.

10. Hold her hand

Hold the girl’s hand when you walk along the street, in a park or shopping center. This will make her feel safe with you.

11. Follow the rules of etiquette

  1. On the street, you should go to the left of the girl.
  2. Don’t smoke in the presence of a girl without her permission.
  3. When entering and leaving the room, you should open the door and let the girl go forward.
  4. Going down the stairs, you need to go one or two steps in front of the girl, and going up – one or two steps behind.
  5. You are the first to enter the elevator, and the girl must leave the elevator first.
  6. Don’t forget to open the car door for the girl, helping her to sit in the front seat or get out of the passenger compartment. If both of you are passengers of a taxi, you must ride together in the back seat, with the girl sitting first.
  7. Entering the room, you should help the girl take off her outer clothing, and at the exit, you should give her clothes.
  8. In society, including in public transport, it is customary not to sit down if the girl is standing.
  9. To be late for a date with a man is strictly prohibited.
  10. Any woman, regardless of age, should be helped to carry large items and large bags.
  11. During a conversation, you should not fold your arms over your chest, keep them in your pockets, or twist any objects in your hands.

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