How to have a date with a girl

date with a girl

Hello, dear reader. Surely you need to know how to have a date with a girl, as well as how to communicate with a girl on a date so that your relationship continues after the meeting.

To be honest, you have already taken the most important steps for a long time, the time has come for control action. Getting to know a girl and asking for a date are the most difficult stages in the process of developing a relationship with a girl, even though time resources will be spent more on a date with a girl.

The essence of a date with a girl is to achieve the following goals

  1. Get to know each other better as a result of communication.
  2. Locate the girl for you.
  3. Gain confidence from the girl.
  4. End date with at least a kiss on the lips.

How to behave on a date with a girl

  1. Don’t be afraid. If the girl agreed to meet with you, it means she’s interesting. Believe me, the decision will be between you, relationship or not, it made a girl 99%. It remains to develop the level of trust to show that you are a normal guy, and it’s done. Better think about it: if you wanted a relationship with this person.
  2. 99 % is not 100 %. Until you have slept with a girl, do not consider her yours. The dating may end with a breakup, so don’t get ahead of yourself.
  3. A normal guy is not a “dear friend”. You don’t slobber and not a sissy. If a girl begins to overestimate her significance and engage in manipulation, change the situation in her favor. “You know, I’ll be half an hour late.” – “Well, I’ll just have time to solve one thing.”
  4. She is worried too. If you think that a girl is a snow queen with an ice heart, you are deeply mistaken. Women, by their nature, are fearful creatures, so she is also in a state of excitement.
  5. Don’t be dependent on the result. Don’t try to control the date, let go of the situation, and whatever happens. Let everything develop by itself. Even if something goes wrong, it should not matter to you. If the date is unsuccessful, it is unimportant.
  6. Take the initiative. Decide for yourself where you will meet the girl. If you went with a girl to a cafe, you should not consult with her what table you should sit at. I looked around, saw a suitable place and sat my friend down. A woman does not like to make decisions and bear responsibility, she will wait for action from you or another, if you can not. Never ask a girl, for example, “Can I invite you to dance,” “Can I kiss you,” etc. Just dance and kiss.
  7. Don’t create unnecessary barriers. If you sat down at a table with a girl, don’t sit opposite each other, you should sit next to her. If there is a desire to take by the hand, take it without hesitation.
  8. Observe the rules of etiquette. Be sure to give the girl a hand when leaving the transport, open the door at the entrance to the room and help to remove outer clothing, pull out a chair when she sits down at the table. Don’t let yourself to carry on long conversations on the phone during the date as well as to engage in long conversations with friends, which can meet.

If you are wondering how to have a date with a girl, then you should use kinesthetics from the very beginning of the date, that will touch your new girlfriend. Take the girl by the arm or hands, hug her, put your hand on her waist. When meeting, kiss the girl on the cheek.

Such behavior is natural for a self-confident man, and the faster you start to touch a girl, the sooner she will get used to it and will treat you as a close person, and not an unfamiliar guy.

Even if a girl tries to resist your loose hands, it’s just her automatic reaction in the style of “I’m not liking it”, and in principle, it is rather good than bad. A little time will pass, and she will miss your touch.

What to give a girl on a first date

Remember once and for all: on the first date, never give anything to anyone, because it is pointless. You don’t even need to give flowers to a girl on a date.

I once talked with a girl (nothing excessively serious, except for intimacy), who turned out to be my guest after a meeting with guys, and she could come to me with an armful of roses. As you can see, I skimmed the cream, and they gave flowers.

If a girl begins to hint that you bought something for her, but rather a lot of things, tell her that according to your beliefs for a worthy girl, the fact that a man is a sponsor is an insult. And even if she can survive it, then concerning women to whom you have deep respect, you will not act in this way.

In this case, you will add points of your personality in her eyes, while thinking about it, why do you even need such a mercantile mademoiselle?

What to talk about with a girl on a date

What to talk about with a girl is not very important, the most important thing is to speak and not be silent. You will not have to learn to talk about anything. However, keep in mind that for any person, and even more so for a woman, the most interesting topic for communication is the girl herself and everything connected with her.

What to say to a girl on a date? Yes anything
  1. How did her day go?
  2. How was your day?
  3. What did you eat for lunch?
  4. Ask about study or work. Just do not go deep into the principles of atom-splitting if you find out that she is a physicist.
  5. Talk to her about the stars, like those in heaven and those that you see on TV. This topic is interesting for girls.
  6. Ask about what girl likes: music, movies, food, places to stay, last time resting on the sea and how she was interested.
  7. Tell about yourself, only without pathos. Tell interesting stories from your life, compliment them with irony and humor.
  8. Ask and talk about relatives and friends, and do it outside the context of money and income.
  9. Childhood. Great topic to talk about. What girl was in childhood? And what did you do in childhood?
  10. What animal impresses the girl, and if she had to become an animal, who would she want to be?
  11. Does the girl believe in fate, or is she convinced that we are the creators of our fate?
  12. Is the girl an early bird or an owl?
  13. Where she was born?
  14. What season does the girl prefer?
  15. What kind of sport does the girl like?
  16. Ask what zodiac sign the girl belongs to. By the way, study the signs of the zodiac is a cool theme.

A very important point during a conversation with a girl: speak emotionally and with a spark in your eyes. Throw out an extinct look and monotonous speech in the trash. The way you talk is much more important than what you want to talk about.

Learn to be interested in people. People are one of the most interesting objects to study. When people begin to be of interest to you (in this case, we do not mean sexual attraction), you can talk to them about any topic.

Read books. Reading is one of the most powerful sources of developing the ability to speak a lot on different topics.

Each person has personal problems, and meeting with you is for the girl a semblance of a lifeline in this cruel maelstrom of life, a way to get away from all the unpleasant things that she encounters daily. For a girl, you are both a reader, and a reaper, and a dude, so you should not talk to a girl about serious topics.

If the girl is interested in serious topics, why not, but don’t forget to smooth everything out with humor. And still remember: to conduct a date correctly, you don’t need to ask girls questions that are completely inappropriate.

What is better not to start a conversation with a girl on a date
  1. Nasty jokes. Leave this kind of talk to your former classmates.
  2. The flaws of the girl. Each person has flaws, but this topic is not subject to discussion, because it is unpleasant for any person.
  3. Politics. If you don’t want your companion to fall asleep right on the go, forget about this topic, unless of course, you came to a meeting with Angela Merkel.
  4. In what you’re the best. Tell about yourself, but don’t exaggerate your merits.
  5. How much do you earn? Your monthly millions of incomes or the meager scholarship of a poor student should not be the topic of your communication. Never tell a woman how much you earn and don’t ask about her income also.
  6. A topic that is unpleasant for a girl. If a girl doesn’t want to talk about a topic you’ve started, which she will tell you about, immediately switch to talking about her favorite films.
  7. About the past. Do you want to know about the man who once kissed your girlfriend? Believe me, the girl you invited on a date is not interesting to hear about your exploits in the field of seduction.
  8. About your problems. I hope you are not a whiner … That’s right, solve your problems yourself.
  9. Don’t argue with the girl. She is convinced that it does not correspond to reality, and does not want to clear the mind of the veil of self-deception? You should be deep in one place about this.

How girls behave on a first date

On the first date, the girl will sincerely want to see in you a spark that can ignite a fire in her soul. You just don’t think that this is something supernatural. You must be versatile: confident and independent, and at the right moments soft and condescending; cheerful and sociable, but you are not alien to talk about serious topics.

You have everything you need in you. To feel like a holistic, independent and self-sufficient person, you don’t need honors, titles, and money. With an abundance of all of the above, you can continue to remain a gray man, but becoming a man with a core inside, material wealth will come into your life, it is only a matter of time. And women feel it.

The girl will go where you call. She will agree to what you propose. The girl will do what you want if you are an interesting conversationalist, but don’t be stupid. Don’t forget to touch the girl and let her know that she is attracted to you as a woman because just interesting interlocutors can easily become “friends”. Nevertheless, the category of “confident and cheerful guy” is always held in high esteem by girls.

A girl will be a girl but don’t forget that you are testing her. Why do you need a mercantile fool for whom, in addition to sexual demand, there are only two other interesting topics in life: she and money. Drive her in the neck and don’t worry.

Don’t crouch in front of a girl and do everything possible to please her. You are a wonderful conversationalist, a cheerful and sociable guy not for her, but because you are. Don’t overwhelm the importance of the girl because you are the most important value in your life.

How to kiss a girl on a date


Most importantly, never ask the girl “Can I kiss you?”. If you have experience in seducing girls, then you already know how to catch the moment when you need to engage a kiss. In words, this can be expressed as follows: your very interesting conversation ended, and your views met. You sincerely smile, and you feel that together you feel good. Well then, get started.

If you don’t want to bother much, take the girl to the house and reward you with a kiss for a wonderful time. A kiss on the lips on the first date is absolutely natural and, most often, even necessary.

As you can see, a date with a girl is not so difficult. And if more true, then it is absolutely simple, pleasant and fun. Good luck, you will succeed!

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