How to spend new year holidays with health benefits?


This year, the New Year holidays will again last many days, so many have a question: how to spend the winter holidays with health benefits? Of course, you can try to buy an inexpensive ticket and go on New Year holidays to warm countries, or on the contrary, where you can do winter sports and enjoy the pure winter nature. Not bad to go to Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the Maldives or Israel – you can swim and sunbathe there when we have winter, cold and snow.

Active recreation in the Alps or Northern Finland is preferred by many of our compatriots, even beginner skiers: this is the highest peak of the ski season.

By the way, you can go to Finland to have a rest not only with your family but also with a group of best friends. It is very convenient – where you can rent a cottage at a low price and stay in it all together with comfort. Comfort and low prices are in other places: for example in the Czech Republic, in the Baltic States, in Turkey or Egypt.

Well, if after all the New Year holidays abroad, not even very expensive, does not fit into your family budget – what then? How to organize your vacation? And what do we imagine when we talk about rest?

And today, in anticipation of the upcoming winter New Year holidays, we will talk with you about how best to spend time with health benefits.

new year holidays

Unfortunately, on New Year’s holidays, most of us rest by lying on the couch, eating all the goodies, and watching holiday television. Does our organism rest, our nervous system, exhausted by the bustle and long series of working days? Hardly. Such a “rest” will only worsen the state of health and mood, and after the holidays the depression will not slow down.

The holidays with the benefit

What to do and how to spend the New Year winter holidays with benefits for the health of his and his family? First of all, you need to cancel lying on the couch, gluttony, and dullness in front of the TV. Start moving more, do not overeat, and try to spend most of the day on the air – at least when the weather allows.

Of course, for many this can cause rejection: after all, they were waiting for a holiday, so that at last they could sleep off, relax and quietly watch their favorite TV programs! And now, to spend this rare opportunity for some walks, to go somewhere – why? After all, the work is not necessary …

And what do experts think of this? Most of them are sure that the best way to spend the winter New Year holidays is an active outdoor recreation. If at least one hour to walk through the woods on skis, then the body will rest and relax much better than during the whole day of “rest” on the couch. This will be true even if you are very tired and want only one thing – to lie down and not move. Both psychologists and doctors are sure that just one hour of walking in the coniferous forest will be of great benefit to your body.

At the same time, the option of relaxing on the couch in front of the TV will load our already overloaded psyche even more. Emotionally, psychologically and physically, you can relax only in the open air, in nature. So do not kill the precious time – let’s spend the New Year holidays with maximum benefit!

The holidays with benefit

Active rest

Of course, right after the New Year’s meeting, on January 1, it is unlikely that most of us will be able to go for a walk in the woods, but in the following days, it is quite possible to organize an active holiday. The simplest is to go to the skating rink, but this is more suitable for those who have their own skates.

Renting skates on New Year’s holidays is almost unreal, so you should think of other ways to have fun and relax.

Another simple option is to get together with family or friends and go to the nearest forest. If you don’t have a car, then you can take a train too: in most regions of our country, there is enough forest. Of course, not everywhere there are recreation centers, but an independent hike has its advantages: you can rest easy with your company and choose any place you like.

Be sure to take with you to the forest all that is necessary for fun winter fun: sledding, skiing, and of course, a video camera. Believe that for many more months you will be in a good mood every time you will see these truly unique frames with your whole family!

By the way, for sports entertainment in the forest, wide skis — forest ones — are more suitable. Of course, they can not rush to the breeze, but it is very convenient to move on them in deep and untouched snow.

For those who like to ride with the wind, there are other, more mastered options – where many people ride. On the slopes of hills, hills and hills, both experienced athletes and beginners can ride. You can also ride sledges and other simple sports equipment.

Those who still decided to get to the recreation center are advised to take with them enough money to safely pay for the rental of equipment or use of the lift.

At the recreation center is hardly worth taking the animals. In the forest, the dog will feel free, but on the ski base, it may get injured, and even cause injury itself if a skier quickly slips along the slope of a hill.

If during the winter New Year holidays you plan and conduct several such attacks in the winter forest, then the feeling of complete rest and a holiday will remain with you for a long time. After all, you can ride, play snowballs, enjoy winter games, and just wallow in the snow, and then drink hot tea and eat potatoes baked in the ashes of the fire.

Active rest

In order for the moments of rest to leave even more positive impressions, especially for children, and to look good in the photos, you can take rain, tinsel, balloons and decorate the trees near your parking lot.

Just do not forget to take everything with you, like garbage, and eliminate the remnants of the campfire so as not to spoil the beautiful kingdom of the winter fairy tale. After all, many people want to relax in the forest – so let them, too, fully experience this fabulous winter splendor.

In the village or camp

There are other options for how to spend the winter New Year holidays with benefits. If you have relatives in your village or village, for example, your grandparents, then go to them is a great choice. You can combine business with pleasure: you can help your relatives around the house, breathe plenty of fresh air and walk up and get a long charge of cheerfulness and good mood.

If there is a children’s camp or sanatorium nearby, then you can take a ski trip there by renting skis. This service is offered today by many children’s camps: it is profitable for them, and city dwellers can ride and improve their health.

But even this option sometimes causes difficulties, so you can just go sledding from the slides that are close to your house, and you can even do it with guests who came to celebrate the continuation of the holiday.

Rules of conduct

In general, the basic rules to spend the New Year holidays profitably are positive attitude and activity, movement and fresh air. Our children are an excellent incentive to spend more time in nature, playing and having fun: we are always busy with work, and we postpone communicating with them “for later”.

Most often, children spend their time at computer games or watching TV, while adults almost never try to tear them away from this activity – after all, this is how they distract from the business. However, then problems arise: with health, education, behavior, and even in many areas.

Rules of conduct

So use the winter holidays to the maximum to take part in games, run with the children, laugh, roll in the snow. You can even arrange a contest for the rapid modeling of snowmen and involve not only their children but also their friends, preferably with their parents.

Such New Year holidays will not only help you get closer but also give you a wonderful charge of vigor and energy for several months ahead.

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