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Dating Rules

Dating rules: Between couples over time, there comes a crucial moment when a guy decides to introduce his beloved to his parents. For girls, it should be a signal that her partner considers the Union not just as a temporary fad, but as something more serious, worthy of the attention of his inner circle. Entering the circle of relatives – a crucial step, and it is important to do it right, as another chance to make a good impression you will not.

Rule # 1

With all the rules of etiquette, it would be reasonable to agree on the day and time of your visit in advance. This will allow you and your parents better prepare for the upcoming event. Like all adults, we have plans that need to be adjusted. The most welcome guests are expected, but not the ones that fall as snow on the head.

Dating Rules

Rule # 2

There is nothing that has people as nice little gifts. Take care of this in advance. Ask your chosen tastes and preferences of the parents. Get creative. The book is about fishing for dad, bakeware for mom, sweets, vases, bottles – there are lots of options to please the newfound relatives. The main thing – not to make too expensive gifts, not to put them in an awkward position.

Rule # 3

Parents are always skillfully at detecting lies, so do not lie when communicating even good. Be honest and sincere. Any falsehood can spoil the first impression and sow suspicions to you. Remember, you will have to deal with these people, so you should not start a relationship with lies.

Dating Rules

Rule # 4

In any case, do not criticize their partner in front of his parents. Even if its shortcomings are obvious, not to discuss it when meeting. For parents, their baby is the best, and any criticism will be perceived negatively.

Rule # 5

At the time of communication with the parents of the guy better not to use the phone. It is indecent in any society, and older people and does not accept young people’s interest in gadgets. If you will be distracted by constant notifications and calls, they can find it disrespectful.

Dating Rules

Rule # 6

In a strange monastery with its Charter, not walk. So you try not to violate family rules in the home as a potential suitor. Not to challenge their habits and attitudes – this will not make your Dating successful.

Rule # 7

In any family there are conflicts, so be prepared that the table will be touched upon sensitive issues to which one party will react violently. Like a decent guest, try not to interfere in the quarrel, even if you have something to say about it. And do not carry tension in my relationship because it is absolutely wrong.

Dating Rules

Don’t let the excitement before a meeting with the parents of the chosen one to take you over the top. Remember, the host is worried as you are, so relax and act natural. Even if the acquaintance will not be as perfect as you want, anything terrible in it is not. Limited rare courtesy visits on holidays and be patient. Why not do it in the name of great love!

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