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How to make a place for meditation at home?


Meditation at home: If you’ve ever tried to meditate without a teacher, you probably know how hard it is. I personally after 5 minutes dramatically stop the meditation, leaving thoughts in the day ahead and planning what to do and what (and whom) not to forget.

A familiar situation? Don’t worry, even there is a way out! Some read in this article.

The ability to focus in practice and to ward off unnecessary thoughts does not come immediately. But in the end, it comes. And there is one secret that the process of proper meditation will speed up or at least give him a start. It is quite simple: it’s all in the ability to organize a place for meditation. And we know how to do it!

Meditation: Find the quietest and isolated place in the apartment

Find the most quiet and isolated place in the apartment

During meditation, nothing and no one should distract you. Let it be even the kitchen, if you live in an apartment, but not pushy boyfriend back or foot.

Meditation: follow the light

follow the light

It is much better to get into a meditative state is obtained in the twilight. So close the blinds and don’t sit by the window. But the worst of the bright sun only bright artificial lighting! Dim the lights or even light some candles — and then submerge into meditation.

Meditation: Create the right atmosphere with the help of yoga symbols

Buy a statue of Buddha or a special bowl for meditation pillow with Indian patterns or plaid handmade. Let it be just an interior detail, but it is already by its appearance would inspire you to practice.

Meditation: Buy yourself a nice and comfortable cushion or even a few

They can be put under the ass or under your knees when during a long stay in the pose any uncomfortable feelings.

Meditation: Take away all the excess and let in fresh air

Take away all the excess and let in fresh air

Dirty Cup and clothes, lying out of place on 100% will distract you. So please be sure to put things in order in the room. And be sure to ventilate the room — it is a must-do before practice and generally healthy.

Meditation: music


Preferably, without a word, not to be distracted. Ideally, this should be the sounds of nature. Or try to meditate singing mantras — they help to quickly get into a meditative state, plus working on certain settings (they are different, for example, health, luck, etc.).

Meditation: light some candles.

This will create a special atmosphere and help to take in the correct state. And it’s just nice.

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