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How to apply foundation?


The foundation is one of the products that every girl has in her makeup bag. How to make so that the texture does not roll? All the secrets are already in the article!

The perfect tone of the face – the key to beautiful makeup. In order for your foundation not to roll, you need to know some secrets about this product. The first step is the selection of tools for your skin type. This is very important because such a moment will help avoid flaking or excessive gloss.

Pay attention to the composition of the tonal framework. The main effect depends on it. If your skin “needs” additional moistening – choose a product that will contain: vitamins, extracts and oils. To remove the shine and create a matte effect – your product should have absorbent components and SPF protection.


Who would have thought that the resistance of the texture would depend on the method and method of applying the foundation? We have collected the most common mistakes that many make (sometimes even we!).

1. Do not moisturize the skin before applying the foundation

Beautiful makeup depends on moisturizing. This rule works for all skin types, even for oily and combination skin. Take a little texture on the fingertips (warm up in the palms) and apply with patting movements. Remains of texture can be removed with a paper napkin.

2. Do not keep one color range in makeup

What does it mean? No, we are not talking about monochrome make-up. Now we are talking about the fact that you need to pick up the foundation, concealer and corrector in the same color scheme because only then the main tone will be perfect.

3. Use too much money

Too much makeup in makeup is not always good. If you would like to fix the tone – use a light, transparent powder. Be careful with the dense basics, because the wrong combination can lead to product rolling.

How to apply foundation?

There are quite a few ways to apply foundation. We will analyze the main!

1. With a beauty blender

This accessory helps to evenly distribute the tonal base. Wet the beauty blender in water (it should be wet), and then apply the texture to the face. No stains!

2. Use a brush to apply a tonal base.

Select your brush to apply a tonal base. Pay attention to synthetic. They do not start the bacteria and you can easily apply the perfect tone. Take some texture and spread it in a circular motion over the skin. The main thing – do not leave spots and stains.

brush for applying a tonal framework

3. Drops format

And what about tonal means in drops-format? Everything is very simple. You need to pipette a couple of points on the skin, and then shade the texture using a beauty blender, a brush, or just your fingertips.

4. Is it possible to apply concealer with your fingertips?

Many girls put a tonal foundation with their fingertips. And that’s not bad. In order to make the perfect tone – take a bit of texture and beat in the clapping movements.

5. Is applying with the help of the sponge still relevant?

You can apply your foundation in completely different ways. If you like to use the sponge, then choose a material that will distribute the texture well and not “absorb” half of the product, because it is insulting!

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