4 rules of virtual communication

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Virtual communication: We live in such a rapid time that on a normal dating and finding a partner the old-fashioned absolutely no time. Most of the time we spend in virtual reality: fill account, ordered food, bought in online stores, are personal diaries, book the tickets, and, of course, acquainted with the men. But not all virtual correspondence develops into a real friendship. How to please a partner so much that he chose you out of dozens of other profiles and decided to meet?

These are the 4 rules of virtual communication

1. Initiative

Step away from the stereotypes that a woman should not any man write first. This is not true! In the virtual space of absolutely other laws, and initiative on the part of girls is welcome. Examine the application of a potential of the applicant to the meeting, his pictures, Hobbies, diary, perhaps some of this will push you an idea of where to explore, what questions to ask, what kind of comment to leave. Most importantly, the person of interest and strike up a conversation.


2. Correspondence

In the process of communicating with the man, be as friendly and positive. No need to bring him in on their problems, to release barbs, to joke about intimate topics, – all of which can scare the interlocutor and leave you not the best impression. Ask questions to your opponent, be interested in his views on life, but not to focus on the material issue – this can be seen as commercialism. Do not overdo it with smiles and avoid profanity. Be interesting, considerate, educated, literate.


Find a reason to praise the man, admire him, make him feel that he is something special. Just do it naturally, without outright flattery. Feel free to reciprocate compliments, don’t make excuses, but not conceited. No need to throw dust in the eyes and try to be perfect, to adapt to the tastes of the interlocutor. It is better to be sincere is the right way to a trusting relationship.


4. Activity

If the man didn’t answer to your message, do not rush to conclusions, be offended, to claim, to Express dissatisfaction. The Internet involves remote communication, which means you can’t know what the interlocutor happened that he was detained with the answer, what the circumstances were distracted. But if after a pause the man will find you a bunch of angry messages, then surely regard it as hysteria and obsession that will put an end to the hopes about meeting in real life.

Being a pleasant, interesting companion on the Internet, you increase the chances to find the second half in life. Just do not rush things. The remote communication is a great opportunity to know the interlocutor better, in order to identify the shortcomings and oddities of the man. If the source for a long time been is nice to you, feel free to make up your mind to meet! And suddenly it becomes fatal?

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