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Approach A Girl
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Hello, dear women lover! Since you admit that I am turning to you, it means that you certainly want to know how to approach a girl.

Let me tell you a secret: there are no strict rules or regulations in relationships with women.

Very often, improvisation or the banal “Hello!” will have a greater effect than any memorized phrase, because such a manifestation of you will be completely sincere, coming from the inside and reflecting your inner male core, if it certainly is.

But even if it is not present it does not matter. Everything can be developed, everything can be learned.

Still, it is better to be prepared and armed with important recommendations, especially if you really decided to approach a girl.

Ways to approach a girl

Ways To Approach A Girl

  1. Directive Dating – you directly declare your intentions, clearly being the initiator of Dating. It’s when you walk up so confident, and you’re like, ” hi. I saw you, you seemed interesting to me, and I decided to come over and talk to you. What’s your name?” It is also a working scheme, but you can use another approach, which really requires a greater level of concentration, the presence of a lively mind and a certain amount of imagination.
  2. Dating in context – Dating occurs as if by itself as if you didn’t want to meet initially. This is when you, for example, are walking down the street, and a girl meets you, but suddenly you notice a falling meteorite and say aloud so that the girl can hear “This is YES !!! What do you think of this? ”

By following this link, you can find out from an article devoted to the psychology of dating on the Internet the reason why the second version of the above classification is sometimes preferable.

Which girl would you value more: the one who came up to you on her own or the one you had to run after for six months (ugh, it’s disgusting to run after a girl for six months)? So in their minds, there are similar thoughts.

He wants to meet me, so I’m better than him, and I don’t really need him. Anyway, he is the same as all the other guys.

And in another case what an interesting character, you need to get to know him better.

Therefore, you can disguise your interest in a girl and show it in a dosed manner, for example, show disinterest, then interest, then disinterest, then …

If the girl decided to play the role of the snow queen, answer her with indifference. This does not mean to run away, just behave calmly, without any special emotions, any compliments, and without using a wide smile.

When you start dating, you don’t have to ask at all what the girl’s name is, let her be the first to ask your name.

Try to show your interest only when you clearly observe a girl’s interest in yourself.

How to attract a girl’s attention

How To Attract A Girl'S Attention

The first thing you have to do if you decide to approach a girl is to get her attention.

Instead of just approaching a girl and starting Dating, you can make her the initiator of communication.

Example of non-standard behavior #1

You go into the subway and start brushing off your shoes and tapping your feet. As a result, the girl looked at you.

You turn around and immediately say:

  • A Blizzard of snow has spread! Did you see it?
  • No, but what is the truth?

And then you spin the story of Dating.

What happens when you get attention? The girl looks at you in the hope of finding out: “What is going on?”, “What is he doing?”, “What is he planning to do next?”

And you immediately answer a question that she has not yet asked.

Example of non-standard behavior #2

One guy once saw a beautiful girl in a bar. She sewed everyone in a row, one after another. The guys did not even have time to turn to her.

This guy comes up to her and confidently sits next to her. She is looking at him. He did not say a word to her, without even glancing at her, loudly and arrogantly declares to the bartender: “Bartender, bring me a beer!”

The girl intrigued to watch what he will do next. She expects the guy to turn to her and speak, and instead of answering, she will immediately send him away, as well as a dozen previous guys.

But the guy was on point.

He takes out a matchbox, slowly breaks the match, and lays it out on the bar. The girl paid no attention.

She sits stunned by the impudence of a guy who sat on a chair next to her, although the bar is all empty.

He breaks the second match and slowly puts it on the table. And so she begins to layout with matches the path leading to the next sitting girl, who begins to carefully delve into this mysterious process.

Each of his movements is very demonstrative and funny.

Finally, on the 6th match, her patience bursts, and she asks the guy:

  • What are you doing? Why all these matches?
  • I’m testing you for intelligence (the guy answers without turning to her)!
  • Me?” Did I pass the test?
  • Not yet!
  • And what is it?
  • Don’t you get it yet?
  • No…
  • If you understand — it means that you have passed the test.
  • Do you always test women?
  • When I want to understand if I’m interested in communicating with her.
  • How confident.
  • Yes, it is.

Then he turned to the girl and winked at her. She looked embarrassed and smiled. Communication has begun.

He turned out to be smarter than 10 previous guys, making it so that this girl herself began communicating with him.



The opener is a way to roll up to a girl (open a girl), i.e. get into communication.

A suitable opener at the right time can decide the whole outcome of the meeting.

Types of openers

  1. Service.
  2. Depraved and fun opener.
  3. Compliment.
  4. A compliment with a lead.
  5. Charge.
  6. The Council.
  7. Legislative (direct) opener.
  8. Opinion.
  9. Joke.
  10. Situational initializer.

1. Service

→ Go to the girl and ask: “Tell me where I am. I moved from St. Petersburg a month ago, and I’m afraid I’ll get lost.” “Girl, Hello! Can you tell me where a men’s clothing store is located nearby?” “Tell me, please, on which floor is the cafe?”

→ Ask the girl to guard the bag and go away for a while, and then come back and continue communicating.

→ Ask the girl at the store to pick out clothes or something to eat for dinner.

→ Lend a phone for the girl and call your number.

If the girl does you a favor or gives you her things, it means that she is already invested in communication and lets you into her personal space, i.e. communication is already established.

Just remember that the girl should not be in a hurry somewhere, and she should have free time.

2. Depraved and cheerful opener

The depraved and cheerful opener is basically based on the vulgarity you have said, which is veiled as a joke.

Thanks to this, the girl begins to think in a sexual way but perceives the information received from you in a fun and adequate way.

It will be great if you arrange everything as if this girl is depraved, looks at you depraved and clearly wants something from you.


→ You’re preoccupied, you’re just crazy, do you have a problem with your sex life? Why are you always thinking about having sex with me? Do you think that everything is possible? I’m not like that!

→ You look so vulgar!

→ Are you silent? afraid that I will guess that you are excited?

→ Did you go into the store to pick up someone? I knew it, but you’re just vulgar.

→ You took me by the hand to COP a feel! I know, you just let me go, you’ll touch me all over. Don’t touch me with your dirty hands. Well, you’re just undressing me with your eyes. You’re a maniac!

→ No, we can’t leave the crowd. I have a feeling that if we are left alone, you might r#pe me.

→ The way you look at me! What a vulgar look! Enough to get me naked! Do you think I haven’t noticed it?

→ Where are you looking? Why do you always have vulgar intentions? I’m afraid to be alone with you!

→ You have such lecherous eyes. I can imagine what you’re thinking! How can so much depravity be contained in one person? I wouldn’t have thought of it!

→ I know something about you. You’re very excited right now, but you want to hide it.

→ I’ll sit next to you… if you don’t bother me.”

→ Oh, you! Don’t look at my body and think what you want to do with it!

→ Why don’t we go back to my place, draw the curtains, undress, go to bed, pull the covers over us, and see what happens?” Although no, I’ll think about it, do you even know how to cook?!

→ Is it really hot in here, or are you that hot?

→ Do you like good-looking guys who can do something? Not what you’re thinking right now! Where are you looking? Excited? It happens!

→ So, probably, and would take me now by force, if not for the people around me. Being near you makes me afraid of you!

→ You’re the most depraved monster I’ve ever met.

→ How much can you think about sex? Everything is clear to you. Don’t make excuses, I know you’re all like that! Okay, let’s get to work. What did the Director say?

This opener can be used in various situations. There was an awkward pause in communication? Then load up and have fun, the demolition of the roof to the girl is provided.

As a result, the young lady is embarrassed and thinks: “Maybe I’m really lecherous?”, Or laughs, realizing the absurdity of the accusations. Both are cool.

And yet you shouldn’t play with this Opteron, because most often it will only scare the girls.

3. A compliment

A compliment is the oldest of all existing openers.

Due to the fact that it is used by the majority, almost everywhere and most often, it has lost its potential, and instead of a proudly developing flag of effective entry into communication, it looks more like a torn rag of a gray color.

Despite this, there are compliments that can really boast of their effectiveness.

In this case, we are talking about unusual compliments – non-standard comments that emphasize the girl’s unique qualities or lack thereof.

A compliment should convey to the girl new information about her, as a result of which she will think: “Wow. I didn’t know that I was so interesting. ”, Instead she concluded:“ Well. I hear the same thing for the 937th time. ”

While there are compliments that don’t relate to physical attractiveness.

Such compliments give pleasure to girls and at the same time characterize you as an extraordinary person, automatically singling out banal admirers from the crowd.

  • Hi, do you dance by any chance? You move with such grace.
  • No.
  • You have a natural talent that can’t be destroyed.
  • How high are these heels? Many women are so funny and awkward on stilettos, but you go so smartly at them. It can be said, a lost art. How did you learn?
Get off the dance floor
  • Hi. I’m very sorry, but I have to ask you to leave the dance floor for one reason…
  • For what reason?
  • You show other girls in gray because they look small and dull against your background. This is bad and I feel sorry for them. But if you want them to get jealous, let’s show them how to have fun.

It should be applied to very confident girls.

  • Hi. You’re so strict. Are you a Director of a company?” The thing is, you look confident, and you know what you’re doing. People are probably even afraid to talk to you.
Compliment with intrigue
  • Hi. You know, I noticed something about you that most guys don’t like in women, but I really like it, I appreciate it in girls…

4. A compliment with a lead

Women are not used to accepting compliments, as was mentioned earlier.

Therefore, if you decide to approach a girl, dilute the gray routine of the next beauty with a compliment with a clue.

To do this, give the usual compliment, after which give a lift to the girl, but only about those things that she can fix in herself, while do not offend her for the living and don’t insult her.

Speak confidently and in a cheerful manner.

Find something in a girl that she is proud of, or that you like about her. Something that constantly attracts the attention of others or in which she considers herself a professional.

Say a compliment to the girl, then identify any negative in her behavior, or find something to find fault with, and then post it in a positive manner. At the same time, remember that sometimes some variations of this opener can have the opposite effect.


“You look great. How long did you wear makeup?”

“This is a very beautiful jacket. I saw one at a fashion show in Paris. It’s obvious that you know a lot about style. Wait, I don’t think it’s the right size for you? “Or is it a visual deception?”

“Hello! I was wondering something about you… (pause, wait for her to ask, ” What?”) Why do you blink so often?”

No taste.
“Nice hat. Did you choose it yourself?”

Interesting …
“Hi. You have an interesting gait (complexion, hair, clothes, shape of eyes, lips, ears, neck, energy, aura)! ” Keep in mind that, most likely, they will ask you, “What is interesting about her?”

“Cool handbag! Very beautiful color, it is very eye-catching. Only under your shoes, it doesn’t really fit. But this is not very noticeable if you look at it from a distance… “Nice belt. Only it doesn’t sit well. You know you need to fix it. Let me fix it ..”

Is it yours?
“Nice purse you have, is it yours?”
“Nice phone, is it yours?”
“What kind of shoes are interesting, are they yours?”

The real one?
“Nice tan. Is it real?”
“Beautiful hair. Are they real?”
“Beautiful hairstyle… Is it real?”

“Nice boots. My grandmother has the same ones.”
“What a cool jacket, looks like a grandfather’s jacket from the front after the Second World War.”

Most of all I like.
Mark in the girl something that does not apply to her appearance and personality: things, clothes, etc.
“Most of all I like about you … your handbag. So cool! ”

They are different.
“What beautiful legs. One is slimmer than the other.”
“What beautiful blue eyes, one is bluer than the other!”

How much energy do you spend on beauty?
“You’re so slim … Are you on a diet?”
“You have such long legs … How much time do you spend to shave them?”

“Let’s go to a cafe. We’ll eat together and talk … Although, maybe we still know little of each other? ”
“You are a very sweet and stylish girl, and I really like. I would even suggest that you meet … Although, do you know how to cook?
“You are so beautiful and well-groomed, it’s not a shame to go out into the light with you … Although, do you know how to dance?

5. The prosecution

This opener shows your courage and impudence and is designed to embarrass the girl, forcing her to enter into communication, justifying herself.

This opener must be pronounced defiantly, but in a humorous manner, while you should clearly show who you are talking to.


A depraved look.
“Oh, My God! What a depraved look! Why do you undress people with your eyes?”

Suspect a person of lewd intent:

  • Looking for something to hang out with.
  • What to eat.
  • Sweetie.
  • He wants to steal something. For example: “What, are you looking for an appetizer or how to get a hangover? It’s hard in the morning, I understand! ”

Don’t touch me.
Best used when dating in clubs and bars. If the girl herself accidentally pushed you, use this opportunity. “What are you barking at me, look how impudent. Aren’t you ashamed to touch me in public? So right away! I didn’t even recognize the name! Are you always so impudent? ”

Is it okay that I don’t say anything?
Walking close to the girl, wait a minute or two with the look of a man in deep thought, and then scandal the unfortunate innocent question: “Is this nothing that I am silent?”

Look into the eyes.
In response to her gaze, immediately say: “Stop looking into my eyes. I’m a humble guy! ” Then you can add: “Okay, I forgive you …”

Perversion of intention.
Pervert any behavior of the girl so that it is funny. “You probably dress specifically so that everyone thinks that you work as a school teacher.” If a girl reads: “You probably pretend to read on purpose to appear more educated and please young people?”

The girl eats: “You probably eat here especially so that everyone thinks how cool you are?” A girl goes to university: “You probably study at a vocational school, but you go here so that everyone thinks that you are studying at a university?” A girl buys something in a store: “You probably specifically buy these things here so that everyone thinks you can afford it?” A girl buys a card: “You probably buy a card so that everyone thinks you have friends?”

6. The Council

Advice is a great way to approach a girl, showing her your authority, and proving that you are an educated person who is a professional in any business.

When you give advice, you put the girl in a very favorable position for the student. The student respects the teacher, trusts and obeys him.

The advice can be given on any occasion. For example: “Button up your jacket, you can’t wear it like that!” or “you have something on the back of your skirt, let me fix it.”

7. Direct opener

This opener is sometimes fraught with danger, because it clearly shows your intention, and it is easiest for a girl to repel it.

But if there is no context, and the stranger really liked it, why not take the risk.

The main thing that you should demonstrate in this case is confidence and perseverance (within reasonable limits, of course).


You’re interesting.
“Hey. I saw you, you seemed interesting to me, and I decided to come over and talk to you. What’s your name?”

Passing by.
“Hi. I’m in a hurry, so I can’t talk for a long time. But it seemed to me that you are cool, and I want to talk with you. My name is … Let’s exchange phone numbers, I’ll call you in the evening. ” (Note: when fleetingly taking the phone number, the girls often don’t call.)

What is your name?
“Hi, what’s your name?” Then you should introduce yourself and use the next opener.

Let’s go dancing.
Apply, respectively, in the club.

8. Opinion

How to approach a girl? Ask her opinion on something. At the same time, it is very important to correctly address the girl.

It is not necessary to approach her directly in order to get her opinion. Do otherwise: don’t turn your entire body to the girl, turn only your head in her direction, as if initially you did not have an obvious intention to speak to her specifically.

If the girl has reacted positively, turn your entire body in the direction of the girl, otherwise, just walk away.


Which club is better.
“I need a female opinion. Tell me which club is better: this one or the one which is two streets further? ”

“My friend went to a psychic. He said that my friend would soon become rich. Do you believe in psychics? ”

“I need your female opinion. My friend has been dating a girl for three months, and she calls him ten times a day. But, it seems to me that this is an obsession. What do you think?” You can touch on any topic: jealousy, treason, girls fight for a guy (guys fight for a girl is not suitable).

“My friend saw her boyfriend kissing another girl and freaked out, but she loves him. She was even willing to forgive him in order to be with him. But I want what’s best for her. What do you think she should do?”

“My friend found out that her boyfriend was sleeping with her roommate. Do you think she should quarrel with her neighbor or not?

When choosing clothes.
“Hi. I need your opinion as a woman. What thing do you think suits me better? ”

Similar, but different.
“I need a female opinion. Who is cooler in your opinion: Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears? ”

Situative opinion.
“Hi. Listen, I need a female opinion. A girl through my friends asked me to congratulate her on her birthday. What should I write to her? I don’t know her at all … ”

“I need a female opinion. Who do you think is lying more: men or women? ”

9. Joke

A good joke is the most powerful opener, but also the most difficult because the joke should be really cool.

Your goal, in this case, is to make the girl laugh. Cool guy – a rarity, which means you are already valuable because it’s cool.


“Today I had a unique opportunity to ride with a cool breeze in a pleasant company. Do you want me to take you for a quick ride?” On the escalator?”

“This dress looks great on you. Well, actually, and I would have looked no worse in his place. ”

Oh, no way! Oh, my God!
It should be used when a girl answers a question:

  • Guess what my zodiac sign is?
  • Um … Cancer?
  • So, what the hell? Oh, my God!
  • Am I right?”
  • No!

10. Situational initializer

Situational openers are the most flexible and natural, but they require you to be resourceful and observant.

The point is to notice something in your environment and comment on it.

The object of your comments should not concern the girl and dating her. Comment on the situation itself, people on the street, the surrounding environment, objects, weather, etc.

If the girl is wearing sunglasses with mirrored lenses, then you can ask to use them as mirrors (for example, to comb your hair).

“Did your phone just ring?”

“Hey. What are you looking at that’s interesting?” Beads? I worked as a consultant on beads, let me help you choose.

“Girl, how do you manage to survive in this weather?”


As you can see, my dear friend, to approach a girl, you can go from the flank, but in general, it is better to act on the circumstances.

Don’t forget that there are no taboos. Sometimes you just have to say out loud, “hi. What’s your name?” , “Girl, Hello. How are you?”, “Hi. I saw you and decided to come over and talk to you.”, after which the contact will be established.

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