3 Ways to escape from a bad dating

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Bad Dating

Bad dating: The most exciting moment on the first date is a meeting. In the first few minutes of visual and verbal contact, it becomes clear whether you like a person, whether he smells good, impresses you with his gestures, facial expressions, the manner of speaking.

Of course, there is a possibility that the first impression may be deceptive, but in most cases, it is the first minutes of the meeting that decide everything: is there a chance for a longer communication or not. If the spark did not run, and your expectations were not met, then there is a need to quickly escape from a disastrous meeting. In this case, we can offer several options.

Ways to escape from a bad dating

1. Rescue bell

Before you go to a meeting with a new gentleman, arrange with a friend to call you an hour after the start of the date. During this time, you will be able to determine your own likes or dislikes towards the person and decide whether to continue communication with them.

If the man turned out to be pleasant, and you admit that something could work out with him, then the saving call can be simply dropped. If the situation is catastrophic, then grab hold of it like a straw and argue for your urgent departure with a sudden emergency case or emergency.

Rescue Bell

2. Early rise

As soon as you realize that a new acquaintance has not made an impression on you, and spending a long evening with him will be burdensome and boring, hint that you have limited time because you have important things planned for tomorrow morning.

If you booked a table in a restaurant, do not cancel the dinner – it will be extremely impolite – and try to speed up the process, abandoning dessert, coffee, and a second glass of “Merlot”. Thank the companion for the meeting and retreat allegedly into the arms of Morpheus.

Early Rise

3. Bad impression

In the event that you did not like the new boyfriend, you can safely resort to sabotage! Do everything to make a bad impression and scare the hapless Romeo. Behave yourself, talk loudly, interrupt it on every word, ask indecent questions, or pretend to be drunk. As a last resort, “admit” that you have a lot of children and you are looking for a father who will take care of them.

Bad Impression

All these tips, of course, are playful in nature, but seriously, the recommendation in the case of an unsuccessful date is to be mature and serious people who are able to honestly admit that they did not make the expected impression on each other and part on a good note. Perhaps there will be no romantic feelings between you, but there is a chance that you will be able to remain good friends.

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