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The most popular types of vegetarianism


Vegetarianism: Meat … we live at a time when this word disgusts many people. However, not everyone who has rejected meat is driven solely by humane considerations. Some people are simply convinced that refusing animal food is good for your health.

In many ways, you can agree with the representatives of the vegetarian lifestyle. Many studies on the health benefits of vegetarianism have proven this. And if some ten years ago to say that you were a vegetarian sounded like an alien, then today you will not surprise anyone.

Sincere admirers of juicy steaks and delicious kebabs wonder how people can refuse such a pleasure.


A lot of studies have proved that at the present time, the human body is very overloaded with animal protein and saturated fats, which greatly increases the risk of various diseases. Therefore, it is not strange that many people following the “healthy lifestyle” trend are gradually starting to refuse food of animal origin, replacing it with vegetable.

Experts believe that vegetarianism is a generic name that combines all kinds of “killing-free” food – without killing any living creature. This refers not only to animals and birds but also to fish, all kinds of insects and mollusks.


Proponents of this group prefer a plant-based diet. Flexitarians do not have the goal of completely abandoning meat, so they are attributed to vegetarians who sometimes eat meat if the situation or occasion requires it (oddly enough).



People who belong to this group calmly eat chicken and any other bird. They imposed a strict ban on the red meat of animals. Why all? Because when an animal is killed, which often understands that it is being killed, adrenaline is released. Then, together with meat, it enters human blood, which makes people nervous and cruel. But in the blood of the bird adrenaline is not present.


Lacto vegetarianism

Lacto vegetarians consume dairy products with a clear conscience. The word “Lacto” comes from the Latin “milk”. But not all cheeses can be eaten by Lacto vegetarians. You may be shocked, but many cheeses contain such an animal enzyme as abomasum. It is obtained from the stomach of young calves. Naturally, for this, the animal has to be killed. Therefore, you should carefully read the composition of the cheese. An alternative to such products may be bacterial sourdough cheeses.

Lacto vegetarianism

Ovo Vegetarian

One of the milder types of vegetarianism is Ovo vegetarianism. Adhering to this lifestyle, people are allowed to eat eggs. (“ovo” – from the Latin “egg”). But there is one “BUT” – we are talking only about unfertilized eggs. If the egg is fertilized, then a new life has already begun in it that cannot be killed. Therefore, these people do not buy eggs at the granny markets, but exclusively at the poultry farms, because there they are unfertilized.

Ovo vegetarianism


Some nutritionists seriously distinguish such an unusual type of vegetarianism as fruitarianism. It is clear what this means – eating only fruits. Nevertheless, balancing such a diet is quite difficult. Thus, this type of vegetarianism is being questioned.


Raw food diet

You have heard a lot about this. Raw foodists really eat exclusively raw vegetables and fruits; drying in the sun or in the oven at a temperature of no higher than 42 degrees is permissible. The reason for this choice of people is that the enzymes contained in vegetables are destroyed at high temperatures. Raw foodists also do not cook and do not eat cereals, soups, do not eat salt, sugar and spices. Raw vegetable eaters include fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, nuts, cereals, dried fruits and all kinds of cold-pressed oils. They also germinate various cereal seeds. Many experts agree that this type of nutrition is very beneficial for the body.

Raw food diet


This is the case when people are driven by humane and moral considerations. The purpose of veganism is to protect animals and stop any exploitation of creatures living next to us on planet Earth. Vegan absolutely exclude from the diet all food of animal origin, even seemingly innocent honey, since it is a product of exploitation. These people do not wear clothes and all kinds of leather and fur products. The vegans use only the cosmetics in the production of which no animal components were used, and also in the process of manufacturing which no animal tests were carried out.


We do not impose any opinions on anyone, because, in any case, a person should do everything voluntarily, not blindly following “fashion trends” and imitating idols. There is an important factor – medical indications.

You must remember that before completely abandoning meat or choosing a different vegetarian diet, you need to talk with a specialist. Not always and not all of them can benefit.

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