Celebrities who have changed beyond recognition for the sake of filming in the film

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Most celebrities approach the embodiment of the screen images very scrupulously, but for some months it has hone every movement or cue, and someone decides to complete the transformation of their own body. We “Sprintally” represents the top 10 celebrities who have changed beyond recognition for the sake of filming in the film.

1. Charlize Theron in the crime drama “Monster” 2003

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron – recognized beauty of Hollywood, not afraid to change the model appears on the image of a homeless prostitute in the movie “Monster”. The actress already had to make sacrifices, when she shaved off her golden curls for filming in the action movie “Mad Max: the Road of Fury”. In the movie “Monster” Charlize had to recreate on the big screen the image of an angry prostitute-murderer Eileen Warnes.

To maximize the similarity with the real criminal, about the life of which the film narrates, Theron had to gain almost 14 kg of excess weight and undergo a procedure for thinning and drying hair. The actress was forced to wear additional dentures, partially shave and discolor her eyebrows, cover her face with tear-off tattoos.

Absolutely unrecognizable in the new image, Theron brilliantly coped with her role. For which she was awarded such prestigious awards as the Golden Globe, the Screen Actors Guild Award of the United States and earned an Oscar.

2. Christian Bale in the drama “The Machinist” in 2004

Christian Bale

Hollywood star Christian Bale is used to surprise fans with the most insane transformations of his body. The films “The Fighter” (2010), “The Scam in American” (2013) and the “Downgrade” (2015) demonstrated the unique ability of the actor to reincarnation. But the most extreme physical transformation of Bale is the weight loss of 29 kg for the role in the film “The Machinist”. His character Trevor Reznik is a depressed insomniac and depressed person.

Reaching the necessary degree of exhaustion, the actor reduced his diet to one tuna can a day and suppressed the feeling of hunger with intense smoking. Bale managed to throw off the extra 9 kg in addition to the norm, and get rid of another 2 kg, do not forget his doctors worry.

But the most insane moment of this story is another fact. Only 4 months after the completion of the filming of “The Machinist”, Christian Bale shone in all its glory in the film “Batman: The Beginning”. The actor managed to collect for this as much as 40 kg and noticeably improve his physical shape.

3. Jared Leto in the crime drama Chapter 27 of 2007

Jared Leto

The singer and actor Jared Leto are accustomed to shocking the public with changing images and cardinal transformations of appearance. The best example of this is the shaved eyebrows and beard, as well as the bright green hair of the Joker from the “Suicide Squad”. Or the image of an HIV-infected transgender in the Dallas Club of Buyers film, for which the actor had to lose more than 15 kg.

The biggest victim of Summer in the actor’s career is the role of Mark David Chapman, the fan-killer of John Lennon, in the biographical film “Chapter 27”. The actor managed to recreate on the screen the image of a mentally ill person obsessed with the idea of killing a rock idol. For maximum similarity to his character, Summer had to gain almost 35 kg of excess weight.

The transformation was given to the actor not easily: eating low-value, but high-calorie foods led to gout and increased blood cholesterol levels. But the film “Chapter 27” is worth watching, at least, because of the unreal transformation of Jared Leto.

4. Anne Hathaway in the “Les Miserables” 2012 musical

Anne Hathaway

Everyone who is familiar with the work of Anne Hathaway, for certain it is known that the actress has never dared for serious reincarnations. An exception to the rules and the real apogee of the acting skills for Hatatuey was the musical Les Miserables, in which she played the role of the hungry Fantini. For this screen image, the actress had to say goodbye to 11 kg. And, with the last 7 kg – the last two weeks before the very beginning of filming.

Noteworthy is the fact that losing weight was a personal initiative Hathaway, and not the demand of the director. It’s just that the actress wanted to recreate the girl’s appearance from the slums with the utmost believability. Therefore, in the scene of shaving the hair of the main heroine, everything is done in reality and without standard tricks with a wig.

The cruelest diet almost stood Hathatway’s physical and mental health. The impeccable acting game and the extraordinary realism of the embodied image provided the actress with the Screen Actors Guild Award, the BAFTA Award, the Golden Globe and the Oscar.

5. Renee Zellweger in the 2001 comic drama “Bridget Jones Diary”

Renee Zellweger

The role of Renee Zellweger in the Bridget Jones Diaries can rightfully be considered one of the most vivid examples of screen transformations. Moreover, the actress had to gain weight twice, and for the sequel, even in a larger number.

For the role of a pretty plump blonde Bridget slender from nature Zellweger, had to work hard, adding to his 46 kg extra 9. The actress for 3 months was forced from morning to night to absorb high-calorie foods in huge quantities. Along the way, according to the terms of the contract, Renee got rid of the American accent and worked under the fictitious name of a secretary in one of the London publishers.

The deafening success of the picture, brought the actress incredible popularity and an offer to appear in the musical “Chicago”, for which Zellweger had to hurry to lose weight. And in 2004, the actress was invited to shoot the film “Diary Bridget Jones: The Edge of the Reasonable” with the demand to gain 15 kg already. Compensation for physical and moral damage was a tempting fee of 3.2 million dollars.

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