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10 signs that your cat is happy


“My cat is happy or not?” – hearing such a question, most people will twist their finger at the temple. Among them will be only those who do not like cats or treats them indifferently. Others are ready to do anything to ensure that their pet lives a happy life. Such people are called” cat-lovers”, and there are not so few of them, they treat the cat as a family member, talk to it, caress it, take care of it, give gifts.

Even if your home isn’t threatened by hordes of mice, a cat will still benefit you greatly. It can strengthen the biofield of the household, has a beneficial effect on the physical and psychological state of a person. Cats are not as simple as they seem, and they also have the right to be happy.

Especially for cat lovers, we have prepared 10 signs that your cat is happy.

1. Your cat always sleeps close to you

Cat Always Sleeps Close To You

A happy cat always goes to bed close to the owner. Some animals prefer to sleep on their feet, others on a pillow. If the cat is looking for a place for a long time, climbs into the most secret places in your house, then something is bothering it. Maybe something hurts. Or you are too intrusive and do not give your pet a rest. If the animal is happy, it will not sleep all day long, so be sure to notice how long your pet is sleeping.

2. Your pet brings you gifts

Your Pet Brings You Gifts

If your pet brings you gifts in the form of mice and birds, then it wants to please you. It is proud of itself and wants to share what it has with you. Your cat trusts you more than anyone else. Never yell at an animal about this, punish it for a damaged carpet or a bird under the bed. You can throw away the animal’s offerings, but only when you are sure that the animal will not notice. Otherwise, your pet may be offended.

Cats living in the apartment, of course, will not be able to please you with such serious prey, but this does not mean that they are unhappy. Sometimes they share their toys, their food, even their trapped flies.

3. Cat lies down on your lap

Cat Lies On Your Knees

The cat lying on the owner’s lap radiates happiness. The animal trusts you and wants to be close to you. Another indicator of an animal’s happiness is the so-called “kneading the dough”. The cat crushes you with its paws, so it returns to childhood.

Small kittens thus stimulate the production of milk in the mother cat. This is a moment of pleasure for the animal. At these moments, a person feels much happier, he /she understands that a cat is not just an animal, but also a little friend.

4. Cheerful cat

Cheerful Cat

Sometimes the cat behaves like a small kitten, although it has long since passed this age. Just like that, the cat shows that it is in a good mood and ready to play. Active behavior shows the pet’s cheerfulness. So the animal is not bothered by health problems, it is in a good mood.

If your cat has already reached an advanced age, the desire to play with the owner will still not disappear. Some 10-year-old pets are happy to run after a candy wrapper on a string.

5. Cat greets you with pleasure

Cat Greets You With Pleasure

When you come home from work, the first thing you see is an impudent red muzzle. Or not red, but gray, black, and white, it doesn’t matter. The tail of the animal is raised high, the ears stand up straight. The cat rubs against your legs, behaves quite intrusively. This behavior indicates that the animal missed you. Animals usually distinguish sounds well.

If you drive a car, the cat will sense your approach when you drive up to the house. You will see your pet sitting on the windowsill and looking back towards the door. It knows that very soon you will enter the apartment. Even if you come home without a mood, pay attention to the cat. If you ignore the animal, you will offend it very much.

6. Good appetite

Good Appetite

This is an important sign of your cat’s happiness. First of all, it shows that the animal is healthy. When a cat asks you for food, it recognizes that it depends on you. It hopes that you will look after it for the rest of its life. This means that your pet trusts you. Admit it, because you also feel happy when you bring the cat another treat. When it eats it, and then thank you with a gentle purr.

But do not overdo it in the rush to please your pet. Otherwise, it will gain extra weight, then health problems can not be avoided. This is especially true for animals that do not go outside the apartment.

7. Healthy cats are happy cats

Healthy Cats Are Happy Cats

Of course, a happy cat must always be healthy. It’s up to you to take care of this. Watch your pet’s health. If your cat’s behavior makes you uneasy, take it to a veterinary clinic. The cat doesn’t know how to talk and won’t tell you about its illness.

A healthy animal eats well, plays well, and takes care of itself. If the cat has stopped washing or licking itself, then it is sick. In this case, do not postpone your visit to the veterinarian. A happy and healthy cat licks itself, and in moments of greatest happiness, it can lick you. This is how it shows its concern.

8. The cat communicates with you loudly

The Cat Communicates With You Loudly

Your cat will love to talk with you. This means that it feels comfortable, it is pleasant to be near the owner. Of course, this does not apply to the screams of a hungry animal. When a cat demands something, its voice and intonation have a completely different color. When your pet is in the mood for communication, you will immediately understand this. It probably won’t meow.

Cats can produce many sounds: purr, hiss, etc. The cat purrs, so it shows its positive emotions, shares its happiness with you. But be careful, if the purr is high, everything is fine. Low frequencies will tell you about the cat’s anxiety. It may not feel well or be afraid of something.

9. Happy cat behaves confidently

Happy Cat Behaves Confidently

A happy animal exudes confidence. The cat knows that you love it. It is not afraid of anyone, is interested in the world around it, even if its whole world is your one-room apartment. The animal willingly enters the game, eats well. An insecure cat is also given a pose. It shies away from people, walks crouched on the floor, shudders at the slightest rustle.

This is how cats that have been systematically abused by humans behave. Learning to trust people can be very difficult for them. If you picked up an animal from the street, don’t insist on socializing. The cat will make contact with you when it is ready when it feels confident.

10. The way a cat sits or lies reflects its inner state

The Way A Cat Sits Or Lies Reflects His Inner State

If your cat feels unhappy, it will never sit next to you. Think about it, maybe you accidentally offended the animal? A calm peaceful state of the cat will be given out by its posture. If it is lying with its front paws tucked up, its hind legs hidden under its body, and its eyes are half-closed, then it is happy.

The cat feels safe, it enjoys the warmth, nothing bothers it. It is glad that the owner is near. Another of the “happy poses” can be called a pose on the back, its paws are raised. In this position, the animal usually takes a nap.

Now you can accurately determine whether the cat is happy next to you. Give your cat a little more attention than usual, because it doesn’t need much to be happy. Health, food, and your love will make the animal’s life happy.

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