How to communicate with a girl: 14 Amazing tips

communicate with a girl

Men who know how to communicate with a girl do it easily and smoothly as if they were born with the skills to speak beautifully, as well as behave naturally and at ease in the company of women. What can I say, they are really worthy of admiration. So what’s their secret?

Why communicating with a girl is difficult

Why communicating with a girl is difficult

Let’s look at two main reasons.

1. Past failures or lack of experience

Most men have never attended training courses on how to communicate with girls, and therefore they don’t have enough experience in this area.

In addition, since many guys don’t develop communication skills with women, some attempts made an end in painful rejection and a blow to self-esteem.

Past failures are transferred to the present, and to avoid another repetition of painful experiences, many men stay away from the incessant flow of Datingflirting and love.

2. Not knowing what to say to a girl

Many guys believe that when they approach a girl, they will have nothing to say to her, or the conversation will quickly turn into an eerie, uncomfortable and awkward silence.

When you are communicating with a girl, you cannot rely on a pre-prepared script that goes beyond the first couple of words, because each conversation with the next girl will be different from the previous ones.

Instead of relying on stereotypical patterns, which at first will not be superfluous, you should strive to develop the ability to respond creatively to any event that may occur in the process of communicating with a girl.

For some guys, this approach will seem intimidating. But in fact, communicating with a girl is the most natural thing that should exist in the world, it’s just that men are too fixated on their perfectionism in trying to ” talk the best way”.

How to communicate with a girl

How to communicate with a girl

1. Appearance matters

Communicating with a girl involves invading her personal space while taking on more meaning than the words that you usually reproduce during a conversation.

Even before a girl hears what you say to her, she will definitely have time to assess your appearance, which will play even if not the main, but still an important role in your success or failure.

Therefore, to communicate with a girl more effectively, have a neat and presentable appearance.

2. Pay attention to your clothes

Step into the salesman’s role and try to catch the salesman’s train of thought. If you decide to ” sell yourself”, at least you should take care of good packaging.

This does not mean that you should dress like a Hollywood star twinkling on the cover of a glossy magazine (although, why not), or necessarily buy expensive clothes before communicating with a girl.

Just dress appropriately so that you don’t look like a person who just got out of bed.

3. Approach to the girl

If it is a question of meeting a girl, for example on the street, it will be better if you approach the girl from the front, at least in such a way that she sees you before you turn to her.

Don’t forget that usually unsavory people creep up behind you.

But keep in mind that this is not a dogma.

4. Body language

Body language can have both positive and negative effects on communicating with a girl.

At the very least, you should appear calm and relaxed. Keep your posture and head straight.

You should not shake with excitement, look hunched over and look at the asphalt under your feet.

5. Smile

Don’t forget that a smile can disarm the most hostile interlocutors.

When you smile, people feel less wary, and it helps a lot to communicate with a girl.

You position yourself as a friendly person who doesn’t want to do any harm.

In addition, thanks to a smile, your appearance becomes more attractive.

6. Eye contact

Eye contact is a sign of respect, confidence, sincerity and openness.

When communicating with a girl, always look her in the eye.

Just don’t pierce the girl with a hard, unblinking look, as if you are a hunter who has tracked down prey. Your gaze should be soft and relaxed.

7. Use hand gestures

Using hand gestures makes you seem more confident and open.

Hand gestures emphasize your point of view, permeate your words with an emotional tone and create an atmosphere of calm and self-confidence.

8. Consider the girl’s personal space

Our influence on the other person’s personal space is often an aspect that we don’t pay enough attention to.

In this context, excessive exposure can have a negative result, because girls have an increased sensitivity to their personal space.

If you are talking to a girl for the first time and are a stranger to her, stay at a comfortable distance of about two steps from her.

In this case, the girl will feel comfortable, your voice will sound at a normal volume, and you will be able to perfectly see the expression of the interlocutor’s face.

9. The volume of the voice

If you talk to a girl too loudly, she will get the impression that either you have a hearing problem, or you are too talkative, or you have something wrong with your head.

By communicating with a girl in a voice that is too soft and smooth, you will be able to appear before her in the image of an insecure person and a mumble.

Speak loudly enough, without switching to a raised tone, but so that the girl doesn’t have to listen to your words.

10. How to talk to a girl

When it comes to how to communicate with a girl, your conversation style will be one of the most important indicators of effective communication.

For best results, keep your communication neutral, friendly, and confident.

When communicating with a girl, show politeness and good manners. Don’t use obscene words as a combination of words.

Many girls pay attention to men’s manners.

You don’t want to make a bad impression.

11. Using compliments

A good addition to communication, if the contact is established and the conversation has a clear development, will be a compliment to the girl.

Start by complimenting her on her hair, makeup, clothes, and, of course, her intelligence.

Girls love compliments, so it’s a sin not to use them, just look not to overdo it. You don’t need to show the other person that you have a crush on her, that’s not good enough.

12. Ask her questions

Ask a girl about her Hobbies, find out where she bought such a beautiful bag, ask her about the book she is reading or the music she is listening to.

Please note that communication should not be turned into an interrogation, so dilute the questions asked to the girl with your comments and personal stories.

13. Use humor

Women like men with a good sense of humor more than just nice guys.

If the ability to joke is your element, be sure to demonstrate your skills.

Avoid vulgar jokes, as they are completely unsuitable for talking to someone you have just met.

But if the joke is really cool, then…

14. End your communication at the appropriate time

Just as guests are not recommended to stay with their hosts for a week, you should feel the moment when you need to leave the interlocutor.

If long silences begin to occur in the conversation, you should make a graceful exit from the communication.

End communication at the peak of the conversation, i.e. at that moment when the girl shows genuine interest is a good way to tell her interlocutor that you should run away on business and say goodbye to the girl.


If you don’t know how to communicate with a girl, the first conversation can make you go through a state of excitement, but some preparation and, most importantly, practice will allow you to become an expert in communication.

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