How to choose a girl for a true relationship? 10 tips


Relationship: The selection of girls for a relationship is quite broad and varied, but to such a serious task should be approached very responsibly. Why is it so important? For one simple reason: to not feel any extra emotions and to not waste time on unnecessary people, life is given once.

When a man meets and communicates with a woman, he is not always aware of why he does it, what is the ultimate goal, besides sex of course. As a result of long communication to the person has a habit that leads to a reduction of critical perception of man woman. In this case, the man is able to choose is not the one that needs to be given to him by fate, as attached and as it may seem, can also fall in love to an ugly, which the mind does not much Shine.

Young people, sharing memories of failed relationships, often start their story with, “at First, I didn’t like…”. Then what the hell they’re dragging on that hope? They just conveniently go with the flow, hiding from the new events in a familiar shell: soup on the stove, some woman side. Do you need just some?

The girl is not a thing, it cannot just buy and enjoy it, occasionally throwing in a drawer, no negative for men consequences. Women are created for the reverent feelings of love and family (at least they think so), and how are you going to bestow it all of these a long time, if “at first she does not like”? Mediocre attitude to a woman can cause evil thoughts in her head that is likely to be the cause of treason and a long expedition in strange men’s hands.

So always use a very important principle: in the choice of women be honest with yourself; can you be not sincere with anyone, but to deceive yourself you will never succeed. You may feel that you are really in love, but really all this will provide only an illusion.

How to understand that you fell in love with the girl

Ask yourself two simple questions:

  • If you want to become your wife?
  • Do you want babies with her?

If the answer is no, as fast as you can pull a romantic bench, you’re gonna have a waterfall of love, you’re just in the way and the goal has not been achieved.

How to choose a girl for a relationship

  1. In relation to the girl you have to be strong, undying sexual attraction.
  2. She must like you in appearance, as it is one of the most important aspects of sexual attraction and also desire to be a girl and be with her for an extended period of time.
  3. She must have a character that will meet your requirements. Her behavior should not correspond to the concepts of a bitch, a fool or a bitch; I don’t want you to have a mercantile young lady with a bulging nose, who puts her own interests above yours. If you do not slobber and not a rag, but a self-sufficient and purposeful man, you will understand this point.
  4. You and the girl should not have different sexual temperaments. You are tormented to wait until she adjusts to you, and to adapt to a girl in sex is the lot of people from the first part of the last sentence of the third paragraph of this classification.
  5. You and she should be interested not only in bed, but also in the process of verbal communication, therefore after all, but the bias in the level of intelligence should not be significant.
  6. It should be economical, clean, know how and love to cook.
  7. She must love children.
  8. If you are still young enough and do not have children, choose a girl without the experience of marriage, and also avoid women with children.
  9. You should be on your guard if you communicate with girls from inferior families since the absence of a father in the family is the reason for the undeveloped model of behavior towards men. It is possible that the girl will not appreciate you, and you will become one of the options, as it happened in the life of her mother, and it does not matter how she treats you well at the moment.
  10. In the hierarchy of her family, her father should take the lead. The characteristics of her behavior and attitude towards you directly depend on the way of life in her family.

Meet a girl, talked, you feel that you are beginning to miss her, ask yourself the two most important questions, go through the above classification, and if the mind is shrouded in a veil of doubt, look for another, this is not your option. Do not get used to unloved people, then you will regret it.

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