Caps: eight stylish options for the winter season

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Caps: You may not like to wear hats, but will it matter when your ears freeze. Maybe we should abandon their principles in favor of comfort and warmth? Moreover, the editors WANT to have made you some decent hats in 2019.

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If in the fall you can walk around without a hat, let’s look at the truth that with the coming of winter — it will be much harder. Therefore, we offer you to choose the most suitable option of headgear that you will be warm and will not ruin your stylish outfit. And to ensure that even during the cold season you could be in trend as we found the model of Panama, cap, beret hat, fits perfectly into the winter routine.

Knitted hat Petko, Zara

The hat could wear even Carrie Bradshaw from the beloved TV series “Sex in the city“. By the way, and she wore this headdress is in one part of the movie when the script on Christmas eve fled to visit his close friend Miranda. The main character, she really was a silver color, but we suggest you buy black. This option is more practical for the winter season but not less elegant than the most stylish TV stars.

Knitted Hat Petko, Zara

The cost is $22

Takes animal print, Topshop

Despite the fact that things with wild colors always present in the collections of the different brands, but in such abundance, as they appeared this year — it’s hard to remember. We have been told that to be afraid of the tiger, leopard and the most popular in this season snake prints is absolutely not worth it, just need to know how to wear them correctly. Remember, your image should be only one base item with animal color or a few small accessories. Despite the fact that he takes — not the most ideal option for a cold winter, we were able to find a model of artificial fur.

Takes Animal Print, Topshop

The cost is $26

Knitted hat with the inscription, Bershka

Hats with various slogans continue to gain in popularity. It remains only to understand what color will perfectly fit you and your winter wardrobe. We offer you to look at the option in trendy sand color. The model in this color is absolutely universal, so there is a belief that it will perfectly fit any outfit.

Knitted Hat With Inscription, Bershka

The cost is $15

Woolen cap, Mango

This collection could not be complete if we did not include in her popular cap. It was difficult to find a model of this headgear, to match the winter weather, but I think we managed. Model made of wool, will not save your ears, but still, the order will be warmer than other analogs such headgear. If you’re willing to slightly sacrifice your comfort in the upcoming cold, then this is definitely your option.

Woolen Cap, Mango

The cost is $30

Basic hat, Pull&Bear

Nothing superfluous, nothing complicated, which does not pretend to be a trend, but on the other hand, it is absolutely universal – a classic knitted hat. Since more than half of us choose a down jacket or a blown jacket for the winter season, such a basic headdress can easily become an ideal set for them. If your outerwear is dark or light shades, then you should bet on a bright, contrasting color when choosing a hat.

Basic Hat, Pull&Amp;Bear

The cost is $9

Panama faux fur, Stradivarius

Back in the summer, we announced that the cap, which was a real hit in the nineties – Panama, returned its leading position. But who would have thought that we could find a model for you that can be worn even in severe frosts. The headpiece is made of faux fur and is definitely warmer than the same trend cap or cult beret. Believe me, this Panama will be a great match even with a fur coat.

Panama Faux Fur, Stradivarius

The cost is $19

Knitted hat with pompom, Warehouse

Caps from childhood are very popular. Knitted, voluminous with large POM-POM — it has become the ideal choice of headgear that combines with jackets, and coats, and winter coats. This model you can find in almost any store, as well as among the democratic brands, and among the more expensive. We just offer you to pay attention to gentle colors, which will perfectly fit in the snow exterior the city streets.

Knitted Hat With Pompom, Warehouse

The cost is $32

Fur stripe, Asos

And finally, we want to offer you an absolutely non-standard version of a hat for the winter season. A turban wrap, as fashion-bloggers and fashion critics have become accustomed to calling such a model, is often found in summer collections, but we managed to find a similar variant in a warmer way. A soft, fluffy strip in a gently milky shade will definitely warm your ears, but unfortunately, it will not be able to take care of the top of the head. Only you decide – is this headpiece suitable for you?

Fur Stripe, Asos

The cost is $13

We still hope that you carefully look at our collection, because first of all, we care about your health.

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