How to admit a girl in love?


Are you completely fascinated by a beautiful girl who does not get out of your head? And you do not just like it – do you clearly observe signs of love in yourself? You are not sure what to do, because you don’t know exactly how to declare love to a girl?

The first thing that is important to establish for yourself: what stage of the relationship are you in? Are you already dating a girl or not yet?

Second – why do you, in fact, confess to a girl in love? Is it really difficult for you to eat or breathe without these words?

Undoubtedly, the main problem of loving confession is the fear of rejection. But what if you experience trembling feelings, and the girl does not need them at all. Her cold reaction, instead of reciprocal recognition, can hit hard on men’s self-esteem.

Going away in a wilted state and with a bowed head, possibly having lost a girl forever – is not the best option for the development of events. Therefore…

If you have not started dating a girl, you don’t need to admit a girl in love at all. Just in case, we recall that the starting point of the relationship between a man and a woman is sex, which they first engaged in.

If the relationship between you has already begun and is clearly developing, you should answer yourself the above question: why should a girl declare her love?

Your confessions will not change anything. Do not forget that the less a woman we love, the more she likes us.

Therefore, a girl should declare her love only after a declaration on her part, or when you are absolutely sure that such a declaration will follow after yours.

You can generally say that you love a girl, as if in jest, and look at her reaction.

It is very important that you remember that in a relationship, the lead should be a man. And only when you are sure that this is the case, you should begin to declare any confession, otherwise, you can only ruin everything.

What is the difference between a leader and a slave in a relationship? The leader acts as if relations are less important for him than for the leader.

In addition, the leader invests less in the relationship than the follower. The host does not run after the partner, does not bombard him with armfuls of flowers, trying to buy attention, does not bombard the telephone driven by calls and messages.

The presenter always maintains a healthy distance, and for the follower, he is always a little lacking. It is this behavior that you must shape.

Instead of having to admit the girl in love, you can tell her about your feelings without the use of this Holy mantra, consisting of three words.

Love Confession Words

Love Confession Words

1. Say what you love in a girl

“I love it when you smile.”

“I love it when you look so happy.”

“I love it when you wear that dress.”

“I love to hug you.”

“I love to look at you.”

2. Say how you feel around her

“You know, next to you my heart beats fast.”

“Time flies by your side.”

“I feel so good with you.”

“With you, I forget about everything, even about my favorite football team.”

“I haven’t felt as good as now.”

3. Tell her that she is beautiful

Let the girl feel like the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, even if at this moment she is without makeup and evening dress.

Give a compliment to the girl that she rightfully deserves.

Sexual demand and external attractiveness are very burning topics for any woman, so do not ignore them.

4. Tell her that she is important to you

Treat a girl differently than others.

Highlight in it the qualities that you find simply amazing, and which are the answer to the question of why you chose her.

Even maintaining a healthy distance in the relationship, you can not treat the girl for granted.

Tell the girl that she is important to you, and you want her to be with you.

5. Tell her that you miss her

Do you wish your girl was near you?

Do you feel that she will miss you when you break up?

Do you want the girl to be the first person you tell about the most important events in your life?

Tell her about it. For her, this is really important.

How to admit a girl in love. Training

How to admit a girl in love

1. Be playful

When you invest too much in relationships and put a girl on a pedestal, you may have the following thoughts: “I do not believe that I am good enough for her, and I hope that she will give me a chance …”

It makes a girl feel like a Princess, next to which, timidly shuffling his feet, spinning her servant in your face.

But when you communicate with a friend in a carefree, playful and fun manner, if you tell her: “I like You, I think you’re cool, and I want to have fun with you.”

2. Tease her

If you tease a girl and uses irony, the level of sympathy towards you naturally take a higher value.

So you are telling your friend that you like her, but you are absolutely not afraid of this girl.

If a girl feels that you are intimidated by her, that in her presence you feel shy instead of confidence, she will unconsciously identify you in the friend zone, from which you are unlikely to get out.

3. Flirt with her

Before to admit the girl in love, use in communication flirt:

  • Smile, but not the widest smile.
  • Be positive and cheerful.
  • Engage with eye contact.
  • Present the girl’s accusation that she is flirting with you: “you’re eating me with his eyes”.
  • Make sexual innuendos, and when a friend starts to laugh, accuse her that she constantly thinks about sex.
  • Give her a compliment.
  • Be sincere, charming and relaxed.

4. Prove yourself a leader

Show the girl that you and the initiative are synonymous words:

  • Choose the date, time and place of your meeting.
  • Select the movie that you view.
  • Take her hand and guide her through the crowd.
  • Say things like “Come here”, “let’s do it”, “Come”, “We need to go”, “I heard it’s a great place, let’s eat here,” “I don’t want to go there”, “I like it”, etc.
  • Do not use in his speech of the following words: “Where do you want to go?” “I want to take you to your favorite restaurant (bar, cinema)”, “is it okay if I hold your hand?”.

Most girls prefer that you be ruled by a woman, but not Vice versa. Women love when you lead the way, and they just follow you.

5. Physical contact

Don’t be afraid to take the girl’s hand, to hug, to kiss or touch her.

Touch is the most effective way to add relationship comfort and understanding.

Touch brings two people together faster than a conversation or body language.

6. Don’t make the mistakes of most guys

Show the girl that you like her, engage her while avoiding the same predictable mistakes that other guys trying to attract her attention.

The girl does not need you to:

  • Tried to buy her attention with flowers and gifts.
  • Send love messages.
  • Begged to come out.
  • Spent the night under her window in heavy rain.

Do things opposite to the behavior of the majority of guys stand out from the crowd and grab her attention.

7. Consider feedback

You’ve been dating for a long time, but you are the only one in your relationship who is calling first and offers to see if the girl is also trying to take the initiative?

Such female behavior is an important indicator of interest in you.

If a friend never calls you first or doesn’t want to see you as often as you do, start to ignore her for a few days or reduce the number of calls to her phone.

As a result of the weakening of your control, if the relationship, in principle, is prone to development, the girl will begin to think about you and will realize how much she is passionate about you.

8. Late Night Talk

If you want to make a declaration of love to a girl, then a conversation late at night can work wonders.

Find a reason to talk with the girl when she is in bed.

The relaxed pace of a long night conversation almost always leads to something more personal and intimate, even if at the very beginning you told funny stories or had pillow fights.

Add some personal questions for the girl during the conversation when he touches on the topic of your relationship.

9. Recognition

After you have taken all the preparatory steps to declare a girl love, ask yourself the question: are you sure that she is in love with you?

And if the answer is yes, then, and only then, make a confession. Hug your girlfriend and tell her “I love you”.

If there is even the slightest doubt, just continue to communicate with the girl further, and later these magic three words will pop up naturally.

Anyway, to show tremulous feelings is the vital need of women, so why do you rush somewhere.

Be a leader, not a follower.

Don’t make these mistakes

Don't make these mistakes

1. The construction girls on a pedestal

No matter how your girlfriend dazzling, and how much you want to admit a girl in love never make women the goal of his existence because such behavior will only push her away from you.

This behavior shows affection to the girl, and your value in the eyes of a friend will inevitably decline.

Behave smoothly and quietly.

2. Giving her money

In this case, you seem to declare: “You can breed me for money, because I have low standards, and I myself am not needed by anyone, a guy desperately in need of female attention, and I will do anything for you. I’m even ready to become your servant, my incomparable speaker. ”

Never give money to a girl to get approval or try to look like a hero in her eyes.

Instead of evaluating your heroic abilities, they will simply begin to use you for female purposes, as if you are some kind of tool and not a confident man.

If a girl understands that she can use you, then forget about the possibility of building harmonious relationships.

As a result, your declaration of love will only become an inappropriate act of increasing a girl’s sense of self-worth.

3. Buying flowers and gifts

If you want to fall in love with a girl, then you should become an attractive guy for her, but various gifts do not have anything to do with it.

Undoubtedly, gifts and flowers will not be superfluous attributes at deeper levels of relations with a girl, but at the current stage, give up attempts to bribe a girl to lovers to make meaningless actions.

4. Anonymous confession

As an anonymous fan, you show that you are afraid of women.

The girl will think “how cute”, but this will not bring her closer to you.

Your subsequent declaration of love face to face with a girl can only cause a smile in her, and nothing more.

5. Sharing your acquaintances with information about your feelings

Ask mutual friends to tell the girl that you’re in love with her, foolish and cowardly.

This method of expressing love has zero efficiency. It’s just outside the diagram.

6. Declaration of love under the influence of alcohol

Even if you become more relaxed and relaxed with your girlfriend when you are intoxicated, this is not a good time to make a declaration of love to a girl.

A sober and a drunk person is a bit different people, so the next day the girl may change her attitude to the words you said.

7. Writing love notes

In the old days, when there were no mobile phones, Internet and even cars, love letters delivered for a long time via horse-drawn vehicles, truly contained a spark of romance.

But in our days a girl is likely to think: “Letter? What the hell?”


Declaring a girl in love is actually very simple. It is much more difficult to gain confidence that your recognition will have a positive effect.

So take your time, be prepared and you can hardly go wrong.

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