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Why skin on the neck is aging faster and what to do about it?


Ways of rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle cream, Botox and other anti-aging cosmetic procedures wash away the age limit. And sometimes it is difficult to determine the number in the passport of a woman. However, there is an unpleasant way.

We all know that the female age can be determined by two parts of the body: the arms and neck. It is difficult to “put in order”. It is the arms and neck that do not lie.

The cosmetic industry has found a small solution to one of two problems. If the problem of aging of the skin of the hands remains relevant and unresolved, then the problem with the aging of the skin of the neck of humanity has slightly solved. But we have to warn: this is only a way to slow down the aging of the skin, and not its rejuvenation.

Why does the skin on the neck ages faster?

Melanin, subcutaneous fat, loss of elasticity and other natural skin aging processes are so far irreversible and dangerous. However, in our time there is another factor that gives the neck a bad opportunity to grow old earlier and it is among us.

Due to the fact that most girls in our time spent in front of the computer for days, there is a strain not only of vision and head but also of the neck. And with age with this load only more problems. To avoid this (and this is practically unrealistic) it is worthwhile to move the computer monitor a little higher and do it so as not to constantly tilt your head. And do not keep her in a tense state all the time. So, if you keep your chin raised, you can delay the moment X.

Of course, you can walk a few hours a day in a special cervical corset, which will not allow you to tilt your head, but a loan is such a perversion?

Also, there is another reason for the appearance of wrinkles on the neck, which we could not even think about.

For those who train intensively in the gym or play a professional sport, an overstrain of platysma – neck muscles – appears. Because of this, the oval of the face deteriorates, and the corners of the mouth can slide down.

How do rejuvenation creams work?

On the skin of the neck and decollete, there are very few sebaceous glands, which means that it needs moisturizing. It is best to choose creams that are directed to a specific zone, but the usual ones are suitable – anti-aging and moisturizing.


How to solve the problem of aging neck skin?

There are several ways to prevent premature aging of the neck. One of them – injections of botulinum toxin, which relieve excess stress. This tool will help if the muscles are tense and you are young.

In addition, there are a lot of neck care products that will delay aging and give it a well-groomed appearance.

Face cream and neck Capture Totale from Dior

This is a regenerating night cream for face and neck with intense exposure. Manufacturers promise that in a short time it will “kill” all small folds and wrinkles.

Capture Totale

Smile’N Repair

Face and neck cream with the “function” of restoring skin elasticity. It contains many active substances with complex names that moisturize the skin and promise to make it elastic.

Smile N Repair SPF15-PA++

Concentré Cou et Décolleté Clarins

The tool resembles serum, which should be sprayed onto the neck area. According to the manufacturer, a restoring concentrate for the neck and décolleté.

Concentré Cou et Décolleté Clarins

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