What do women pay attention when they meet men?

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Almost all women know how to make an impression when meeting. They skillfully select the dress, make perfect hairstyles and manicures. Each lady knows their strengths and weaknesses and knows how to accentuate or hide from view. But how to impress your new male friend? How to please her at first sight and not to disappoint? There are a few things women feel in the first minutes of acquaintance, therefore, gentlemen should know about them.

Women pay attention to these when they meet men


Of course, when we first met, both partners face each other. The man should take care of that under the eyes had bags or circles. To do this, you need to sleep on the eve of the date and abandon the noisy feasts with friends. Wrinkled face and puffy red eyes a little like me, so you should think about it.


On a first date, one should not refrain from jokes – they drain the atmosphere and smooth out the awkwardness. Be open, smile, and try to achieve the same from a partner. A serious man looks stern and unapproachable, so the smile is a sure way to please a girl.



Make sure your hair is a well-groomed look. If you do not understand the shampoos, gels, and other detergents for washing and styling hair, ask for help from the Barber.


Girls often pay attention to the hands of men. If you don’t neglect physical exercise, you will not be ashamed to show your pumped muscle women like it. But they will also see a neat manicure, well-groomed skin, and a stylish watch on the wrist.



What as the man supports his shoes, has a lot to say about it. A woman will certainly cast a subtle glance at your shoes, so be prepared – thoroughly wash and clean them. Also, pick the right socks.

Communication skills

Even if you are going to dress up, shave, and do not forget to bring out the flowers, but the whole evening will sit in silence, buried in the plate, or staring at your shoes, you are unlikely to be able to please his companion. For a successful first meeting, you need easy communication. Prepare yourself in advance, think about the questions, and funny stories. Show her your charm and don’t skimp on the compliments.


Your chances are like the new friend will enhance gallant manners. It is not necessary to spend your companion overtures – enough to give her a hand, dropping off from the car, to give flowers, to make love to her in the restaurant.


Summing up, it may be advisable to men for a first date, carefully consider your outfit from hair to shoes. Accuracy – the key to success with the ladies. Your jeans may not be the most fashionable but they have to be clean, and this applies to all.

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