Fashionable summer shoes: what to wear in everyday life

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Summer shoes: Not all the novelties that adorn the world’s catwalks, applicable to everyday life. But many of them will become mandatory elements of a fashionable wardrobe. What kind of shoes to wear this summer, what clothes to combine? Where to find new items at an affordable price?

The decision for each day

Global brands present in the fashion shows for the most part very original shoes that dare to wear not every woman. Extravagant, outrageous models of good when we want to emphasize the bright image. They are suitable for photo shoots or parties. But what if you need a stylish new product that will fully complement the casual look? And in this case, there are interesting options.

The Decision For Each Day

Some models are moving in a new collection from last season. Others revive the long-forgotten trends. Let’s not forget about the timeless classics. Even though she is inferior but still relevant. Let’s understand how and what to wear this summer “restrained” fashion.

Fashionable women’s shoes


The elegant stiletto heel is still in Vogue, feels great as the winter and summer models. Especially if you combine it with the pointed toe, which became one of the main trends of the season. But gradually it gives way to a steady, rectangular, square, trapezoidal heels of various lengths. Popular asymmetrical heels, the design of performance, but they require the courage of an image.

Back into the fashion of cute heels kitten heels — hit the 50s of the last century. They perfectly complement the feminine look.

There remains a high platform, solid model with a block heel. Many young fashionistas these decisions last year liking, so took a worthy place in the lineup this season.

The fashionable version of the summer brand shoes of this year – shoes without a backdrop – babushi, muley, slingbacks of various designer designs. Their main feature is comfort, convenience.

High boots are relevant again. They perfectly complement both winter and summer wardrobe. The main hit of fashion — thigh-stockings, which completely surround the leg. But not every woman dare to wear them. Alas, we don’t all have perfect shapes. Come to the rescue free model with a top like an accordion.

Espadrilles, espadrilles, sneakers perfectly complement the sporty or casual look. Models of men’s style — loafers, brogues, oxfords, Slippers, ankle boots, Chelsea is more suitable for business attire.


Finish, material

In fashion back lacing, with it got it as a sophisticated, elegant and grunge, massive models all seasons. Another interesting fashion trend — straps, ribbons, which entwine the leg. Well, fashionistas who want to emphasize the ease of his gait, fit jewelry with fringe trim.

Take a closer look at the material. Fashion solution this year, lacquerware, decoration, original prints, reptile skin.

What to wear fashion shoes this year

  • The toe — any clothes;
  •  Kitten heels MIDI skirts, dresses, pencil skirts, slacks, or culottes;
  •  Massive sandals with high heels — the cropped trousers, MIDI skirts, dresses;
  •  Sandals on a high platform, summer clothing, short pants;
  •  Mules — culottes, dresses, MIDI skirt, boyfriend jeans, pajama pants;
  •  Ankle boots and boots — dresses, skirts of different lengths for summer;
  •  The sporty — casual, sportswear, pants, skirts, dresses;
  •  Models of men’s style slacks, pantsuits, classic dresses;
  •  Shoes and sandals with straps — dresses, skirts, cropped pants;
  •  Model stylized under the skin of reptiles — dresses, skirts, pants.

What To Wear Fashion Shoes This Year

Where to buy

For most fashionistas products of world producers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc — a luxury. We often choose products of brands of the middle class — Guess, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Miu Miu, etc. — or mass-market, Geox, Mango, etc. These manufacturers do not lag behind fashion trends, but much closer to the wallet. Especially if you buy new items in the online stores. After all, products on the network sites tend to be cheaper than offline stores. And choose the right pair much easier.

The perfect solution is to buy inexpensive women’s shoes segment, middle – and mass-market in online supermarket Amazon, which also presents men’s, and children’s products. Among 9500 items any fashionista can easily find stylish brand new.

To summarize

Fashion trends this year will please both those who like elegant, and fans of flamboyant, extravagant models. Convenience now not only inherent in sports products. Gradually a steady heel and a comfortable platform to displace the pin.

The borders between styles. Sneakers are combined with dresses and sports suits with feminine shoes. Through the use of interesting materials, original finishes, the designers allow the women to experiment with clothes.

Your search for original combinations and you. Well, to pick up fashion trends will help online store Amazon, which presents a lot of interesting models. To select among them the perfect couple thanks to the easy navigation, loyal prices will not be easy.

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