5 ways to deal with jealousy

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Each of the women at least once in their life faced with jealousy, when in my heart a hurricane of emotions is raging and actions are not amenable to any logic. Not the most pleasant feeling and, that the most terrible, uncontrollable to reason. If you again had the opportunity to experience a similar situation, try to cope with it with the help of auto-training: conduct an internal dialogue with you and understand, first of all, some important points.

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1. You are his choice

Cool your ardor and assess the situation soberly, without emotion. In fact, your man is still with you and is not going to go anywhere. Is this not an indicator of his love and seriousness towards you? Yes, it is possible that young waxwings surround him at work, but he is yours, and this is the main thing.

You Are His Choice

2. You are the best

Jealousy never painted a woman. You, too, it is not to face. First of all, you make it clear to others that you are not confident in yourself. Why do you openly show your man your complexes? For him, you must remain the best! If you know your shortcomings, it is better to deal with them yourself in order to eventually become more perfect and more attractive, and therefore confident and strong. From these women do not leave, so work on yourself.

3. You tend to exaggerate

In a fit of jealousy, we tend to fantasize and exaggerate the situation. Try to look at the problem (if any) from the other side. Be the lawyer of your man. Surely, you will understand that most of the reasons causing your jealousy and anger, in fact, baseless and contrived.

You Tend To Exaggerate

4. You have the right to be jealous

If, in addition to jealousy, you are also tormented by conscience, then reassure her that being jealous is normal. Everybody is jealous, just in varying degrees and in different formats. Your man is not indifferent to you, so it is logical that you want him to belong only to you. Ownership has not been canceled yet. Forgive yourself this whim. Maybe next time your partner will be jealous of you. To a reasonable degree, jealousy even stirs the senses. Just do not get carried away.

5. You will not be lost

Suppose the worst option is that your suspicions will come true, and your boyfriend will be caught flirting (intrigue) on the other. Of course, a nightmare, but still! Think about why you need a reveler and a womanizer? With such a man, do you want to live your life? If he is able to switch over to another, then your life should not end on one cheater. You deserve the best, and there will be a reason to search for it.

You Won'T Be Gone

Do not let jealousy incinerate you from the inside and fog your mind. Do not suffer and do not descend to the basement – surveillance, tantrums, checking pockets. Retain your dignity and remember that you are above it. And if it becomes completely unbearable, engage in auto-training.

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