5 manifestations of conjugal love


The statistics are relentless: more and more couples are breaking the bonds of marriage after the first year of marriage. Why does it happen? Where does love seem to go on forever? Psychologists say that spouses simply ignore the most important manifestations of love, letting the relationship take its course. Do not make these mistakes in order to maintain your relationships and feelings.

1. Praise

All men love when women praise them, appreciate and say pleasant words for no reason. Do not wait until your beloved is different or deserves your approval. Delight him with declarations of love and admiration just like that. Of course, it is good if he fastens the shelf in the bathroom, but even without that, it is expensive and important for you. Remind him of this, so that a satisfied smile appears more often on his face.


2. Gifts

Do not forget that men are real children, even if they are trying to be harsh and brutal. Like children, they like any manifestation of your attention. You do not need expensive gifts, let them be nice little things – the main thing is that they carry the message of your love. Be attentive to your man, listen to his wishes: maybe some of them can be done by you. Do not wait for the holidays, indulge your loved one with surprises for no reason, and this behavior will be reflected in his actions towards you.

3. Time spent together

The most valuable gift you can give to a dear person is the time you spend with him. You can cook for hours in the kitchen, clean the apartment, dress shirts, but your husband will still be sad and unhappy. He would be much nicer if you talked to him, asked about his affairs, shared his hobbies, participated in his life – it will bring a lot more positive emotions and bring you together as a family.

time spent together

4. Tactile contact

Many men have been caressed by their mothers since childhood, so they urgently need the gentle touch of their spouse in order to feel completely happy. If your chosen one often hugs you, strokes your hair, holds your hand, it means that he is one of those people who need to be touched. Do not refuse him in such displays of feelings, bathe him in tenderness, kiss, do massage more often – it will make you closer and dearer.

5. Care

Some men are completely helpless in everyday matters, so they just need help in preparing food, washing things, sewing buttons, and other trifles that makeup life. Give him this help, become a faithful shoulder and reliable rear. In fact, this is one of the manifestations of true love – the willingness to share everyday problems and take on issues that are beyond the power of another partner.


Given these simple expressions of love, you can keep peace and harmony in your family. Do not rely on the feelings that prompted you to live together. Feelings that are not supported by the business will not make you happy. Work on yourself and your relationships daily, and life will never destroy your union, even after many years.

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