Metabolism: You need to lose weight not only by summer but in winter you can also stay slim (especially since there is just a season in Bali).

We tell how to disperse the metabolism and itch even faster.

1. 🍝 Do not starve

Of course, losing weight is always associated with a calorie deficit, but it must be reasonable.

Low-calorie diet reduces the production of thyroid hormones, which is responsible for metabolic processes.

2. 🍛 Practice carbohydrate alternation

Alternate days with normal calorie with days with high carbohydrate load. In the first case, you will improve the sensitivity of cells to insulin, in the second, you will increase the level of leptin and testosterone (it also activates the burning of fats).

3. 🥩 Eat protein

It should be about 35% of the daily caloric intake. Protein is a building material for hormones and enzymes that accelerate the metabolism.

And only the body spends on the splitting of protein 150-200 kcal.

4. 🥗 Do not forget about complex carbohydrates

First of all, it is non-starchy green vegetables and greens. Their portion should be 2-3 times the portion of the protein dish.

5. 🏋🏻‍♀️ Train properly

Exercise is a great way to speed up metabolic processes. If you sit all day, go dancing in the evening, take a walk or jump on the trampoline.

If you are already intensively engaged, it’s time to change something. For example, the mode of employment – make it more frequent or intense.

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