Most fashionable materials: Contrary to the associations characteristic of our latitudes, winter is a story not only about warm knitwear and natural fur. For the coldest season, designers offer much more ornate solutions, pushing us to daring experiments and playing around with the weather. How exactly to play – it’s up to you, we only outline the rules outlined in the autumn-winter shows.


Together with the fashion for the 70s and 80s velvet is back in fashion. Soft and plastic, vintage colors, like in the hippie era, or thick, rich black, like in the next decade, both fabrics were presented on the catwalks and are now worthy of your wardrobe.


About it, we already wrote, bluntly dubbed the main material of the season. Continue to recommend to try the fabric: to plunge into a retro by myself for corduroy flares, or to rethink the trend in a modern way, opting for trousers or culottes. To be elegant in a suit, relying on the velveteen in a small scar, or wrapped from the wind in a corduroy coat, ribbed wide — what now?


Satin and casual? Yes! To reduce the pathos of the fabric, treat her to be the most ironic. Plunge material in an unusual environment: mix with traditionally casual fabrics and blackout fabrics. Or fall into the fashion deep end: a fluid and flowing satin charmeuse the most coveted this season, can easily become your evening and the festive trump, for example, in the form of Maxi dresses.


Lurex, spraying, lame, holography, all kinds of brocade-like materials and organza – shining is not forbidden! Get rid of prejudice – let the holiday into your life! But be careful with the doses: what is good for a cocktail party, it is unlikely to organically fit into the decorations of the office. For the latter, you can only get along with flirty hints of glitter – the metalized thread in the knitwear product will already bring into your image a confident note of the trend.


For several years, the fabric, closely associated with Chanel, was considered sunk into oblivion. However, this season, Fashion houses decided to breathe new life into a tweed. And yet breathed! Canonical jackets and skirts, coats are now worn in combination with jeans and any other materials and accessories that are different in style. Otherwise, there is a risk of greatly increasing your age – do you need it?


Sable and Fox no longer held in high esteem: the world’s catwalks for several seasons make strong statements in favor of faux fur. The less it looks like a real, say the designers, the better and more fashionable. So far from “Cheburashka“, or Teddy Bear Coat is a real must-have this and, it seems, many winters later: the war for the environment turned serious. But to pay tribute to a basic palette or to support the trend on bright colors — it is yours.


Where the same without him! And especially in this season. To stay on the top of fashion, choose a more dense and high-quality knitwear. Especially it is necessary to look at the dresses and patterned sweaters, the benefit in stores now a real abundance.


To futuristic materials, including plastics, podiums began to teach us in the days of the past spring and summer shows. Plastic coats, plastic shoes — in the past. Winter offer to stay on the accessories. Transparent backpack or bag will gladly support your everyday outfit and even evening outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment — the future is here!

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